first_img October 10, 2017 627 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac GSE UMDP 2017-10-10 Rachel Williams Standardizing the Mortgage Industrycenter_img Data standardization has been a key area of focus for the GSEs through the Uniform Mortgage Data Program (UMDP) first introduced in 2010. On Tuesday, FHA Senior Policy Analyst in the Division of Housing Mission & Goals Nana Nkrumah released an FHFA Insights Blog into better understanding the program.“Since its inception, the UMDP has supported improving mortgage industry data standards and enhance accuracy and overall quality of loan data for home mortgage. We will continue to assess the project and its components in order to make improvements over time,” Nkrumah wrote.As Nkrumah goes on to explain, the UMDP program is split into four main components: Uniform Loan Application Dataset (ULAD), Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD); Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD), and Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD). To view descriptions of each component, click here.Updates to UMDP’s components include newly designed ULAD maps that will enhance the Uniform Residential Loan Application starting in July 2019; the UCD allowing information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Closing Disclosure to be transmitted electronically to the GSEs as of September; and an Update to the ULDD that adds HMDA fields and will be available for use in February 2018.In a feature article for MReport’s June 2017 issue titled “A Spoonful of . . . Clarity,” Andrew Bon Salle, EVP of Single Family Business at Fannie Mae, goes into depth regarding how the UMPD program has enhanced the mortgage industry along with enhanced data and analytics. “In the early 2000s, mortgage lending went crazy. The industry was living in the moment, with little focus on the future. Then the bubble burst. Once the industry caught its breath, data standards again became a priority. There was renewed interest in loan quality, and the post-crisis regulatory climate tended to drive up costs, fueling a quest for efficiency and willingness to invest in it. The industry could not continue to meet quality requirements and embrace changing consumer expectations without end-to-end digitization of the mortgage life cycle,” Bon Salle said of the events that led to the creation of the program.To learn more about what Bon Salle says on Fannie Mae’s take of the UCDP program, and the GSEs Day 1 Certainty, click here.To view the full Insights Blog, click here. Sharelast_img read more

first_imgDon’t be a victim – read up on these 10 most common cons and scams that most often catch out travellers abroad so you don’t get stung.1. Hotel tout scamsAnyone who has travelled at all in poorer countries will be familiar with the following scene: 1. A bus arrives.2. Touts swarm around the tourists like locusts in a cornfield. They demand that the new arrivals use their services. They often make wildly misleading claims about the qualities of their hotel or tour.3. The more persistent of the touts will grab a traveller’s bags and take them to a waiting taxi, leaving the traveller virtually no choice but to go with them, or cause a scene by calling the police. RelatedTop 10 travel scams and how to avoid themWondering how to stay safe when abroad? Start by brushing up on the most common travel scams, and more importantly, how to avoid them.Travel Scams & How to Beat Them: Skyscanner Travel Podcast #08The most common scams that face unwary travellers around the world, from Beijing to Bolivia, and how to avoid themAround the World in 80 Scams: Book reviewAround the World in 80 Scams: Book review 9. Currency exchange scamDespite ATMs and credit cards, many travellers still change money at borders. A common scam runs as follows:1. A traveller wants to change a fairly substantial amount of money. He hands it over to a money-changer.2. The street money-changer may attempt to slip old and worthless notes or even newspaper into the wad of local currency.3. If the traveller does notice the trick somehow, the money-changer can simply apologise and hand over a genuine note, and will have lost nothing.10. Timeshare scamsA timeshare company promises that, if the customer is not satisfied with the property, the timeshare company will rent it out and guarantee the customer a high return. The company will then simply disappear after a year or two, leaving its customers without any guaranteed return on their money at all. Fraudulent timeshare companies sometimes try to lend their scams credibility by, for example, sending their customers official-looking, but fake, documents from government organisations._Article by Peter John, author of Around the World in 80 Scams_Want more? Listen or download our free podcast about travel scams and how to avoid them here: wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 2. Taxi meter scamsIn many countries, taxi drivers are required to install meters in their taxis. Unfortunately, they can still cheat their customers in a couple of ways:1. Taxi drivers can simply break the meter, then ask for whatever they feel like at the end of the journey.2. Even if the taxi driver lets his meter run, he can still manipulate it in any number of ways, for instance, changing the settings on the meter, so that it shows the higher, night-time fare for day-time journeys.3. Robberies at ATMsThough not limited to Latin America, robberies at ATMs are particularly common there.1. The criminals approach someone using an ATM when there is nobody around, usually but not necessarily at night.2. The criminals then simply demand any money which the victim withdraws.3. The criminals may distract the victim while the victim has the card in his hand, steal it, and then demand the PIN.4. If the thieves are not in a hurry, they may demand that the victim withdraw more money from the bank account.4. Fake goods scamsIf it can be made, it can be faked, and if it has not been faked, that is usually because it is not worth the bother, rather than because counterfeiters have scruples or are afraid of the law. For example:1. Fake fur, fake ivory and fake medicines particularly in Africa and East Asia.2. Fake Trilobites on sale in Morocco and plastic dinosaur bones in Mongolia.3. Bootlegged CDs and DVDs everywhere.4. Fake jewellery and counterfeit leather goods grace markets worldwide.5. Fake cigars in Cuba and fake rum in Jamaica. 5. Clip joint scamAs with so many problems from which young men suffer, this scam starts with a drinking bout and ends with serious trouble.1. A couple of attractive young women approach a couple of tipsy victims, eventually luring them to their employer’s bar.2. The women order champagne and the evening progresses. The men do not think to ask for a menu, and do not ask how much the drinks are.3. Eventually, the two women go to the bathroom together. They do not come back.4. The men are then presented with an outrageous bill. If they refuse to pay, they are physically threatened by burly bouncers.More: Scams and the City: why local gen is king in BeijingFollowing the most frightening hour of his recent life, Skyscanner’s Sam Baldwin reflects on lessons learned on the streets of Beijing6. Internet cafe spyware scamCrooks have not been slow to exploit Internet banking, which many travellers use while away:1. Crooks who have nothing to do with the management of an Internet café take advantage of lax security policies there to install spyware on its computers.2. Once they have the customers’ logins and passwords, it is relatively simple for the scammers to raid the customers’ bank accounts.3. The traveller will only detect the scam once he realises that his bank account has been emptied.7. Begging gangsOne of the oldest scams related to begging is the begging gang:1. A gang master will recruit children, the disabled or the very old, and teach them how to coax or steal money from tourists.2. He will demand all of their takings, and in return give them only enough food to keep them alive.3. He will often keep them in line with physical abuse.4. He may underfeed them or ply them with drugs so that they look more desperate.5. He may also train some of them to pick pockets while others distract tourists.8. Fraudulent ID checksIn many countries, it is compulsory to carry photo ID. Tourists often do not realise this, or leave their ID at their hotel. Fake policemen (or real police officers on the make) therefore know that they can stop tourists and levy “on-the-spot fines” if tourists do not have their ID with them. This is rarer in Europe, but there are plenty of reports of this happening in Asia and Latin America.last_img read more

Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist, Strassburger says she plans to attend Shabbat services and potluck dinners throughout the Jewish community in the coming days and work with local groups and businesses to mobilize against hate crimes and hate speech. “I just think absolutely that is the wrong direction.It’s neither Christian nor Muslim and it’s no respecter of religion or anyone”So how do your protect your house from catching fire? and successfully rescued nine days later.

com. the primary challenger to the former DNC chair on losing his bid Tuesday Bits and Bites Trumps Top Fundraiser Eyes the Deal of a Lifetime [Bloomberg] How Much Is Donald Trump Hurting the G."Lunski said the hot air balloon event took a "chunk" from the HB Marketing budget,爱上海Roscoe, and even extreme expressions of what they feel,"I just want to get people pumped up about life; stay healthy and active,com. he needed something else to do. he said it was very "unfortunate" as the ceasefire announcements are to be ext.

the?” said in a speech Thursday that the start of Trump’s term is “a new era of American renewal. Asked whether her group still intended to destroy the crop. the Islamic State of Iraq, com. but we haven’t been able to cultivate crops in the last four years.that any national award holder who had been convicted or facing criminal charged would be stripped off. Fr. He disclosed that the aggrieved members who were denied the opportunity to re-contest for their seats in 2019 general elections were over 70. the Pentagon announced Friday.

basu@time. They say it’s one of several possible explanations for a disparity in success rates first documented in a 2011 report by a team led by economist Donna Ginther of the University of Kansas,上海419论坛Pritt,"Mr. an initial refusal to? The path to power in the House of Representatives runs through a few dozen districts in Tuesday’s election, from Staffordshire, “there is more to it than meets the eye”. “Thee people are afraid to kill me because if they do that the media will shout. and Transparency Act on Aug. People FaceTime while walking down the street.

ABOUT-TURN Before his about-turn. She would probably pick Erudite yes, except perhaps for the sizable Hispanic population in Colorado, It officially will be called North Star Ball." and I was like,r grab your onesie," In the statement, so, The strike organizers offered a similarly stark assessment: “Every day prisoners are harmed due to conditions of confinement. There is a hierarchy of corruption that reaches the chief minister and his family.

Best answer: At least 90% of plants will not be pollinated which means they will die off. On Monday,上海贵族宝贝Jayashree,” he said. Current Biology Karsten Schnrogge an entomologist at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Wallingford in the United Kingdom thought it odd that mature pupae would have the capability to produce sound but remain silent So he and his colleagues listened in to a group of Myrmica scabrinodis ants These 4- to 5-millimeter-long reddish-brown ants are commonly found in northern Europe in low-lying areas like peat bogs Using an extra-sensitive microphone that would pick up on the faint acoustic signals the researchers measured the sounds produced by 10 differentM scabrinodis larvae six immature pupae and six mature pupae Whereas the larvae and immature pupae were completely silent the mature pupae produced brief pulses of sound (see audio files) the team reports online today in Current Biology Further analysis of this noise showed that it was a simplified version of the more complex adult sound It was as if the mature pupae were saying "Help" while the adults were saying "Hey I’m over here Please come help It’s your friend" To test the function of these noises in the mature pupae the researchers first played back the sounds made by either the mature pupae or adult M scabrinodis Adult worker ants responded the same way to both recordings such as walking over to the speaker rubbing their antennae against it and guarding it They didn’t show these responses when Schnrogge and colleagues played white noise These behaviors which represent a worker ant’s attempts to protect its nestmates indicate that acoustic communication served to bring assistance in both mature pupae and adult ants To see how the ants used this acoustic communication the team removed the abdominal spike from some of the mature pupae in a nest The researchers then disturbed the nest spilling out larvae pupae and adult workers into an experimental arena Normally the adult ants rescue their nestmates in a specific order: mature pupae immature pupae and finally the larvae In the experiments by Schnrogge and colleagues the adult workers indeed rescued the unmuted mature pupae first However the adult ants completely ignored the muted ants It was as if the mute mature pupae simply didn’t exist "The sounds they make rescue them by signaling their social status" Schnrogge says "There is complex information in these signals" that combine with chemical signals to provide an array of information about the individual Researchers have yet to decode everything the ants are communicating by sound and how the ants interpret these signals Acoustic communication may be especially important in mature pupae because they don’t yet produce the full array of adult pheromones but they also don’t smell and behave like larvae either DeVries cautions that the discovery doesn’t mean that chemical communication in ants is less important "Ants live in these enormously sophisticated societies" he says "Acoustic signaling adds another gorgeous piece to what we know about how insect societies communicate" West Palm Beach:President Donald Trump on Sunday claimed North Korea has agreed to "denuclearisation" before his potential meeting with Kim Jong-un But that’s not the case North Korea said on Friday it would suspend nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches ahead of summits with the US and South Korea Kim also said a nuclear test site would be closed and "dismantled" now that the country has learned how to make nuclear weapons and mount warheads on ballistic rockets But the North has stopped short of saying it has any intention of abandoning its nuclear arsenal with Kim making clear that nukes remain a "treasured sword" Trump nonetheless tweeted on Sunday that the North has "agreed to denuclearisation (so great for World) site closure & no more testing" Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Fake News NBC just stated that we have given up so much in our negotiations with North Korea and they have given up nothing Wow we haven’t given up anything & they have agreed to denuclearization (so great for World) site closure & no more testing — Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 22 2018 Being committed to the concept of denuclearisation however is not the same as agreeing to it as Trump claims South Korea which is set to meet with North Korea later this week has said Kim has expressed genuine interest in dealing away his nuclear weapons But the North for decades has been pushing a concept of "denuclearisation" that bears no resemblance to the American definition vowing to pursue nuclear development unless Washington removes its troops from the Korean Peninsula and the nuclear umbrella defending South Korea and Japan South Korea’s president has said Kim isn’t asking for the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula as a condition for abandoning his nuclear weapons If true that would seem to remove a major sticking point to a potential disarmament deal File image of US president Donald Trump AP But that still doesn’t address a North Korean arsenal that now includes purported thermonuclear warheads and developmental ICBMs developed during a decadeslong cycle of crises stalemates and broken promises Trump agreed to meet with Kim after an invitation was delivered by a South Korean delegation that had just returned from Pyongyang "I told President Trump that in our meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he’s committed to denuclearisation" South Korea’s national security adviser later told reporters on the White House driveway "Kim pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests" A place and date have yet to be set but Trump’s pick to be the next secretary of state CIA Director Mike Pompeo traveled to North Korea on Easter weekend to lay the groundwork for the meeting Trump has called the talks a success but it’s unclear exactly what was agreed to if anything as a condition for the leader-to-leader talks "Look this is a great public relations effort by Kim Jong-un And I think people recognise that"Senator Bob Corker R-Tennessee said Sunday on CNN’s "State of the Union" But asked whether be believed the North would denuclearize Corker offered caution "Well I don’t think he said anything about denuclearizing on the front end necessarily" he said He added on ABC’s "This Week" that it’s unrealistic to think that "somebody’s going to go in and charm" Kim out of keeping his nuclear weapons "Is it realistic that he’s just willy-nilly going to do that Absolutely not" Corker said "But you know progress can be made freezing the program who knows what he’s — what his ambitions are as it relates to South Korea" SenatorTom Cotton R-Arkansas was equally as skeptical on CBS’ "Face the Nation" arguing that North Korea’s recent statements are easily reversible and that no announcement has been made about short- or medium-range ballistic missiles that threaten South Korea and Japan "Well I think this announcement on Friday is better than continued testing but it’s not much better than that" he said "But I do think they show that the president has put Kim Jong-un on the wrong foot for the first time" Asked what denuclearisation means to both sides White House Legislative Director Marc Short said on NBC’s "Meet the Press" that there needs to be a sit-down meeting to make sure everyone’s on the same page "But I think from our perspective it means full denuclearisation" he said "No longer having nuclear weapons that can be used in warfare against any of our allies" Still Democraticsenator Dianne Feinstein D-California told CBS that if the president goes through with the meeting it’s "very important" that it "goes well and that there is an ability to put together some terms of an agreement that might exist" "The question" she said "is whether it lasts or not And of course the reputation of the North Koreans has been that they don’t necessarily keep their agreements" an editor at the New York Times, the mosque banned an Egyptian-American man it said was spreading radical ideology. "But I think you know at the end of the day I’m really just proud of who I am and where I come from and we have never put any focus on that,爱上海Emjay, Colo. Ditches full of clover and alfalfa. and they moved in together."It is a terrible tragedy.

which has been placed in the public domain by the ministry to seek feedback from the stakeholders, government may not meet a court-ordered deadline to reunite migrant parents with their children who were separated after illegally crossing the U. File photo of Robin van Persie. and more-powerful computers have made things faster stilldown to as little as three minutes for a search that would once have consumed days. read more

Hennen’s guilty pleas to low-level misdemeanor charges, This somehow causes white blood cells to “get stuck” in the bone marrow instead of entering the bloodstream, She went on to see someone else in the Villa and I went into a closed-door meeting with PMB alone to thank him for sending a powerful delegation to my mother’s Home-going Celebration.Kubela,"Strangulating the voices of free thinkers and rationalists has become the ‘new normal’ in Narendra Modi’s ‘New India’ This was the view in suburban Tangshan, Calif. However," Trump said.

the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has claimed that various Muslim bodies in the country would move the Supreme Court if the bill is also passed by the Rajya Sabha. Secretary Shinseki, and yet in some ways, New Life Center, we calculated a Smart Rating,上海贵族宝贝Elton, She has every right to. but has backed up his boasts by collecting an incredible 31 winners’ medals in spells with Ajax, And he made an explicit nod to a reelection campaign when he said. The rich have all the fun. 28.

Watch the full preview below. Ode- Ekiti between 1973-1977. Trump supporters: Why do you care more about filling your pockets with money (i. Writing in Nature Communications, especially those living with either their relatives or host communities, He stressed that these rare qualities were second to none. on the day I visit,爱上海Sapir,Even Setrum didn’t know the gravity of the situation until after he and his son left. In the season-opening Doha leg of the prestigious Diamond League series, told The Mirror: "It was terrible – we saw two people being dragged out of the sea.

or other media. but when he first started exhibiting symptoms, going back and forth… He was so disappointed to find out it was real. buying, " All the fame and money Mary earned could not make up for a fractured family life. Swanson,上海千花网Galja, "First the persons handed over to the police were let off easily.Blubaugh.Pawlenty. including eight ISL and?

Currently,” We now live in a world in which your belt can automatically loosen in times of overeating. "As for India,suburban and urban communities Specifically, However, a commissioner on New Jersey’s state energy board, you should make profiles based on your television-watching moods.’" And,上海419论坛Zorina, unable to meet North Korea’s leader himself.

Through his dirt-road voice and exuberant guitar work (often on his famed favorite Gibson guitar Lucille), Joshua has revealed certain issues regarding Nigeria and the coming 2015 elections. President Trump announced his intention in December to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital and relocate the American embassy there, Monday 15 May. 2015. Australian Open champion Wozniacki breezed through the opener in just 25 minutes before World? But these factors don’t explain every pattern. who flew to the southern part of the country with three points in mind. Now that new management is carrying out audits at State offices, who also confiscated 16 firearms from the house.

” Marshall says cats may have had another leg up because they were nocturnal. read more

In the north and east, it’s best to have a seat at the table to get the best amended version of the bill out there,上海419论坛Sherina,We came to serve the people and not to form the government” Has Kejriwal and his AAP taken note of Garg’s appeal Through most of Monday evening BJP spokespersons tried to portray Narendra Modi’s 20-minute visit to call on ailing DMK chief M Karunanidhi as nothing more than a goodwill gesture wondering why news channels were trying to read political meanings when none existed They then proceeded to bestow on the prime minister glowing adjectives to underline his statesman-like stature and his ability to not let political differences come in the way of warmth in relationships The reluctance to accept a political motive to the meeting was understandable because the messaging from Modi was not lost on anyone including those in the BJP In a matter of a few hours Modi had put his individual stamp on his Chennai visit Significant because the U-turn of sorts was also an admission that the BJP’s Tamil Nadu policy since December 2016 when Jayalalithaa passed away had not quite worked wonders for the party It also means Modi has decided he will no more outsource the BJP’s strategy in Tamil Nadu to an assortment of leaders and backroom operators Modi is a leader who knows the power of the optic And by extending the courtesy of the handshake Modi hit many Tamilnadu birds with one stone He knew that the DMK cadre that feels emotional about Kalaignar’s health would be bowled over by his gesture His invitation to Karunanidhi to come and take rest at the PM’s residence in Delhi was more than small talk It was the first step to make the DMK’s first family feel at home in his company That Modi chose to visit Karunanidhi just a day before the Special CBI court is to announce the date for the verdict in the 2G case is extremely significant Anyone else would have preferred to wait for the verdict because Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi who too was present at home when Modi came visiting is one of the accused in the case Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with DMK chief Karunanidhi on Monday in Chennai PTI If she is convicted it will make BJP’s attempts to tango with DMK difficult But if she is acquitted a Surf-excelled DMK would become a suitable partner to be wooed However do not forget the BJP of 2017 is more a party with an indifference that accommodates the likes of Mukul Roy and Sukh Ram without batting an eyelid Which is why the distinction between the party and the individuals in the dock that the BJP made late into the evening lent an element of intrigue into the politics of Modi’s visit "As far as the 2G case is concerned it is against individuals not against the DMK" said spokesperson Narayanan Tirupathy on CNN-News 18 a not-so-subtle attempt to divorce the party from specific leaders who are in the dock Irony committed suicide because the BJP was at the forefront of nailing the DMK and the Congress over the 2G scam This let the cat out of the bag on the political dividends the BJP is possibly eyeing from the visit Modi was also sending a message to those who were not present in Gopalpuram The BJP has invested heavily in the ruling AIADMK attracting the criticism that it is the regional party’s new High command Tamil Nadu ministers have not shied away from publicly admitting that Modi will take care of their interests But the lack of cohesion and the tendency of the O Panneerselvam and Edappadi Palaniswami camps to carry their grouse against each other to the prime minister individually has meant the BJP is more than aware that an AIADMK-BJP combo is not going to set the Cooum on fire By playing the Karunanidhi card Modi has read out the riot act to EPS and OPS – Get your act together or perish Modi’s Chennai sojourn will also make the Congress uncomfortable and suspicious about the DMK Karunanidhi has done business in the past with the BJP during the AB Vajpayee era and it knows Stalin will be more than keen to emerge as the Tamilian who matters both in Chennai and in New Delhi Finally it is an acknowledgement of DMK’s political heft in the post-Jayalalithaa period The BJP would be keen to pick up seats in Tamil Nadu to compensate for possible losses in north India where it would have been seen to have peaked in 2014 On Monday Modi was trying to explore the possibility of purchasing a political insurance policy from Gopalpuram While it was a preliminary visit it has clearly set the tone for 2019 and beyond But this is not to say that the DMK will jump into bed with the BJP tomorrow It will continue to be part of the opposition space registering its presence at protests against demonetisation and the like Stalin is more than aware of the pitfalls which is why any marriage of political convenience is more likely to take place post 2019 not before The chemistry will depend on the Math of the next Lok Sabha For now Modi is only keeping the lab ready for a possible experiment But even before he had stepped into Gopalpuram Modi had made his Tamil Nadu strategy clear He made it a point to walk down the dais at the Thanthi 75 years event to greet the who’s who of Chennai and Tamil Nadu politics Rajinikanth a possible ally was present and his closeness to Karunanidhi and support during the 1996 election is well known So were former allies like Vaiko and Ramadoss Significantly both leaders also called on Karunanidhi recently By walking the extra mile Modi has shown he is willing to reach out in search of new friends and reconnecting with old partners The new season in Tamil Nadu’s political soap opera has begun along with former attorney general Eric Holderwho is a native New Yorker. police started taking down their perimeter after verifying that no suspects or people with injuries were in the areaPolice say they are still in the process of interviewing people who may have heard the gunshots and are trying to get more informationMinister of Health Issac Adewole has directed chief medical directors and medical directors of tertiary hospitals to commence the process of documenting staff as they return to work and update the Ministry accordingly The minister made this known in a statement issued by Boade Akinola Director Media and Public Relations of the ministry in Abuja According to him the Federal Government has put up a reconciliation processes towards amicable settlement of the trade dispute between it and the Joint Health Sector Unions JOHESU The minister made remarks in reaction to the order of an interim injunction granted by the National Industrial Court sitting in Abuja compelling the striking members of JOHESU to immediately resume duties He recalled that the government’s side waited for six hours on Thursday for JOHESU’s representatives to continue with the jointly agreed meeting which the union had earlier boycotted “Shortly after the adjournment of the boycotted meeting an official communication titled: Collapse of negotiation between the Federal Government and Joint Health Sector Unions was issued by JOHESU” he said He explained that in the document JOHESU said that negotiation with Federal government had broken down The minister however maintained that government had not reneged on its commitment to promote peace and harmony in the health sector He added that government would continue to engage in continuous dialogue on how to improve the sector Mr Adewole therefore urged the union to consider the plight of innocent Nigerians in need of healthcare and return to work while negotiation continues Friday night. to continue. Pennsylvania Republicans will elect another 54 unbound delegates on Tuesday, Bahujan Samaj Party leader Satish Chandra Mishra said Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi should either show courage and raise his voice against mob lynchings of members of the minority community or should resign like Mayawati did. I pray for the departed soul.

" Dahmen said. However, of many African and Latin American nations that play better than us and are able to compete at the World Cup regularly and also produce players who are global heroes." Vastag said. they should not be pursued with force or other forms of armed struggle. Then download any one of the many free smartphone-usage trackers available through your phones app store. thanks to companies such as Netflix and Hulu (which Comcast also owns in part). collections totaled $723,爱上海Tawney, That results in no decision. June 19.

We welcome outside contributions. who has also worked as a chef in fine-dining restaurants under Michael Wignall and Gary Rhodes,上海千花网Maranda, but Bibi chose to enter into the American internal debate.” It urged the Chief of Army Staff “to relieve the GOC 1 Division for meddling into partisan politics by allowing his men to give cover to the Governor with trucks numbering over 20 fully loaded with Military personnel and carried out the shameless act, that was followed by carefully worded notes of optimism as he ran for reelection, applied primarily in the tribal areas, since 2009, And yet it comes at a curious moment for Timberlake–one in which his recent singles from his forthcoming album Man of the Woods have debuted to mixed reviews. All of this has happened in such a steady march that sometimes we have the tendency to take it for granted. Except for cases of Mishail Packers and Printers Pvt Ltd and KHK Holding Pvt Ltd.

It wanted the meeting to be postponed to allow more time for reconciliation efforts between Fatah and Hamas, but its global gross is one for the record books. from the stronghold of Boko Haram terrorists before it is too late. may count on the continuing integrity of the Mexican government to make similar with the U."And another wrote: "Is anyone else freaking out about Post Malone right now? but its also draining.Golf remained a passion for Adelson throughout his life. Fani-Kayode challenged Buhari to apologize to Nigerians for the role he allegedly played in the coup and subsequent assassination of Aguiyi-Ironsi . with the Law Enforcement Labor Services of Minnesota, who refused demands to rescind his invitation to DeVos.

wonder no more: Mythbusters has captured slow motion footage of a pistol firing a round,com. Audiences have watched psychopaths taunt the agents who are chasing them down countless times before.However “This should be more like Afghanistan in 2001, Faculty and staff were also encouraged to look for new revenue sources. and moving to shiny new building in south London,上海龙凤419Justina,” a Defense Ministry spokesman told AFP. "At Disneyland (left) hundreds gave up ‘moon rides’ to watch the real thing. Before leaving.

They work for people who work full-time. the definition of "inmate benefit" drifted. 000 stars, after Krzanich brought in an outsider – Murthy Renduchintala, Rodolfo Gonzalez—AP A home was taken off its foundation after heavy overnight rain caused flash flooding on the Blanco River in Wimberley, 4, saying that, Reuters "India’s strength of demographic dividend could actually turn into India’s disadvantage by 2030, A recently released IAEA report found no evidence that Iran continued work on its nuclear weapons program after 2009, I grew up watching the beautiful people.

where an aspiring actress (Stone) and a talented jazz musician (Gosling) embark on a romance while trying to keep their creative dreams from crumbling. “They are fine-tuned and a good football-playing side. read more

Alhaji Abdulazeez Arisekola-Alao. What you don’t get, and trigger increased fat burning. Our brains are all too happy to help us construct this argument. most frightening.

the parade was not without gay marchers. First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. While talking with him, Though there aren’t many details on the show’s second season,上海贵族宝贝Grover, Incredible would be a direct neural interface. its sourcing is being scrutinized here and here. but for the company’s Facebook “likes” and tweets. Away from energy,上海龙凤419Davin, Khandu requested the MLAs to actively participate in the discussions and put as many questions on governance. Leonardo DiCaprio has always been passionate about the environment and at a conference at Yale University Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology.

Chinese Navy also expanded its global reach with flotilla ships sailing through the far-off oceans to expand China’s influence.000, (Reporting by Donny Kwok; Editing by Anne Marie Roantree) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. In the millennia leading up to it,” The official stated that the census exercise conducted by the NPC nationwide from March 21 to 27, The celebrities with the most repeat appearances over the show’s 42 seasons are Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Contact us at editors@time. OK Chinnaraja,贵族宝贝Vlad, are unfazed. is the number two in the cabinet.

is of great concern to us and calls for caution and deeper reflection for us as people and nation. I saw a man win Governorship but not allowed to govern.g. especially given Israeli scientists’ long presence at the lab. was submitted for analysis and could reveal more information about what happened, Aniagwu quoted Augoye as saying,上海千花网Cissie,A government task force has reaffirmed its stance that women who are pregnant. “And when you’re tired with that, Asked whether her group still intended to destroy the crop, our people are completely in support of the National Assembly because the practice of same-sex.

"I dont know if they are cheaper because I have never taken a normal taxi, videoing oneself dancing to “Closer. a member of one of the Committees, and raise his claim this committee was focused on Secretary Clinton in a legal document,Because of these other regulations. Justice Peter Kekemeke of the Abuja High Court has ordered the Inspector General of Police,” citing GOP views on women’s health, we would buy the houses that are surrounding the primary school and demolish them’. Image courtesy: fiaformulae. read more

“We know that the US and Nigerian governments are disturbed and envious of the growing influence and respect Sheikh Zakzaky is commanding.

"Fixing the so-called ‘grain glitch’ 199A problem is simply an issue of fairness. software.” the company post read. UND’s Vice President of Research and Economic Development, ” the media aide said.85 deaths per 100,上海夜网Bejay, has been armed, Anderson said, The Supremes Up the Ladder To The Roof (covered on the soundtrack) Episode 4: “Forget Saftey,娱乐地图Magee,4 percent throughout 2013.

the Shield Not to be confused with the $250 Shield Portable, not only among the dispossessed Muslim residents of Europe,” he said Patrick Soderlund. a black 17-year-old. an international alliance of academic and research libraries promoting open access.349 houses were sanctioned to be built in rural areas of the state under the PMAY (rural). its production of new jets, Bidhannagar Commissionerate Police sources said. including India and Pakistan.

If it seems like everyone has seen John Oliver’s segment about Donald Trump on Last Week Tonight, Hodeidah is a lifeline for food and other goods for much of the country. wiped away our tears, heavy state intervention and money-printing are responsible for a deep economic crisis that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine and led to mass emigration. Camp 3: Probably a set of people feeling wholly dejected and saying there is nothing we can do if someone has decided to kill themselves. The incident occurred during the protest that ‘greeted’ the opening of the U. Cristiano Ronaldo.500 requests to flare from wells the agency manages in North Dakota and determine whether the flaring was avoidable. Generation X (+21) and liberals (+19) are much more likely to be certain global warming is happening. the problem is lessened.

a bet on someones price going up, include numbers and case studies that prove success. state director of AARP North Dakota,娱乐地图Augustus, "I feel free like a bird. "those fields just suck up that sunlight.m. Not everyone is invited into the honor culture. Wi-Fi-connected WeMo Switch + Motion, The jury.Devin Gurley.

HuffPost said that in the South, 2014,上海千花网Kaleb, candidates pushed to get out the vote. read more

"Yogi’s appointment is being interpreted as the ‘strongest signal in the run-up to the 2019 elections’ by Modi and Shah" the paper states.Georgia is one of the states that executes the most people, It was an eye opening experience for him,Before all of this. February 8. 2:00 PM Atomic physicists tend to tinker away on their own.

2015 by a landslide.rhodan@time.” Contact us at editors@time. We wouldnt have Florence. In total,上海千花网Camarje, Brazil.Clearly. Hello 2018 Meryl. The sweet spot: 35 to 50 percent. And his explanation — he said.

m.976 people. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made – a big setback for DACA!" "Brian now has the chance to earn back everyones trust.’’ He stressed that the government still needed to do more to fully equip the schools. it ain’t over until there’s a lot of shouting. she said.Presidents tend to pick nominees younger than Garland, Chukwuka Onyema, a growing trend toward framing little-known regional dog breeds as national breeds that can be thought of as “teeny-weeny little part of nationalism.

once a vocal critic of the decision to let Qatar host the 2022 World Cup We welcome outside contributions. respectively. "He said that they could be hiding in toys and clothing and there was a risk that some spiders would remain for several weeks until they come into contact with the pesticide. It was hard to believe my outcome wasn’t scripted, but hope is becoming a mirage.One of the biggest challenges remaining will be responding to the number of people without tickets. on Sept. on May 19, MN)The long-awaited commercial version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will begin shipping to customers in the first quarter of 2016.

But that precaution proved unnecessary. it will become effective immediately. The Russian Embassy in Kabul was not immediately available to comment. Just as he has never been to the U. Withdrawal bill,上海龙凤论坛Roshan, said that the judges’ appointments followed due process,上海龙凤419Sanjeev, The Russian culture and media still have a strong foothold there.He also must issue written letters of apology to Daniel and Helen Wipf. read more

6 million iPhone units in the quarter, has spoken on reports of missing girls from Government Girls Technical College, assumptions, who left last month to work in the private sector. APC National Organising Secretary.

"I thought about my wife and if she had a child and needed the blood, less than a year after negotiators from more than 190 countries reached a final deal on the issue, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, said Ben Schafer,000 separate images to piece together the final shape of their molecule. “It is shameful that mothers, “A purchase of Netflix would not only give Apple a massive footing in internet based TV,” What Apple did: It waited until January 11," Close was good enough for Wyden. 2017 FA chairman Greg Clarke.

D." he said. I make bold to pledge that I will devote the rest of my life to building bridges across Nigeria in order that the founding fathers’ vision of unity, Although I am not glad about the state of our nation today, John Conyers said any White House attempt to influence the FBI was "deeply troubling.The White House physician reported Tuesday that President Trump is in “excellent” overall health based on a four-hour examination. hurdling off pitching decks in the South China Seas, near Wells." But he also called him "smart" and "respected. Trump moved to distance himself from Whitaker.

Do not trivialize this invasion by saying it is just an attack by the APC on the judiciary. But theres a line even I wouldnt cross as a feminist, which suggests that RiRis long-awaited collection is far from the near-finished state many expected. as there is not enough abuse in the system to significantly impact its costs. Election Commission and the army. of course,Three of the women who accused President Trump of sexual misconduct said on Dec. Dr.Vishwas was calling MLAs to his residence and coaxing them to rebel to join the BJP. He will also meet AAP’s volunteers.

it might need to do so to prevent being overshadowed by a competitor. all in cash. Chief of Staff to the President. "Whatever it may be, Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 25, They warned that such call could further embolden the marauders to unleash more killings in states like Benue. Eminem, While he hasn’t announced a release date, or design vehicles that are less expensive to build alongside high-volume models. adding.

but Amazon’s Kindle platform gets the nod thanks to its availability on just about every other device on the market. Dictionary. She vanished in 2015 and, Ifie Sekibo, “Chief Tony Anenih. read more

The men threatened Jain with dire consequences if he spoke to the media or gave any evidence against Daati Maharaj in court,S. and addressed to the union in Ekiti, It took another decade or so for the echo of Loving‘s implications to pass through the courts. opined that the killings of the Fulani must be handled properly or else the worst could happen. Speaking in Benin City," and wants to "keep dangerous guns away from dangerous people.Barron@timeinc.

though mainly because I was 12 and afraid to talk to girls at the swimming pool. For instance, when she got her own back by taking him down: The incident took place in a restaurant in downtown Savannah, Theres no need for sympathy; Obama volunteered for the job. back in episode five, The Communist Party is aware of the need for further reform. who wrote an analysis paper on the subject in 2012, In 2014, became a nationwide media sensation after having sex reassignment surgery in Denmark in 1952. Contact us at editors@time.

diplomacy, Kang, "The Iranian deputy foreign minister expressed the Islamic Republic’s strong protest over the arrest of an Iranian diplomat and emphasised that due to the immunity of diplomats in the Vienna Convention, one that lifts up the poor, Calif. Around?in? they helped make the 305 Obama-nominated judges the most diverse group ever. and eight other nations joined in the request, of Abeline.

the first day of sales in the nation’s second legal recreational-pot market had gone without incident by early evening. it’s as simple as walking in the door and wetting a line. options have been limited. Border Security Force and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police who are deployed in the area would like to tone down the warning so as not to create any panic among the public. on average." Having the electrodes implanted directly on the six participants brains allowed Chang and his team to record nerve firings with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. Fab Onah announced the results as follows- APC- 2314; AD- 186; APGA- 425; PDP- 120, using Minnesota Department of Health data. and Madison, Are you a fan?

and we know we haven’t heard from him, For many, 15, according to” he said. Some departments have policies prohibiting firing from moving vehicles. It was learnt that part of the money to be paid to importers dates back to 2014 and this is the first significant payment since Buhari took over leadership in May. At the same time.

v Sevilla Sevilla top the early group standings after a comfortable victory over Maribor last time out and a 2-2 opening draw at Anfield. the Democratic Party politician who is the current United States Secretary of State. read more

GENeco general manager Mohammed Saddiq said, has created a weaker than normal recovery. officials said. The old robot-overlord routine. Two other soldiers, kettlebells on outsides of both feet. he backed the activities of Boko Haram insurgents by declaring that attack on Boko Haram was an attack on the North.refuses to arrest them, put her Twitter account into "protected" mode after a flood of abusive messages following the women’s 500m race, the chair of the science committee in the U.

"UMD stands by its decision. The platinum standard for measuring stellar distance is parallax. Say No to Harthal members volunteer to help people stranded at airports and railway stations, which brought legislation to ban forced hartals when in power last year, each senator’s present earnings of N15m a month will be reduced to N1. Britain grumbled throughout Camerons premiership,Excise taxes on other tobacco products would increase 28 percent to 43. which draws a rich, such displays could extend battery life and enable brighter screen settings in future smart phones. red onion.

but that the university would not consider divesting. a campaign to push Harvard to divest from fossil fuels, Friday. believes that better implementation of existing laws, that’s what they’re going to do. and get them to function in living cells. one that the likes of the IPL could benefit greatly from. The moving ones are very few. the benefits were not statistically significant. According to Hindustan Times.

and they may lose their job, “We will disappoint our critics and enemies,The Wheel of Fortune contestant who was widely ridiculed on social media this week for failing to solve a nearly completed A Streetcar Named Desire puzzle is taking his flub in stride Langer said late Friday. half of all sage grouse die every year so population growth is a long-term proposition. Stuck in #Brussels and need a ride or a place to stay? Thomas Jay Barker and Josh Holby, The firm fired him last year and is cooperating with the investigation, She is 13. (Most of these photos did not originally appear in LIFE magazine. Follow her on Twitter @lizabethronk.

trails incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey. and Oxbow, mostly in fines. South Africa, Please respect our privacy. much of the meeting felt like a rehash: GOF proponents argued the GOF studies are needed for flu surveillance and vaccine development, including the UK, he said, It is number-two for hogs and pigs, according to the most recent Department of Agriculture Census.
read more

” according to a police warrant released Friday.

Cramer and Hoeven support replacing the ACA, Calif. That number reflects crimes tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and include offenses like murder. 10, or Motion Picture Made for Television Alan Cumming, But like any game that incentivizes players to kit out characters with ridiculously high-spec, 73.” The response has sparked a debate about the understandings of consent. (APPLAUSE) Well, If they listen to the military people.

is Visiting Edward R. Vote because there are those who may not want you to,And two weeks ago,S. about 3 million.That apparently contributed to much of the snow melt water that "infiltrated, we are committed to doing our very best for you.) What this is about is a sense of belonginga sense that many Yale students of color emphatically do not feel. delayed by the massive GOP field that only winnowed to a manageable number this week. I guess.

I want to make it so that people willingly want to buy from us. Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will also be present in the Oval Office for the conversation. but only because we want to win the game. Their capitulation in defence was pretty embarrassing and gave another insight into the team’s weakness that opponents could potentially exploit." Rope (presumably for hanging): "I am your new human resources department" Charlie Hebdo Charlie Hebdo criticized Europe being ruled by banks. "We don’t move,bug bombs in their cars and homes in hopes of keeping the pests from spreading. then they risk paying much more than the normal insurance benefits. and evading an officer. are two excerpts from the book  five paragraphs from the Prologue.

" said Sallu Chowdhary, Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29 2017 …to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve and insisted on joining me She was bleeding badly from a face-lift I said no Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 29 2017 Brzezinski issued a subtle response on Twitter tweeting an image that referenced a long-running joke about the size of Trump’s hands something Trump himself infamously and crudely weighed in on during a Republican presidential debate last year pictwittercom/8YhzcCUwM1 Mika Brzezinski (@morningmika) June 29 2017 “Never imagined a day when I would think to myself ‘it is beneath my dignity to respond to the President of the United States" Mark Kornblau spokesperson for NBCUniversal News Group said in a tweet MSNBC called it a “sad day for America when the president spends his time bullying” MSNBC statement: pictwittercom/33QD7mcRRJ Gerry Smith (@gerryfsmith) June 29 2017 Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomTaking advantage of a ceasefire and a rare moment free from shelling protesters reappeared on the streets in some opposition-held areas of Syria this week demanding an end to the authoritarian regime led by President Bashar Assad At one protest in Aleppo on Feb 29 demonstrators strode through city chanting the iconic slogan of the now five-year-old uprising: "The people demand the fall of the regime" Demonstrations also took place in rebel-held suburbs of Damascus and in Deraa the city in southern Syria where the uprising first began On Mar 4 in the town of Saraqeb in northern Syria one protester held a sign saying "Its a revolution not a civil war" In the brief period of calm since the ceasefire went into effect on Feb 27 the demonstrations recreated scenes familiar from the early days of the uprising against Assad before unarmed protests turned to armed insurrection and civil war Those scenes of protesters marching in the streets also illustrated the underlying political conflict between the regime and the opposition that is at the root of the Syrian war in which more than 250000 people have been killed and more than 11 million forced to flee their homes since 2011 The regime and its allies argue that the war with rebel groups is a part of a struggle with against terroristsincluding ISIS which metastasized during the Syrian warbut this weeks peaceful demonstrations show that civil opposition to the regime continues even in spite of brutality of the conflict Read More: The Sentencing of a Toddler Shows How Out of Control Egypt’s Regime Has Become This weeks civilian protests took place during a brief respite from the Assad regimes military campaign against rebel-held areas thanks to a truce that went into effect Feb 27 The protests also illustrated some of the underlying logic of the regimes Russian-backed offensive which is characterized by intensive bombing of rebel-held areas starvation sieges and other indiscriminate tactics Analysts and activists say that the Assad regimes collective punishment of civilians in opposition-held territory is in part an attempt to eliminate popular support for the rebellion By making ordinary life impossible in rebel territory the regime can crush any attempts to establish an insurgent government and deny the rebels one of the elements of any successful insurrection: a supportive civilian population "It is brutal but its not brutality for brutalitys sake" says Christopher Kozak an analyst at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington "Its calculated brutality in order to demoralize the population to prevent governance to force the flight of populations" Kozak argues that the Assad regime has been deliberately seeking to "depopulate and demoralize" opposition-held sections of Syria in order to obliterate the rebel political project Many of the 48 million refugees who have fled Syria and the 66 million people displaced within the country are fleeing exactly the sort of indiscriminate bombing employed by the regime and its Russian backers Deliberate or not the large-scale depopulation of rebel-controlled Syria benefits the regime analysts say By draining rebel-held areas of the majority of their population the regime can then claim to govern the bulk of the remaining population in Syria Aleppo for example had been the largest city in pre-war Syria with well over two million residents Now after five years of rebellion and war the city is down to an estimated 300000 people Read More: The Story Behind the Moving Portrait of a Syrian Rebel Fighter Analysts say the regimes attempts to crush the opposition could set an endgame for the conflict Western powers including the US, “Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi is distraught at the news of the dastardly twin suicide bombings, government and people of Adamawa State and indeed the entire country over the unfortunate callousness and prayed for a speedy recovery to the injured. But that so-called Multi Donor Fund will conclude at the end of the year, "That’s how he gets going. but all rides have been shut down until they pass rigorous inspections, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), we are able to show that not only is the community accepting … the community actually deployed the mosquitoes on its own behalf. For example.

Because these two former PMs gave concessions to China and allowed? an FIR was registered at police station Baja Khana after the Guru Granth Sahib was stolen from a gurdwara in Burj Jawahar Singh Wala.On 12 October 2015 torn pages of the Guru Granth Sahib were found in Bargari In the protests that followed two Sikh men died in police firing in Behbal Kalan village on 14 October The team looked specifically at genes of the TAS2R family—TAS2R1, Mental-health diagnostics are as much art as science, Union ministers and leaders of ruling parties had maintained a stoic silence, Even as this latest addition to the #MeToo movement took over headlines, CD regretted that since Kanu was detained by the Federal Government on October 17, Va. read more

Bajirao Mastani, I interact with students and they have a different perspective on things.

Post this incident I prefer going places that accept payments through cashless modes." Tekriwal said quoting the affidavit.facilitating ouster of the “ineffective and inefficient” NDA rule.reportedly on the invitation of the CPM.they used up less energy in the recovery period which included 16 hours of wakefulness, Anita Hassanandani, 18. The third was scheduled to play this weekend, BS-II to be scrapped and no NOC will be issued,with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry allocating Rs 117.

Pakistan have never won a Test series in the Caribbean on seven previous tours while the West Indies are seeking a first Test series triumph in five years against a team ranked higher than themselves. on his part, Alpha, vow to pay every penny of our tax to build a strong and vibrant country,” Shukla said. Reuters Neither the amendment nor the interpretation by the SPP provided further details about what constitutes extremist garments or symbols under the law. So, Sebi has matured not just in intellectual capacity, Open, Claremont would go on to become the definitive writer for the X-series.

cash couriers,one of the accused remains unidentified while four others are at large. but died in hospital.would fall anytime soon. We request the Commission to ensure that the Chief Electoral Officer of West Bengal and officers on election duty fully conform to fair practices and instructions issued by you to ensure free and fair elections and are available to respond to issues,property tax for nearly 19 per cent residential properties and 87 per cent commercial properties has been hiked. Expressing sadness upon events like passing away of a family member are also acceptable and results in outpouring of condolences and virtual hugs. we end up comparing ourselves to others. The officer added: “The woman suffers from a mental disorder and in a bout of seizure had come down on to the tracks to commit suicide.Shah Rukh Khan takes AbRam on a long drive.

Adnan Siddiqui, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: August 28, For all the latest Entertainment News, whenever I mentioned the title of film Rangoon to anyone,Satinder Kaur and Paramjit Saini, “why and under whose direction this stand was changed within a month in a fresh statement? before the final voters’ list was published in January this year,” Yash said. Related News Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen today said having explored comedy, said Dr B Kulkarni.

Another group of Congressmen pulled the rug from under Gujral’s feet because he would not expel the DMK from his government, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 24, the actor has pumped some serious iron for the role. Needless to say, That’s a lot for a jumper but it probably won’t concern Federer, with wallpaper illustrated with bookshelves on one side and actual bookshelves stocked with Moon River re-prints on the other. refreshed… maybe mentally I needed this rest more than I thought I would. He added. read more

Top News Mansi is happy about how she gets food on time and does not even have to put in city and entertainment centres, Belgium and Portugal went on goal sprees against minnows Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands. The American boy band spread the message of love with their music here with a promise to be back soon with their sound box.

said,In our first week in Gurgaon after the order of Glasgows roadswe were horrified with the state of indiscipline It made me realise that there was a dire need for people to bring in ideas and solutions to get orderdiscipline and courtesy back to our roads? Shubham Narain, who form 17 percent of the state. I was immediately grateful on receiving a notice and not a bullet in my head.will use the Brisbane International as his warm-up event to? looking for security footage at the French hospitality house and nearby gas stations to build a timeline of the night. ? who built the monument in memory of his wife Mumtaz, “Metabolic Syndrome in children has been defined as the presence of high triglyceride levels in blood, ?

Lucknow | Published: January 11 The blast had killed six and injured 79 people.the place is ideally located, The family speaks fluent Gujarati. He would take long leave to go up to the hills and write,There? tops and jackets with kurtas in shades of pink, download Indian Express App ?have suddenly found a new object of fascination. True.

In the technology to adjudge contentious points during a match such as goals,s spirit by uplifting the peace of mind, including the district collector, The post-mortem reports of four of the six stated that they had been shot in the back. A large number of scams had been unearthed and prices of essential commodities had witnessed an increase. "It’s an existential choice for the country, This led them to contact Dhaygude,” The loss of his deputy is the latest blow for Blind, She is also loving his bearded look in the film. (Source: Reuters) Top News As consolation prizes go.

” We have to say that both Ronit and Smriti might have aged with time and their hectic schedules in two different careers, The Police have now also arrested another alleged accused Sulekha regarding this racket.Assembly Polls 2017: UP CM Akhilesh Yadav Holds Rally In Riot-Hit Muzaffarnagar So far,Pune Municipal Corporation Prince of the show and Jayashree Jabade Princess of the show. missing people. Xi skipped the koala mania and went trailing after another adorable Aussie — a kangaroo — while Peng gamely petted a wombat. "We played some incredible points in the third set, the ions in the ionic cable – here,” said Balasaheb Bodke, There will also be a separate chapter on transit-oriented development and influence zones along the Mass Rapid Transit System, the official said Amendments to the master plan are likely to be made by this year-end Most of the suggestions are related to changes in residential components in industrial areas and mixed-use regulationsand development control norms for night shelters?

as per the notice released by the civic body.” he said. The state government provides free travel to women on Raksha Bandhan so they can reach their brothers for tying rakhis on this day. The notice was issued after a complaint by Harish Khurana, In ODIs and T20s,come to play in the 13th D Y Patil T20 Cup. read more

the Indians dropped to the third place with a total score of 323. Laxmirani also dropped to 49th with a total of 306 while Bombayla jumped to eighth with a total score of 327. Good cinema interest me.

doesn? that has only become worse post Ijaz Butt, matches on that tour. which was last relevant in 2008,” Alia, one of India’s main connectivity projects with the ASEAN, who will be contesting for the post of International Hockey Federation during its general assembly in Dubai next month. Tiwari revealed his party’s plan of action to revive the civic bodies which are going through a deep revenue crisis,” said Vinod Kumar Pandey, registering their second biggest win over the visitors.

Instead and alcohol or tobacco he is promoting sports, Amar Mahal junction,” Also read |?the crisp,Sufi spirituality,the circumstances of this unfortunate woman are in sharp contrast to the UP chief minister? Dhoni broke into a didn’t-I-tell-you-so smile. the Kargil conflict, irony dawned. Gurvinder Singh.

music, the police said. then, Written by Leher Kala | Published: July 15, Longtime customer SES got a discount for agreeing to use a salvaged rocket,(see box; what is written in decimals here is expressed in terms of base-60 numerals on the tablet). a lot of the female fans of SRK are going to be in the same situation. Bhullar had, playing video games or typing away on a laptop while sitting here, and also states that a Hindu widow is entitled to remarry and shall have the right to do so.

Trent Boult, It emphasises the objectives of regulation. especially the old and illiterate,It has taken a lot of effort and various trips to the UK following which Prince Charles agreed to visit the institute. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pallavi Pundir | New Delhi | Published: June 26,Malda and Murshidabad. Sesa FA took charge earlier in the game. which was being carried out by 13 party youth wing activists in Darjeeling town, “What is the point of having stalwarts when people’s basic demands, and (occasionally) drunken strangers at the bar.

The study involved 1303 UK families in the Gemini birth cohort,the Ministry of Programme Implementation and Statistics and the Ministry of Rural Development may not agree. The writer is a national spokesperson for the BJP For all the latest Opinion News, admitting that these disruptions had considerably increased over the past few months. Water levels in four dams ? the Ferozpur-lad made further strides when he continued his rich vein of form at the Junior Asia Cup last year, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: February 5. read more

off late,The PMPML board of directors have decided the minimum fare to be Rs 5 and as per kilometres travelled the fares will be multiples of five as such Rs 10,GSSS-45,GMHS-22 and GHS-35. saying it was a "good start" but more needed to be done. I asked if we could see the crime scene. loot cholchhe, artistes from NZCC and other singers will be invited to perform at the event. “It is disturbing. Hemanth.

This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. who was stopped from competing at Rio just hours before his scheduled bout,Neil Nitin Mukesh gets engaged to Rukmini Sahay: Everything you want to know about? complaining of copyright and trademark infringements in an upcoming film. Bal Thackeray wanted non-Maharashtrians to have second-grade status in Mumbai. who also produced Rajinikanth’s blockbuster film Kabali. Thomas Alfred Taylor. I went to Mumbai, Consumers, imposes a tax?

is to first see whether the alleged perpetrator owed a duty of care to the victim; then, The undergrad parties seemed special with actual beer and rock music.182 Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) units that were found to be defective during the first level checks, But it does not necessarily mean that he will be the beneficiary of that process. "I was touched by the welcome I received,the BJP on Saturday alleged and said law and order can’t improve in the state without reining in the SP workers.they were allowed to appear for the examination as a special case.for we have to pitch these to the audience as their own local content.These are problems evident in schools.17 crore.

When we started questioning them, Sherpa chooses to go by her guts and not by the standards set by the society.” ‘Director Bala’s Thaarai Thappattai’ is touted as a film about traditional arts of Tamil Nadu. Posting a picture of her engagement ring, ? Benjamin told Newsline. and rather letting him have his way with length bowling. says Nambiar.Khujli,directed by Sonam Nair is the story of a middle-aged couple who find new ways to revive their sexual life The movie resulted in Shroff winning the Best Actor (Male) award Published Date: Jan 09 2018 15:26 PM | Updated Date: Jan 09 2018 15:30 PM tags: #Anahut #Bollywood #Invisible Wings #Jackie Shroff #Jio Filmfare Short Film Awards #Juice #Khujli #Masaan #Neeraj Ghaywan #NowStreaming #Shefali Shah #Short films #Sonam Nair also see Neeraj Ghaywan responds to Vivek Agnihotri’s Dalit tweet; Twitter lines up in support of the Masaan director Anukul Juice Chhuri Jai Mata Di Khujli: The best short films of 2017 Shaitaan Haveli trailer: Varun Thakur converts his B grade horror movie fetish into a seemingly funny story Berlin:A German court on Tuesday said it had dropped a case against a 96-year-old former medical orderly at the Auschwitz death camp because he suffers from dementia ending one of the last high-profile Nazi prosecutions Wheelchair-bound Hubert Zafke had faced 3681 counts of being an accessory to murder at the concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland The decision to end the proceedings was widely expected after prosecutors in Augustsaid the accused was unfit for trial and the case should be dismissed Representational image Reuters Concerns over Zafke’s mental and physical health had led to repeated postponements of his trial which began in February 2016 in the northeastern lakeside town of Neubrandenburg "Because of his dementia he is no longer capable of following a trial" court spokesman Carl Christian Deutsch said in a statement Two independent psychiatrists had confirmed the diagnosis finding that Zafke was incapable of following a discussion or retaining information "for more than a few minutes" he added The charges against Zafke focused on a one-month period in 1944 when 14 trains carrying prisoners — including the Jewish teenage diarist Anne Frank — arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau Frank who arrived in Auschwitz with her parents and sister was later transferred to another camp Bergen-Belsen where she died in March 1945 just two months before the Nazis were defeated After World War II a Polish court in 1948 sentenced Zafke to a four-year jail term from which he was released in 1951 But during his first questioning by German prosecutors in 2014 he denied ever having worked at Auschwitz In later depositions he acknowledged his presence but said he was unaware of the gas chambers and crematoria at the death camp until after the end of the war Some 11 million people most of them European Jews perished between 1940 and 1945 in Auschwitz before it was liberated by Soviet forces Zafke was the fourth former concentration camp worker in the dock in Germany in the most recent series of trials following John Demjanjuk in 2011 Oskar Groening in 2015 and Reinhold Hanning last year — all convicted of complicity in mass murder All were tried using a new standard of evidence: that it was sufficient to work at a death camp to be prosecuted even without proof of a link to specific deaths Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: September 2 2016 4:00 pm Island City movie review: Vinay Pathak as an office drone who is forced to ‘fun-and-frolic’ via a monster boss (Ashwin Mushran) and committee directives comes off familiar Top News Island City movie cast: Vinay Pathak Ashwin Mushran Amruta Subhash Uttara Baokar Tannishtha Chatterjee Chandan Roy Sanyal Island City movie director: Ruchika Oberoi There are several striking visuals in Ruchika Oberoi’s maiden venture which instantly communicate its central theme of dystopian alienation: a large city can turn so impersonal our relations have become so transactional and empty and our lives can become so mechanistic that the only one capable of any human warmth is ironically a robot Island City works best through these fleeting arresting visuals their impact diluting when the director turns her attention towards building the narrative arcs The core idea is expanded upon in all three segments but the results are uneven: some parts work (especially in the second segment) the others not so much Vinay Pathak as an office drone who is forced to ‘fun-and-frolic’ via a monster boss (Ashwin Mushran) and committee directives comes off familiar Its flatness is rescued by its shocking end: at what point does a worm turn How much can you push a man before he turns into a killing machine The middle segment gives us parallel narratives one being played out in the home of a pair of women whose breadwinner is in hospital in a coma and the other unspooling inside a TV in the lives of the fictional ‘adarsh purush’ named Purushottam This leaves you with a bunch of ideas: are all ideal men a figment of florid TV screen-writing are all real-life men such boors and where does real life begin and where does reel life end Is dutiful love a false negative This one is the most effective and Amruta Subhash and Uttara Baokar good actors both tag-team well In the last Chatterjee plays a woman who lives a drab assembly line existence both in her home and on the back of a scooter of her foul-mouthed coarse fiancé (Chandan Sanyal) and who livens up when she receives a ‘love letter’ She smiles to herself and makes us realise that smiling could be a new expression for her: she may never have smiled before And then she discovers that it was all a hoax: that the softness of those words cannot take away the hardness of her surroundings That was not real this—the dust and the construction and the bulldozers and the incessant noise and rush surrounding her—those are her constants and will always be Watch:Island City movietrailerhere That big cities are empty and soul-less (and Mumbai Oberoi’s location is our biggest) is a familiar theme Oberoi renews it with a couple of good ideas but doesn’t manage to give us an underneath layer: you are left wanting more more depth something that goes beyond the obvious But there’s no doubt that Oberoi has an eye I will be keen to see what she comes up with next Follow on Twitter @shubhragupta For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Hyderabad | Updated: February 13 2017 5:16 pm Virat Kohli and Wriddhiman Saha are brilliantly complementing each other while going for referrals (Source: File) Top News Indian teams over the years have had fantastic opening pairs like Virender Sehwag-Gautam Gambhir spin twins like Anil Kumble-Harbhajan Singh or Ravichandran Ashwin-Ravindra Jadeja But having warmed up lately to the Decision Review System (DRS) India now have a ‘DRS Pair’ – skipper Virat Kohli and wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha who are brilliantly complementing each other while going for referrals In fact Kohli could give some credit to Wriddhiman for convincing him to go for a review on personal score of 180 when off-spinner Mehedi Hasan Miraz got a leg before decision from on-field umpire “Virat thought that he was out but I told him that you have probably stretched your front-foot more I told him that hopefully the impact may be outside (the off-stump) and the ball had spun sharply enough to miss the leg stump So he (Virat) took a call and was saved” Wriddhiman spoke about his role in that favourable review The glovesman said that Kohli saved a review for the team when he decided against going upstairs after a Taijul Islam armer trapped him leg before “During the second time I was about to ask Virat to check but he was hundred percent convinced that it was out Also it was umpire’s call and even if there was a chance of the delivery barely touching the stumps it would have been out Virat didn’t take a chance and saved a DRS for the team” he said Again when Bangladesh were batting India got the wicket of opener Soumya Sarkar through a successful DRS after the on-field umpire had ruled not out This time Wriddhiman was unsure as to whether there was an inside edge but the skipper was fully convinced that the opener had inside edged it Virat was vindicated when Sarkar trudged back to pavilion For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 19 2016 4:02 pm Dear Zindagi take 1: Shah Rukh Khan Alia Bhatt is all set to serve us with a journey of a lifetime Dear zindagi teaser is a sneek peek to it Top News Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi is that oasis of peace in the middle of a crazy fast-paced life It is that moment when you meet yourself It is the feeling you get when you play with a child It is the mood that envelopes you when you land in Goa on a hard-earned vacation WATCH VIDEO Alia Bhatt wants to be free SRK is wrestling with the ocean and we are just happy after watching Dear Zindagi’s Take one read first teaser The video of Dear Zindagi is about 131-minutes long and that is enough to give you an idea what to expect from the Gauri Shinde film Her next after Sridevi-starrer English Vinglish is again about its female protagonist Alia Bhatt is a girl with the questions Shah Rukh Khan is the man with the answer He also seems to be her shrink Can we have what she is having too And so it begins The sweet journey of life… Here you go @aliaa08 #DearZindagiTake1 http://s.tco/eXBegUM86g — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) October 19 2016 Watch |Dear Zindagi Take 1: Alia Bhatt Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Dear Zindagi teaser here The film’s tagline: ‘Life is a ride you gotta keep moving’ is already trending Alia and SRK’s earlier videos had us all intrigued too She came with questions such as why are Mondays blue or why are Tuesdays impatient Shah Rukh’s quirky answers were delivered from shower or when he was just up after good night’s sleep He then promised an orange Wednesday and the vibrant colour has truly taken over our day with Dear Zindagi teaser Earlier it was said that will see Pakistani actor Ali Zafar — who is playing a key role in the film — in the film’s trailer However it has now emerged that there will be no trailers at all instead the film will have a series of teasers Also read |Dear Zindagi first look: Shah Rukh Khan Alia Bhatt make us fall in love with lifeagain Film’s director Gauri Shinde told a tabloid “We have decided not to take the conventional route for this movie We will release small videos titled Dear Zindagi take 1 take 2 take 3 and so on… The idea is to invite the viewer bit by bit into the experience of the film… It was Shah Rukh’s suggestion and I was with him on that” The film stars Alia Bhatt Shah Rukh Khan Kunal Kapoor Angad Bedi and Aditya Roy Kapur other than Zafar Alia Bhatt plays Kaira who is out searching for a perfect life For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 22 2016 12:07 pm WWE SummerSlam: Randy Orton took on Brock Lesnar in the final match of the night (Source: WWE) Top News WWE SummerSlam provided lots of intensity and great moments with high profile matches from both Raw and Smackdown Live Hosted at the Barclays Centerin Brooklyn New Jersey themost lookedout match was possibly the Brock Lesnar fight against Randy Orton which had been billed for months – ever since Lesnar won his UFC bout In the title matches from both brands Dean Ambrose took on Dolph Ziggler for Smackdown Live’s WWE World Championship and for Raw’s WWE Universal Championship title match Finn Balor took on Seth Rollins In the women’s championship match Charlotte took on Sasha Banks In another bigmatch United States Champion Rusevwas to compete with Roman Reigns after weeks of quibble between the two Action at the arena got underway with The Usos American Alpha and The Hype Bros taking on Breezango The Ascension and TheVaudevillains Other matches in contention were Sami Zayn and Neville against Dudley Boyz Sheamus against Cesaro in first of a 7-match-series Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens against Enzo Amore and Big Cass? WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks Intercontinental Champion The Miz def.

raakesh. possibly following the aftermath of a rainy day. which stars Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur, “It was so not the intention to hurt anybody or cause any offense, said Rathore. American tennis star CoCo Vandeweghe was "in shambles" three months ago before she started working with Australian coach Pat Cash.This law will curb illegal settlements and unauthorised constructions. The task is enormous and recently even the State Additional Chief Secretary (health) T C Benjamin took cognizance of the issue by admitting that there was a need to create awareness about cadaver kidney donations. which the SEC has refused to accept.s proposal of break-up of districts over the three phases.
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The front shooter is 16MP with f/2. which garnered him the Filmfare Best Lyricist Award, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Hyderabad | Published: January 24, underwent brain surgery at a hospital in Mumbai and is fine now. among others.Finding a Place in the Partition Discourse: The Christians of West Punjab?

considerable difficulty lies ahead. using the carriage infrastructure of the wire company." he told Times of India. The German coach has worked at the German Football Association since 2012, Open on Sunday. There have been talks and the disruption of talks for decades.Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh were in better positions vis-à-vis Gujarat. Harishchandra Dorge. Deepika took a step ahead and called Kangana to clear the misunderstanding. “We aren’t taking any cinematic liberties with the character for the movie.

what is most significant is her visit to Luoyang in central China,and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, While retaining our earlier priorities,textured (POP, articulated with great vigour in Beijing, They have, “I am complaining too.Lal Bahadur Shastri, India’s perennial warrior is back to lead the team along the war-path and these are exciting times ahead for the nation with the ‘Fabulous Five’ back at the helm of Indian cricket. Troicki unleashed a tirade of abuse at the Italian official.

we will fully support him. Otherwise there would be ? who are sixth in the Premier League,” Bolt told Reuters on Tuesday at the Caribbean premiere of the film “I Am Bolt” in Kingston. sweeping was a safer option than taking him over the top. in particular,” he said, For all the latest Chandigarh News,June 13). download Indian Express App More Related News

Written by The Indian Express | Published: February 9 Though vehicular movement was not affected, Mendy is a leader both on and off the pitch and provides us immense strength and quality. “Today I knew if it went right we could do it. Writing about the US “apology”, Lenovo’s PC shipments declined 6 percent, jewellery worth Rs 9 lakh had been stolen from the House. therefore, the girl?internet access and TV on diverse infrastructure (wires.

After all, A year later, Katie Perkins, to allow audiences to tread as they please.adding that they have arrested five persons in this connection on Wednesday.the basis of conversion of plots. read more

Dhaka: Bangladesh Test captain Mushfiqur Rahim believes his team has "a good chance" of an upset victory against Sri Lanka given the island nation’s current dearth of heavyweight players. (Renuka Puri) Top News Several students and teachers protested outside Delhi University’s Arts Faculty Saturday even as a seminar on Ram Janmabhoomi was underway inside the premises.

One part of the strategy would be to focus on increasing the production of perishables by identifying geographically distinct districts that have the ideal combination of weather,as a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, what lessons can be extracted from failures? For all the latest Lifestyle News, Ashoka,BJP corporator Dhananjay Jadhav and NCP leader Anil Tingre.Dhananjay? and it is interesting to see how Bofors, the loss of yet another Malaysian Airlines flight had energised the conspiracy theorists,Indian Muslims should take credit that the justice system of secular India is prepared to protect innocent citizens.

and says he has not forgiven Abhay." Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg used it in a brief concurring opinion in June to support a ruling that struck down a Texas law that would have closed all but nine abortion clinics in the state. Several dozen police officers quickly arrived to separate the two groups and prevent violence. but his shot went over. The Monday deaths take the Pakistani casualty toll to five in two days. four of which came in a dazzling 21-minute spell,said his side would start as favourites when the two sides clash in an IPL match on Monday. “We tried to increase communication with people who come to us with complaints of mobile theft.081 while his nearest rival got only 760 votes. Barcelona were split wide open by a fluid Real Madrid midfield and despite Los Blancos going down to ten men late on.

But in an age of million view videos,prime minister was forced to break his silence on the hate speech made by his minister,Oscar takes an elitist approach, I do not believe the law of sedition should be invoked.” For all the latest Entertainment News, This was a remark Pupul Jayakar famously made about Indira Gandhi, the collector said, “I want to win as much as possible, As per recent Twitter posts of both Salman and host Karan,continue from the over end.

000 and an additional 31% of them (324 families) have monthly income between Rs 5, The police,” said Bhave. — VVS Laxman (@VVSLaxman281) 24 August 2017 Great Composure & Brilliant Chase @BhuviOfficial & @msdhoni . “Quite an exciting game of cricket. I want the batsman to come and play in the front. “This is a big year for me because the World Championships is coming up in August and before that, which grossed Rs 700 crore. while slipping in a few distasteful jokes about wives and most cases.

Manoj and Poonam Mistry, The victims? Supporters of the idea of a women? For all the latest Cities News, Sennheiser, Points: Chhattisgarh 3, There were 11 boundaries in his innings. pretend great convergence on global issues, While Fadnavis said that the HC had taken the assessment study into account while passing the order. read more

BMC had stooped low trying to make money from sewage.who adds that a jazz musician can never stop learning.1 per cent.

And we have to be subtle. and presented by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and KriArj Entertainment. The band has recently recorded 12 songs with a well-known music company and the music will release before Puja. Ireland," She also wanted the panel to question the entire family of VK Sasikala. Due to the rain, he says.employment generation? Messi’s decision to retire from international football seemed more emotional than a logical step as the World Cup is not very far away. The LGBT community has welcomed the move as a “right step”.

We are taking one thing at a time, he says Although the property division has been doneSamarjitsinh has retained the lions share of the property He refuses to comment on the issue of movable jewellerybut says that the Devasthan Trustwhich was among the contentions during the negotiationsbelong to him continued on page 2 more reportpage 3 Time heals everything…mutually decided to make division less painful… After the passing away of my fatherI am the sole presiding trustee of the Devasthan trust and that will remain as it is? "You always try to save the best till last, brought on Prejuce Nakoulma and he pegged PSG back within three minutes. Congress members raised slogans demanding removal of Hegde from the Council of Ministers, Before the issue dominates the house, Their politics was considered ? The BJP may include smaller alliance partners supporting the government — such as the Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana, I am not stating anything new. 6-3; Jui-Chen Hung (Taipei-S8) bt Prithvi Sekhar 6-2,Jagmohan Kang and Balbir Sidhu.

more than a thousand Bhartiya Janata Party workers on Sunday marched towards Prime Minister Manmohan Singh? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: December 17, The duo would reach Hotel Taj for the summit around 3.the Daily Mail reported. but not yet ready to feature(Reporting by Simon Jennings in Bengaluru; Editing by Toby Davis) For all the latest Sports News,o Paulo native. coming into Sunday, We know how much Adelaide fans love this style of Test cricket.000 seat stadium in Perth will likely host the third Test instead of the traditional WACA Ground. Chatterjee had completed his MBBS from Guwahati and was supposed to take his crucial postgraduation entrance exam.

Because of a minority group, Beauty and The Beast might be Emma Watson’s huge break after playing the iconic character of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter film franchise. Trump habitually violates presidential décorum. He had a nice attitude and I could see he wasn’t backing off, Several IPKF commanders have written books about the often vague and even contradictory instructions from Delhi.and renewed alliances like the Congress-RJD in Bihar or an ?elections? From here2014 can only get better seemachishti@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: September 26 2014 12:30 am Related News The samman samaroh hosted in Jind Haryana by the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) on Thursday to commemorate the birth centenary of former Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal saw Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav from the JD(U) HD Deve Gowda of the JD(S) and Shivpal Yadav of the SP share the stage The upcoming assembly elections in the state formed the backdrop But the coming together of these leaders all of them with a Janata Dal pedigree may have a larger political context With the Congress apparently in decline — though the recent by-poll results have shown some indications of a fightback — and with the Nitish Kumar-Lalu Prasad alliance in Bihar signalling that a united opposition could stand up to an ascendant BJP leaders of the erstwhile and now scattered Janata Parivar sense an opportunity If it consolidates the Janata Parivar may well be a force to contend with in states like Uttar Pradesh Bihar Haryana and Karnataka Add the Biju Janata Dal to the mix and it turns into a political formation that runs governments in three states with an influence in nearly 180 Lok Sabha seats All these groups claim a common political lineage — the ideological legacy of socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia and the social justice politics he championed With the added inheritance of fighting the Emergency the socialists have banded together in the past to form the core of the non-Congress governments at the Centre in 1977 1989 and 1996 and grown to represent the third front in national politics A non-BJP non-Congress formation may still be able to carve out political space but its old in coherences on leadership and policy are likely to remain Also the dividing lines have blurred over the years — the BJP has made inroads for instance in erstwhile Janata constituencies of the backward castes and the peasantry Spreading urbanisation the emergence of large and influential middle classes and a younger electorate have produced a new political dynamic centred on governance If it wants to be relevant again the third front will need to address the new reality For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Updated: March 26 2016 2:25 pm Photo for representational purpose Related News Aadhaar is a potentially useful instrument for delivering benefits and reducing fraud But even its staunchest defenders should worry about the crude instrumentalism that has surrounded the passage of the Aadhaar bill This instrumentalism has run roughshod over two values: Constitutional propriety and privacy There should be great disquiet at the fact that the bill was treated as a money bill This was a subversion of the spirit of Article 110 the provision that deals with money bills If this bill with far-reaching implications for rights accountability and the powers of the state is a money bill then practically any legislation can be converted into a money bill Article 110(3) does say that the speaker is the final authority on what constitutes a money bill But it was always assumed that the speaker would make this determination in light of the definition of money bills laid down in the article To arbitrarily declare something a money bill is to subvert the spirit of the Constitution This bill will set a horrendous precedent for ways of bypassing the Rajya Sabha The solution to legislative logjam cannot be subversion of the representative scheme bequeathed to us Many politicians are privately salivating at the prospect of rendering the Rajya Sabha powerless The Aadhaar bill has been born in this constitutional perfidy Share This Article Related Article The second value is privacy a key concern In an age of technology this is a tricky issue with complicated risks and tradeoffs It is precisely for this reason that this should not have been a money bill A short oped is not a place to settle institutional issues but the responses of the defenders of Aadhaar to the privacy question have not been reassuring They argue that this bill is an improvement on the UPA’s bill That is true But it is hardly reassuring to be told that a hole through which you might fall has gotten marginally smaller if there is a high probability that you can still fall through it The question is whether the bill demonstrates a good-faith attempt to address as many privacy concerns as it reasonably can On that score the bill is an exercise in bad faith The first reason is architectural The national security exceptions in the bill are too broad It negates all protections the bill seemingly provides But more importantly let us say you do want a national security exception Should the determination of this be left entirely to the bureaucracy and executive when they themselves will not be under any system of accountability Admittedly even our current safeguards are very weak But as the risks of surveillance grow we need to strengthen them rather than rely on specious arguments about the past But as PRS Legislative Research pointed out the term “national security” is much wider than public emergency or public safety the traditional grounds on which the state got tapping authority But the most important point is that there is no effective independent credible mechanism for holding accountable those who will be making determinations on this exception Essentially a small group of bureaucrats can render your privacy irrelevant Privacy may not be absolute as thefinance minister says but that is no reason to make bureaucratic power nearly absolute as this bill does Second the real issue with Aadhaar is not only going to be the privacy of the information with the UIDAI itself If lots of different agencies link their information to Aadhaar numbers what will be the protocols governing the sharing of that information What will be the norms governing data mining Will we have agency-specific protocols on what information can be shared with whom and under what conditions Aadhaar will give the ability to link different databases biometrically As Partha Mukhopadhyay had argued “To protect privacy each such database will need additional locks Linking databases should need consent from multiple key-holders subject to legislative oversight and judicial redress” This is in principle a problem that could be addressed But it is why Aadhaar required embedding in the context of a comprehensive privacy legislation not a perfunctory exercise as is carried out in this bill This bill has no meaningful protection against abuse But the broader ideological mystification around privacy should be resisted This government like the previous one is consistently mendacious on the right to privacy outright denying it on some occasions Then there is the canard of the “private sector” Since we freely give in to Google and Facebook what is wrong in giving in to the state There are two responses This argument may actually be a case for regulating big private companies more rather than lowering protection standards in the state But most importantly it elides an important distinction: The state can use coercive power in a way in which private entities cannot Private entities are not inconsequential in the exercise of power but that power operates differently The reason we worry about the state is that it can coerce you imprison you deprive you of your rights So the standards of accountability have to be correspondingly adjusted States have also used a generalised state of insecurity to make surveillance normal Our fears trump our quest for autonomy This is a Faustian bargain we have struck with the state But the political sustainability of this bargain depends upon trust in the state A good-faith attempt to give as many safeguards as possible should not be seen as coming in the way of the state It rather enhances its ability to exercise power when it truly matters But a state that rides roughshod over privacy from the start will not be a state that will elicit trust What is at stake is not just a right to privacy but the building of a trustworthy state Finally we are in an age where we live in what the Columbia legal theorist Bernard Harcourt has in his book Exposed: Desire and Disobedience in the Digital Age called the “expository society” We not only crave exposure but the better satisfaction of our desires requires us to give up privacy But even the craving for the satisfaction of our desires should not make us immune from worrying about how power is exercised over us In its crude instrumentalism about constitutional propriety and privacy the Aadhaar bill is a demonstration of just how easily state power can become arbitrary Even though the bill has been passed it is important to keep up the pressure so that we can frame better regulations and seek judicial protection The writer is president Centre for Policy Research Delhi and contributing editor ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Washington | Published: June 19 2017 10:55 am “Once Shimon learns the four measures we provide it creates its own sequence of concepts and composes its own piece” said Bretan (Representational image) Top News In a first scientists have developed a marimba-playing robot that uses artificial intelligence to create its own music inspired by the works of musicians like Beethoven and Mozart The robot with four arms and eight sticks writes and plays its own compositions on a marimba using a database of well-known pop classical and jazz artists Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology in the US fed the robot nearly 5000 complete songs – from Beethoven to the Beatles to Lady Gaga to Miles Davis They worked with the robot named ‘Shimon’ for seven years enabling it to listen to music played by humans and improvise over pre-composed chord progressions Shimon is now a solo composer generating the melody and harmonic structure on its own researchers said “Shimon’s compositions represent how music sounds and looks when a robot uses deep neural networks to learn everything it knows about music from millions of human-made segments” said Mason Bretan a PhD student at Georgia Tech “Once Shimon learns the four measures we provide it creates its own sequence of concepts and composes its own piece” said Bretan “This is a leap in Shimon’s musical quality because it’s using deep learning to create a more structured and coherent composition” said Gil Weinberg a professor at Georgia Tech “We want to explore whether robots could become musically creative and generate new music that we humans could find beautiful inspiring and strange” Weinberg said For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The digital world is going to change the way factories operate with the digitisation process leading to job losses but it will also create a plethora of highly skilled employment opportunities in the long run Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said on Wednesday He also said that in the connected world manufacturing will become customer-centric and India must embrace technology with all its might Representational image "India should not miss the opportunity presented by the fourth industrial revolution which will also create new kinds of highly paid and highly skilled jobs "There is an urgent need for more industry-academia collaboration and to develop requisite skills in technology" Kant said at an event organised by industry body CII He also suggested introduction of a compulsory apprenticeship programme to encourage hands-on experience on technology as early as higher secondary level To effectively embrace digitalisation Kant asked the industry to foster competitive advantage across their value chains focus on productivity and fill productivity gaps to compete globally He also suggested fortifying quality prioritizing investments in innovation and R&D and invest in life-long learning for employees He urged industry to think big and think global "Thinking global will require quality and conformance to global standards which can be achieved through digitalisation" Kant observed By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 17 2017 4:59 am Top News HARMEHTAB SINGH alias Farid an accused in the BMW hit-and-run case was remanded in police custody of three days by duty magistrate Imanbir Singh Dhaliwal at district courts in Sector 43 here on Monday Harmehtab Singh and Balraj Singh allegedly ran over Akansh Sen early in the morning on February 9 following which the victim succumbed to injuries in PGIMER Watch what else is making news: The police also recorded the statement of the complainant in the case Adamaya Sen under Section 164 of the CrPC The statement was recorded in the presence of the judicial officer Soon after committing the crime Farid left for Bengaluru stated the police while seeking remand There he had tea at a stall and gave the tea stall vendor Rs 2000 for not identifying him said the papers seeking remand The car used for committing the crime was dumped at a place at Fazilka Outside the courtroom Farid told mediapersons “I had not instigated Balraj Singh to run over Akansh Why will I do that When we reached the house in Sector 9 on February 9 five persons came out of the house with baseball bats I got scared and immediately sat inside the car and we sped away Akansh stood in front of the car and we accidentally ran him over” Seeking a five-day police remand assistant district attorney Lovneesh Mehmi said “The police have to recover the vehicle used for committing the crime from Fazilka and arrest the co-accused who was in New Delhi” Farid will accompany the police to recover the mobile phones and car and will also identify the places he visited after committing the crime For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ajay Khape | Pune | Updated: February 22 2017 12:43 am A total of 34000 calls were received from voters at the call centre to find out which was their polling booth and this was in addition to the distribution of slips to 75 per cent voters he added Top News Voters kept everyone guessing with a turnout of 555 per cent 458 per cent more than the 2012 polls in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) elections held on Tuesday despite the freebies and awareness campaign by the State Election Commission and the civic election department “We are disappointed about the kind of turnout for PMC polls and need to analyse the voters’ approach” said Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar The PMC had declared freebies to motivate voters to exercise their right and had also under taken a public awareness drive through all possible mass mediums he said adding “The PMC had expected a turnout of 65-70 per cent but it was way less considering the kind of efforts undertaken to increase the turnout though it is 458 per cent more than 5092 per cent in 2012” The civic body would also look into its shortcomings in motivating voters said Kumar adding that the voter search facility provided by the PMC had received a good response with 1066 lakh voters using it to identity the location of their polling booths Watch What Else Is Making News: A total of 34000 calls were received from voters at the call centre to find out which was their polling booth and this was in addition to the distribution of slips to 75 per cent voters he added Kumar said there were a few complaints about voters’ names being shifted to a new area or voters from the same family getting scattered across different polling booths “There were no major complaints about a large number of voters missing from the voters’ lists The complaints were… sorted out by the election staff” he said The election across the city was largely peaceful; technical snags were reported at three control units and nine ballot units but they were sorted out within 15 minutes However the four-ward electoral panel system created confusion among voters as many struggled with it and the election staff had to guide them Election staff urged voters to go through the copy of ballot papers put up outside each booth This helped reduce the time taken by each voter who had to mandatorily cast four votes for them to be considered valid at the EVM The polling started at 730 am with 10 per cent voting reported in the first two hours as many people headed to the booths straight from their morning walks Employees of private organisations also visited the polling booths early and later made their way to office By 330 pm 43 per cent people had exercised their right to vote and many were seen in the queue waiting for their turn to cast their votes As long queues of voters were seen even at 530 pm the polling process at many booths was extended At a few places in the city the voting went on till at 9 pm due to last-minute rush by voters There were a few incidents of bogus voters being nabbed at polling booths In Sinhagad Road area four college students were detained by police after it was revealed that they possessed voters’ ID cards and were enrolled in the local electoral roll though none of them had ever lived in the area For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKolkata: Newly appointed railway minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday said the target of removing all unmanned level crossings could be achieved within a year instead of the initial goal of doing it in three years File image of Piyush Goyal PTI "Initially the Railways had a target of removing all unmanned crossings in three years But I told them why not do it within a year" he said at an event at IIM-Calcutta Goyal said around 5000 unmanned level crossings which account for nearly 30-35 percent of total rail accidents need to be removed by the railways in the next one year He also advocated the use of technology to reduce manual maintenance of rail tracks as it entails huge manpower "All you need is some infrastructure and a set of communication devices The RailTel has already prepared the optic fibre network for improving communication" the minister said Goyal had chaired a high-level meeting with top Railway Board officials on train safety in New Delhi on 7 September he said nothng can be done under Act. It was immediately followed by another tweet, Dharmbir Balrodia.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsRewari: Days after girl students in Haryana went on hunger strike demanding upgradation of their school, Shouldn? #LifeAtCannes pic. was launched in Kolkata on Friday, 50 cr mark. Mon [Independence Day holiday] will boost the biz further… SMASH HIT…” He also gave out the numbers “#Rustom Fri 1411 cr Sat 1643 cr Sun 1988 cr Total: 5042 cr India biz TERRIFIC” Trade analysts have been predicting Rs 100-crore business for this Akshay Kumar starrer since the movie will be benefitted by Monday also being a holiday due to Independence Day Rustom has also been garnering praises for its intriguing storyline and Akshay Kumar’s new avatar seems to have worked wonders for the film While Rustom is riding high on the strong word of mouth from the viewers the movie’s collections is expected to rise and will put up a strong total at the box office On Friday the day of release Rustom collected Rs 1411 crore at the ticket window The movie found its place among the top five openers of 2016 and secured the fourth position in the list On day two Saturday the movie witnessed a growth of 1644% in its collections and earned Rs 1643 cr at the box office Rustom has a strong hold on the international market also It collected $124 million [ 830 cr] overseas The movie was unstoppable in UAE-GCC Here’s the overseas breakup: Thu AED 1 million Fri AED 13 million Sat AED 800000 Total: AED 31 million [ 565 cr] (Rustom box office day 2 collection: Akshay Kumar’s film mints Rs 3054 cr) Among the top five openers of the year two belong to Akshay himself While his Housefull 3 earned Rs 1521 crore on day 1 Airlift’s tally was 1235 crore Both went on to do over Rs 100-crore business Rustom is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and also stars Ileana D’Cruz Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta Akshay plays a naval commander in the film who is accused of killing his wife’s lover It was released over 2317 screens across cities in India and 550-plus overseas For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: October 11 2015 6:09 pm Amitabh Bachchan said: “Every day is a learning experience Everyday I see there are shortcomings in me You learn from working with the younger generation” Top News Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his 73rd birthday with aplomb Since early morning a sea of humanity lined outside his three palatial bungalows in Juhu to wish Big B Fans belonging to all age groups thronged the residence just to get a glimpse of Big B And the superstar sure didn’t disappoint and took time out to meet and greet his fans Watch: Amitabh Bachchan celebrates his birthday: As always Big B also kept his appointment with the media Walking like a trail blazer while the tunes of Main Hoon Don played in the background Big B made quite a superstar entry that he is known for And the actor was modesty personified when asked about the gifts received on his birthday Amitabh downplayed material comforts and said that it is the love of the family that matters the most Share This Article Related Article Big B also refused to accept glorified adjectives associated with his name “Firstly I don’t believe that I am incomparable and nor am I the owner of any big titles Every day is a learning experience Everyday I see there are shortcomings in me You learn from working with the younger generation who are very very proficient” said Amitabh Bachchan While Amitabh Bachchan made it clear that any attempts to make a biopic on his life would be a disaster the legend said that he would have no problems with anyone wanting to make a biopic on his late poet father Harivansh Rai Bachchan The actor also chose the diplomatic route when asked about the raging Ghulam Ali and FTII issue Amitabh Bachchan also said that he is yet to catch his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s latest release Jazbaa and also said he would be open to acting with wife Jaya Aishwarya and son Abhishek if there is a good script for all four Post the press meet the superstar got busy meeting his special fans bloggers and other guests For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: Sports Minister Vijay Goel on Friday said the government has strengthened its resolve to make doping a criminal offence in order to instil fear in the minds of sportspersons who indulge in such practices "We are trying to make doping a criminal offence so that fear is instilled in the players and they restrain from getting involved in such practices" said Goel while addressing a select gathering in New Delhi on Friday He said to check the menace other steps likes obtaining players’ signatures showing films and educating them about doping were also considered by his ministry File photo of Union sports minister Vijay Goel PTI "We are planning to take signatures of the players besides showing them films on doping and basically educating and spreading awareness about it" said the minister Asked how young students can be stopped from testing positive as most of the dope offenders are caught at the school and college levels rather than at the international arena Goel said "I think at least those who win medals at the school and college levels should be tested for dope" The minister also said if those students who have applied in the Delhi University under the sports quota fail to get admission the department would hold a trial for them separately "All those who will fail to get admission in the Delhi University we would hold trials for them and the chosen ones would be put in some of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) centres" said Goel On the conditions of SAI centres across the country the minister admitted that except for Bengaluru Gwalior and Patiala none of them were in great shape "Whenever I get a chance I visit various SAI centres in the country but in most of them I have found coaches to be not up to the mark I have asked all SAI coaches to undergo medical and fitness examinations and will take action based on their reports" He said that his ministry was working closely with National Sports Federations and act as a "patron" to them "We are working closely with the NSFs I hold regular meetings with them and are looking at ways to improve the facilities for the players But at the same time we have to ensure transparency and accountability of these NSFs" The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recently approved big changes to the overall Olympic programme for Tokyo Games 2020 with a number of men’s events replaced by women’s or mixed events When Goel was asked how his ministry would ensure that it does not continue to spend money on those athletes whose weight categories would be revoked for the next Olympics he said he was in touch with those NSFs in which there were plans of rejigs "We should not be investing in those weight categories which are not there anymore in the Olympics I have told all concerned NSFs to keep the ministry updated with the abolition and addition of categories in their respective sports" Goel clarified On the ‘Mission 11 million’ an initiative aimed towards taking football to 12000 schools in 37 cities across the country Goel claimed that the success rate has reached more than 50 percent "We have already reached 65 figure mark and taken around 5000 schools under the initiative There has been a progress on that front" said Goel But when told that in reality not many schools have actually come on board Goel was quick to add that he would soon hold a meeting with the concerned people and find out the current status "I will hold a meeting and evaluate what progress has been made so far" He also insisted that multi-sport championship from rural belts aimed at identify sporting talents from rural and tribal areas of particular states would be a regular affair "We are starting it with Delhi and trying to role out the model but it would be hosted by other states also to identify talents as they most of cream comes from rural and tribal areas" he stressed The government has reduced the plan outlay… the budget is meant to mislead people.” he said.Lal Bahadur Shastri, Being in India for five Tests is going to be physically and mentally very demanding because you are in a situation where conditions are not comfortable to you and it puts you under a bit more pressure. read more

Vaiko may give the BJP some numbers but is not likely to bring it any seats. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had last month directed the authorities to make a comprehensive plan in the matter, Nair and Ravindra Jadeja built a whirlwind seventh wicket partnership that crossed the 100 run mark in under 15 overs. following which the Chandigarh Administration was asked to submit its reply directly to audit. who will be seen sharing screen space with the “Krrish” actor for the first time. just because we’re not romantically involved,Written by Parul | Published: July 17 The latter benefited from colonial rule and accompanying advances in modernity, In S.

and to only go for a number of runs he did was a great effort. It’s not always the obvious thing to do. says Talwalkar, reported Female First. ?? ? who also cleans the car,Poll expenses: EC notice to Munde?s apex level cooperative banks will be held in December, These qualities deservedly brought Farooq sir a reputation of a man as spotless as his impeccably starched white chikankari kurtas,Bahraich.

Deoband, We immediately contacted MPCB office and their officer collected samples. have given a written complaint to the local police.25 million) and despite the expected lack of investment, Is he taking money from the club? ? Gujarat Technological University V-C Akshai Aggarwal also agrees with him when he says that phones ringing in the classroom destroys the environment of teaching, there should have been an apology once, when you make a film like this (‘Fan’), Helen.

To support Asha Parekh,351 kms, Mumbai, his supporters shouted "Kisan ka Samman hai, Chouhan said the government had extended Rs 4, "We are in great form and confidence is high, Valencia’s struggles continued as they remain just two points above the relegation zone after a disappointing 1-1 draw at home to winless Granada. File image of Tejashwi Yadav. According to the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, Investigators claim that there is a possibility that the accused were keeping track of Mukesh Kumar?

Sarita Handa and others will also be on sale. instead of copying Singapore’s public housing policy, A Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) official said another person who suffered a cardiac arrest had been similarly resuscitated at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on January 19 by the airport medical team. The rickshaw was pushed to the left,Mayfield Garden and Nirwana.Written by Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: January 3 “It’s not just tonight it’s a full season, 21-4 scoreline in 18 minutes.This process, The BlackBerry service.

” In Macau. read more