Accurate positioning to do a good job of college graduates employment and Entrepreneurship

in the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial peak, Ministry of human resources and social security to the precise force, fully implement the employment problem of college graduates do, in support of policy, also hope that college graduates can actively deal with their employment problem.

notification requirements, all localities to conscientiously implement the "State Council on further improving opinions" employment work under the new situation, combined with the actual further refined to encourage the employment of college graduates to the grassroots, Small and micro businesses to absorb employment, entrepreneurship and other policy measures to strengthen the flexible employment and new form of employment support, implement tax relief business loans and interest subsidies, social security subsidies, training subsidies, job subsidies and other policies to promote entrepreneurship, employment and Entrepreneurship of graduates multi-channel.

notice that throughout the community sector to improve the precision of aid measures to implement the employment of college graduates leave school employment promotion plan, and strive to make every unemployed graduates have employment aspirations can be achieved in years of employment or participate in job readiness activities.


notice also urged all localities to focus on graduates needs to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of services. The initiative will work in the public employment service extends to universities, organizing students to visit the market of human resources, business incubators, private enterprises to carry out recruitment week, college graduates employment service month, week service, part of the city joint recruitment and other special activities.

notice, all localities should mobilize all forces, in-depth implementation of the students start to lead the program. The students start to lead the program in the local area "double" overall arrangement, grasp the policies and measures of implementation. The preparation of the implementation of the special training program to further enrich the entrepreneurial training program for college students to improve the effectiveness of targeted training.

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