Finishing service for customers tailor made exclusive cleaning

to adapt to the opportunity to grasp the latest market information, in order to win more business opportunities. In the economic downturn for up to 10 years in Japan, the traditional life tenure brake shake, and make it one of the office workers, but also gradually lost their career and future. Uchida Etsuko was one of the first in the business affairs.      

1. with a view to meet the "customer: neitian thinking from" family life "point of view, not only provide household purchase replacement service, customers can also specify the commodity brand, completely finishing service for customers tailored customized exclusive cleaning.

2. a lower price cut competition more than cleaning market: Uchida Michi large clean company for a long time to occupy the market, want to cut, "price" is a means, and currently only 2 employees, expenses and   is not high, so in the field with general cleaning unit in the company 25% off the price level to provide services, and additional household goods purchase and replacement services to attract customers.

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