Do not understand the Nanjing premium Phoenix shares to create fine pension community

soaring prices for Nanjing, we are stunned to see. The reason for soaring housing prices in Nanjing, it is estimated that only those senior experts can understand! Below we can not understand the Phoenix shares in Nanjing prices, to create a detailed report of the pension community.

2016 Nanjing real estate market is a hot, rising prices, the king has repeatedly been refreshed. Nanjing local veteran real estate enterprises Phoenix shares (600716, shares) (600716) said recently in the Chinese Association of listed companies "Listing Service Week" activities, to the Nanjing real estate market especially the land market cannot read, the company will seek intensive and meticulous farming endowment real estate, the difference of development.

do not understand Nanjing

Phoenix shares 2015 annual report shows that in terms of land reserves, only 18 thousand and 100 of the shares of Nanjing iron pipe lane to be developed land, the development area of an area of. In addition, the company has 10 projects under construction. Overall, Phoenix shares land reserve is not sufficient. Phoenix shares this year also frequently appeared in the land auction market in Nanjing, but often missed.

2016 January, Shanghai construction (600170, stock it) photographed in the middle of the Hexi G68 block, the floor price of about $42561 / square meter, causing great concern. But the new king of Shanghai construction works only for a few months. In Nanjing land auction in May 13th, after 25 rounds of bidding, the Hexi South G14 plots were Gezhouba Dam (600068, shares) to 3 billion 280 million yuan to win, to create the most expensive Nanjing floor price of 45213 yuan / square meters, become Nanjing’s new "the most expensive land".

at the same time, after 88 rounds of killing, Shimao to 8 billion 800 million yuan gains in Hexi G11 mixed plots, premium rate of up to 114.6%, the local price of the local adult king".

Nanjing local real estate company, director of Phoenix shares, Qi Shijie, general manager of several witnessed the price of land transactions, shouted, do not understand". In the interview, Qi Shijie expressed concern about rising land prices, he said that Future Ltd will participate in the land auction, but will be more rational to take, to promote the landing of the pension real estate projects.

to create fine pension community

Phoenix shares that will further seize the opportunities for the development of the pension industry, concentrate on build quality retirement community, establish a good brand and a benchmark in the industry, and gradually improve all aspects of health pension industry, implementation of health care, pension and health resort, many areas of collaborative development, so as to establish a new profit growth point and the first competitive advantage and strive to become the industry leader.

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