first_imgMOTHERS THE KEY TO ALL THAT’S GOOD & GREAT IN THIS WORLDBy Tom PurcellI wish every child could be blessed to have a mother like mine.When my five sisters and I were babies in her womb, she never took so much as an aspirin for a headache — never ingested anything but the nutrients we needed to grow healthy and strong.As a child, my world was rock-solid because of her. She put our needs so far before her own that we didn’t know she had needs. She loved us without condition. I was so unaware of the fear and pain less fortunate children suffer that I didn’t know such concepts existed.I still can’t tell a lie, thanks to her, and I even blush when I’m innocent and people think I’m lying. The only thing she hates more than dishonesty is phoniness. She made sure we were, above all, genuine — genuinely concerned about the needs of other people rather than our own.She enjoys simple things. The smell of a flower sends her into fits. The silliness of a child makes her laugh for days. She sits outside on the deck every morning, enjoying the smell of spring, the taste of fresh, hot coffee, and the conversation of her husband of 60 years.She prizes graciousness and friendliness. She treats everyone the way she wants to be treated. She is always full of compassion and understanding. The phone still rings constantly at her home, people calling for consolation, reassurance or to be cheered up on a down day.That is the first place I go on such days. When I am stressed by adult worries — demanding clients or deadlines I fear I cannot meet — I go to her home. Her presence fills me with calm — helps me put the worries of the day in perspective, and gives me newfound strength to overcome any challenges I face.Her blessings extend far and wide in our family. She has 17 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren and her home is a wonderland to each of them — a place of unconditional love and laughter and imagination.On her 80th birthday in January, all of her family members shared stories about how her nurturing and love has touched our lives in a video masterfully edited by one of my nephews. It was eye-opening, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, to see the profound and varied impact she has had on each and every one of us.Though I have stumbled and fallen many times in my life, I have always gotten back up because my mother’s spirit is strong within me.I often see beauty where others see ugliness. The smell of spring flowers and the silliness of children bring me joy.I love coffee in the morning. I love how simple things can make me laugh for hours. I am a writer, a profession not for the faint of heart, because of mother’s endless encouragement.For 55 years she has toiled, struggled, suffered and sacrificed on my behalf. She’s given everything she has without asking anything in return.I am fully aware of how blessed I am to still have my mother in my life. She has loved me unconditionally no matter how foolish or thoughtless I have been. Her presence and example propel me toward greater beauty and goodness — continually inspiring me to become a better person.Since the beginning of time, such mothers have been the key to all things great and good in the world.I wish for every child to experience the blessings of a mother just like mine.Happy Mother’s Day!© 2017 Tom Purcell.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

St. Joseph County Jail goes on lock-down as new inmate tests positive for COVID-19

first_img WhatsApp St. Joseph County Jail goes on lock-down as new inmate tests positive for COVID-19 (Tommie Lee/95.3 MNC) Thursday morning the St. Joseph County Jail went on lock-down after a newly-arrived inmate tested positive for the virus.The move was made out of an abundance of caution to minimize the movement of staff and inmates and investigate other possible exposures. Those who were possibly exposed were isolated for further testing and evaluation. The area of exposure was believed to be limited to the jail’s medical isolation unit.Release:St. Joseph County Jail on Lock DownEarly this morning as a precautionary safety measure, the inmate pods in the St. Joseph County jail were put on lock down following a test result of a positive COVID-19 newly arrived inmate. The lock down was ordered by the Sheriff & Warden to limit staff and inmate movement with the jail while jail staff and medical investigate any other possible COVID-19 exposures, isolate and test those potentially exposed. The inmates are only locked down within their pods not their bunk cells, and they still have access to the day room and telephones.At this time the area of exposure is limited only to the jail medical isolation unit. The asymptomatic inmate has been treated by jail staff as a possible positive since his arrival on Monday from Westville Correctional. The inmate has been handled via all jail COVID protocols, including being masked and housed only within the jail’s medical isolation since his arrival at the jail. The suspected individual has tested positive for COVID-19 and any potentially exposed jail staff or jail trustees will be precautionarily tested and isolated.As of May 6th, the jail medical staff have tested and isolated over 54 inmates, all returning negative. Pinterest By Tommie Lee – May 7, 2020 0 449 WhatsApp Facebook Google+ Google+ Pinterest Twitter Previous articleIHSAA: There will be high school football in Indiana this fallNext articleWalorski appointed to subcommittee on coronavirus crisis Tommie Lee CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Press release: Boris Johnson pursues global figures to ensure girls’ education around the world

first_img Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook Girls’ education is manifestly in the global interest. It is the Swiss Army knife, the Rosetta Stone, the Black and Decker toolkit that solves a multitude of the world’s problems. If we fail to educate girls, we store up huge problems for the future and wilfully miss out on boosting economic growth, managing population pressures and creating stable, prosperous societies – and most importantly, it is the right thing to do. Gordon understands this, which is why he is a passionate advocate of improving education for women and girls around the world. It was a pleasure to listen to his ideas and exchange views on the ways which the UK can become the global leader in ending the gross sexism behind attitudes which shut 130 million girls out of the classroom. Political heavyweights Boris Johnson and Gordon Brown today (Wednesday 16 May) joined forces to discuss improving education for the world’s most marginalised girls.The Foreign Secretary met the former Prime Minister as part of his campaign to deliver 12 years of quality education for women and girls around the world.The meeting with Mr Brown – now the UN’s Global Education envoy – is the latest in a series of high profile engagements Mr Johnson has held as part of his #LeaveNoGirlBehind campaign.In recent weeks, Mr Johnson has discussed his campaign with girls’ education activist and Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, senior adviser to President Trump, Ivanka Trump and philanthropist Melinda Gates.The Foreign Secretary has also spoken to HRH Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle about his campaign during a star-studded launch at last month’s Commonwealth Summit.Mr Johnson hopes that his drive will build a coalition of political heavyweights and cultural icons that will lobby the world’s leaders to prioritise girls’ education.Speaking after the meeting the Foreign Secretary said: Follow the Foreign Secretary on Twitter @BorisJohnson and Facebook Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Media enquiries Email [email protected] Appallingly 90% of world’s poorest children leave school unable to read and write. Mr Johnson believes that one of the root causes of girls’ illiteracy and poor schooling is sexism masquerading as ‘tradition’, which is holding millions of the world’s poorest girls back. Britain is leading by example by providing £212 million through the Department for International Development to ensure 1 million vulnerable girls across the Commonwealth get 12 years of quality education by 2030.The Foreign Secretary believes that the single biggest thing that can be done to improve stability and reduce conflict in the world is to make sure that every girl gets 12 years of quality education.During last month’s Commonwealth Summit, Mr Johnson pushed for firm commitments from Foreign Ministers to make girls’ education a priority. The Foreign Secretary wants to remove the barriers to girls’ education, and will use the UK’s Presidency of the UN Security Council in August, and the UN General Assembly in September, to pursue this.Further information For journalists last_img read more

North Mississippi Allstars Light Up the Holidays at Brooklyn Bowl [Photo]

first_imgThere’s always plenty of great music around during the holidays in New York City: Phish at Madison Square Garden, Patti Smith at Bowery Ballroom, Gov’t Mule at The Beacon Theatre, and so many more. Let’s hope the North Mississippi Allstars have now established themselves as another New York holiday tradition with their recent appearance at Brooklyn Bowl on Friday night.Kicking off the final weekend of 2018, Luther and Cody Dickinson were joined by New Orleans bassist Carl Dufrene (a regular with Anders Osborne as well as many other notable musicians) for an extended set of their down-home blues. Luther’s guitar puts him in a class with the finest players on the scene today. His energy is infectious, and his connection with Cody on drums creates a synergy possible only among brothers. Cody stepped out from behind the kit to play washboard, keys and even a little guitar, while Luther slid in to keep time on drums. Carl looks like Father Time but is a gentle giant who appeared to be having as much fun as anyone.Last year’s Prayer for Peace was an impressive and timely release for the ongoing North Mississippi Allstars project. Drawing upon a range of regional musicians, the fluid interplay of artists keeps things fresh while remaining anchored to a core sound. Cuts from the album as well as NMAS standards such as “Shake ‘em on Down,” “Red Rooster”, and “Po Black Maddie” formed the basis of the set, but the boys invited Junior Mack to join them and add another layer of superb musicianship. Mack is a Blues Hall of Famer who’s sat in with the Allman Brothers Band and is a current member of Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band, while fronting his own band.Despite a solid following and the respect of fellow musicians, Luther, Cody and their North Mississippi Allstars ensemble deserve a wider audience. If you haven’t experienced their unique brand of blues, explore their albums and above all, shake it on down to one of their lives shows.Check out a beautiful photo gallery below of NMAS’ Friday night Brooklyn show courtesy of photographer Lou Montesano.North Mississippi Allstars | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 12/28/2018 | Photo: Lou Montesano Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Australian prime minister says Bing could replace Google

first_imgCANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s prime minister says Microsoft is confident it can fill the void if Google carries out its threat to remove its search engine from Australia. A Google executive told a Senate hearing last month that it would likely make its search engine unavailable in Australia if the government goes ahead with a draft law that would make tech giants pay for news content. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he has spoken to Microsoft’s chief executive about its search engine, Bing, filling the space. “I can tell you, Microsoft’s pretty confident” that Australians would not be worse off, Morrison said.last_img read more

Student government candidates kick off campaign season

first_imgNotre Dame student body election season kicked off Thursday night in the basement of Cavanaugh Hall with a panel comprised of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, joined by their campaign managers. The panel was hosted by We Stand For —  a group that aims at “sharing resources and support for Notre Dame students in light of the election” — and was focused on clarifying how each ticket plans to address diversity on campus. Michael Yu | The Observer Candidates and campaign managers answer questions at We Stand For’s panel Thursday night. Pictured, from Left to Right: Daniela Naramatsu, Rohit Fonseca and Madi Purrenhage; and Sibonay Shewit, Becca Blais and Prathm Juneja.“Diversity at Notre Dame comes in many different forms,” junior presidential candidate Rohit Fonseca said. “Diversity is what makes us a great university; it’s what makes us special.”Fonseca’s running mate, junior Daniela Naramatsu, said their ticket emphasizes and exemplifies diversity.“Diversity at Notre Dame is the three of us — we have very different views, but we’re free to differ from each other and we’re free to talk about it,” Naramatsu said. “We think we’re a pretty diverse ticket because we’re able to bring a lot of different ideas to the table.”Junior Madi Purrenhage, campaign manager for the Fonseca-Naramatsu ticket, said a major part of their platform involves creating civil discourse on campus. “Our ticket is really passionate about the fact that we represent a lot of diverse opinions,” Purrenhage said. “Even if someone is the exact opposite of any of us, we can understand other people’s viewpoints. We tried to take a lot of different viewpoints into account in making our platform.”Similarly, junior presidential candidate Becca Blais said diversity played a significant role in the formation of their platform. “I see diversity as progress,” Blais said. “It’s acknowledging all the wonderful differences we have, and that progress comes in moving forward. I know, with us, diversity is a huge piece of our platform.”Blais’ running mate, junior Sibonay Shewit, said there is “more [Notre Dame] can do to celebrate diversity.”“Everyone recognizes that ND is a diverse university,” Shewit said. “We may not be where our peer universities are … but that doesn’t mean that it’s OK, so we want to really push that, and start these conversations.”The next steps, as Blais said she sees it, include coping with the political climate at Notre Dame. “I think we’re in a very ugly place right now with our political climate,” Blais said. “I think we’re afraid to talk to each other, to have these conversations. The biggest next step is changing that climate on campus and bringing down that hostility. It’s not an us and them — it’s an all of us.” Shewit said the impetus of promoting diversity falls on student government. “With every example, it starts with Student Government making these things their top priority,” Shewit said. “We want to be allies for the LGBTQ community, for the [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] students, we want to help with Walk the Walk week, we want to be there at Welcome Weekend, we want to be as open and visible as possible.”Fonseca said a major component of their platform is the creation of RouND Tables — “moderated face-to-face conversations about critical or controversial topics,” according to their platform.“You never see people having those hard conversations with people, face to face,” Fonseca said. “We’re going to do that with RouND Tables. If we did it today, we would ask if Trump should be invited to campus. The stuff you see in Viewpoints or Facebook, it’s not stuff you would say to people’s face. I think we can have these discussions face-to-face though. What we’re doing is getting you face-to-face with people who you would never see during your four years here.”Sophomore campaign manager for the Blais-Shewit ticket, Prathm Juneja, said he hopes to bring together students with different experiences and backgrounds.“What we’re focusing on what can we do to make it feel like students belong here,” Juneja said. “Every student belongs here, and how do we make them feel like that?”Tags: DACA, Student government, Student government elections, We Stand Forlast_img read more

Megan Hilty to Headline Annie Get Your Gun Concert

first_img Megan Hilty Smash favorite and Broadway alum Megan Hilty will headline a one-night-only performance of Annie Get Your Gun at New York City Center. The gala celebration directed by John Rando, will take place on October 27 and feature the Encores! orchestra led by music director Rob Berman. Additional casting will be announced later.Hilty most recently appeared on the New York stage in another one-night-only engagement: the concert performance of Bombshell, the fictional musical from TV’s Smash. Annie Get Your Gun marks Hilty’s return to Encores! after starring in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She made her Broadway debut in Wicked and went on to star in 9 to 5. In addition to Smash, her screen credits include Sean Saves the World and an upcoming Warren Beatty project.With a score by Irving Berlin and a book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields, Annie Get Your Gun is inspired by the true story of sharpshooter Annie Oakley and her relationship with Frank Butler. It originally premiered on Broadway in 1946 starring Ethel Merman and has been revived twice. The 1999 revival won Bernadette Peters a Tony Award. Coincidentally, Peters played Hilty’s mom in Smash. Star Filescenter_img View Commentslast_img read more

Buzz Off, Naturally

first_imgThere are several companies now selling natural insect repellents, many of which use essential oils as their active ingredients.Dear EarthTalk: I can’t seem to find any natural bug repellents that really work so I end up using the harsh, chemical varieties. Are there any really effective bug repellants that aren’t chemically based, or other strategies we can use to keep bugs at bay? — Melissa Armantine, New Paltz, NYWhile the industry standard insect repellents rely on the insecticide DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) to keep bugs at bay, many environmental and public health advocates worry that regular long-term exposure to even small amounts of the chemical can negatively affect the human nervous system.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that, in studies, DEET has been shown to be “of low acute toxicity,” although it can irritate the eyes, mouth and skin. The EPA concluded after a comprehensive 1998 assessment that DEET does not present a health risk as long as consumers follow label directions and take proper precautions. And since nothing works quite as well as DEET in deterring disease-carrying ticks and mosquitoes, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is relatively bullish on its use in order to reduce incidences of Lyme disease, encephalitis and other insect-borne diseases.Regardless, many consumers would prefer natural alternatives, and there are several companies already selling DEET-free insect repellents, many of which use essential oils as their active ingredients. WebMD reports that soy-based repellent formulas (such as Bite Blocker for Kids) are the most effective substitutes for DEET, usually lasting for 90 minutes, which is longer than some low-concentration DEET formulas. Some other leading alternative repellents include All Terrain’s Herbal Armor, Quantum Health’s Buzz Away Extreme, Lakon Herbals Bygone Bugz, and California Baby’s Natural Bug Blend Repellent.WebMD adds that, despite popular opinion, products containing citronella are not the best non-chemical choice, as their effectiveness typically wanes within an hour. Likewise, peppermint oil and some other plant-based oils are also effective as insect repellents. Even venerable Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil, long thought to deter pests as well as DEET, only keeps mosquitoes away for up to a half hour.Beyond repellents, there are many other ways to keep pests away. For one, avoid floral fragrances from perfume, deodorant or other sources that can attract mosquitoes and other bugs. The EarthEasy website recommends eliminating standing water around your home to keep mosquito breeding at bay. Bird baths, wading pools and pet water bowls should be changed at least twice a week; also make sure your gutters are draining properly. Also, since mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide released from campfires and barbeque grills, EarthEasy recommends throwing sage or rosemary on the coals to repel the mosquitoes.If all else fails and DEET is your only option, use it sparingly. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using repellents with no more than a 30 percent concentration of DEET for kids over two-months old (and no repellent for younger babies). Keep in mind that formulas with lower concentrations of DEET may work just as well as others but not for as long. A 10 percent DEET concentration, for instance, should work for up to two hours outside. Applying DEET-based bug spray to your clothing instead of skin can help minimize any negative effects of exposure. Also, kids and grown-ups alike should wash off any DEET-based repellents when they are “out of the woods” so to speak.CONTACTS: EPA DEET Fact Sheet,; CDC Insect Repellent Use & Safety,; EarthEasy,; American Academy of Pediatrics,; WebMD,® is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E – The Environmental Magazine ( Send questions to: [email protected] Subscribe: Free Trial Issue: read more

YLD gives to tsunami relief

first_img February 15, 2005 Regular News YLD gives to tsunami relief OOSPD organizes hurricane book drive The Florida Bar’s Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors has donated $1,500 to the American Red Cross International Fund in order to assist with tsunami relief efforts.The donation to the American Red Cross continues the YLD’s outreach to victims of natural disasters. The YLD previously assisted with hurricane relief efforts in Florida in response to the hurricanes of 2004 with monetary donations and free legal services.The YLD also recently voted to award a $1,000 grant to The Florida Bar Out-of-State Practitioners Division’s hurricane relief efforts.In an effort to assist the Charlotte County School District, the Out-of-State Practitioners Division organized a book drive in conjunction with various local bar associations and legal organizations throughout the United States. Approximately 15 bar associations, legal organizations, and firms in Maine, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, and Ohio collected books for the students of Charlotte County.The OOSPD has collected more than 8,000 books that will be donated to the Charlotte County schools to help rebuild its libraries. The $1,000 grant, in conjunction with donations from law firms, will offset the cost of shipping the books to Charlotte County. YLD gives to tsunami relieflast_img read more