College students do not venture to make money

who was a scholar who said that good for nothing, no money and no experience of college students cannot achieve a career, not a gold color? Next, the small series will take you to a poor student without money no business venture to make money story!

remember that is about half of the semester, because my major is computer application technology, it involves a subject, that is the programming logic and structured programming. This course involves the most important one is the problem of computer programming algorithm, to be used is the most common calculator.

until devoted to this a special algorithm, then the teacher under the command of the dead. Do not buy is not on the curriculum, and students to near 00 or buy. The price of a calculator supermarket and store inside the price is 15-18 yuan, compared to this we all know. In the mall because of the venue fee and entry fee problem, so the price is high enough to avoid. Many students do not care too much about the teacher’s words, because I am one of them ha ha ~~


results, that night, my head had not stopped, are thinking about this issue. Why not contact the supplier, and then the students linked together, and then I come forward to buy it? This is not very convenient? Think of it, I was in the evening of the Department of the students in the column to write down the idea of buying a calculator like a thing, anyway, my mind is all the whole plan, I feel excited.

second days only a scattered few people call back with me to group purchase calculator. I am quite depressed, happened to be the second day is to teach programming logic and structured programming teacher class, the result is this half a day, let me earn the first money is life.

after this day, the teacher is still in class, only a few students scattered buy calculator. Teachers can not fire, because there is no calculator can not have a way to class. After a fire, there is no way, the teacher chose a chapter in class.


this is my class but did not stop, continue in high state of mind. After all, I am a person’s strength is limited, can see the student union blackboard is limited, and I personally do not have any credibility. This is the most critical place, there is no credibility, talk about what

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