Britain’s introduction of obesity tax dare to go fat

compared to China, western countries, obesity, obesity, a serious impact on people’s health. In order to make people more healthy, the United Kingdom to levy a fat tax! This new policy, the British also dare to fat?

in order to save the next generation, the British began to impose a "fat tax".

"fat tax" is not directly to the obese people money

although dubbed a "fat tax", but the reporter found that the tax is not directly to the obese people money, but aimed at the production of sugar beverage enterprises.

Finance minister Osborn said in March 16th

In order to make the

producers have sufficient time to adjust the product formula, the introduction of this new tax plan in April 2018.

fat tax or fat tax, Europe already, is for those who can lead to special taxes levied by the fat food. In 2006, the World Health Organization

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