“I manufacture freedom for women”

first_imgJESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA (DIARIO AS) “I manufacture freedom for women,” says Eman Joharjy while looking with mother’s eyes a garment on the table of the sewing workshop of his shop. It is a kind of long-sleeved hooded jumpsuit that came out of his head in 2007. And of your need. “I always liked doing sports on the street, but with a normal abaya (black dress to the feet) it was impossible for me“. Running, the bike. Then an adaptation was invented. Respecting Saudi rules but comfortable, allowing him to do sports on the street, blue and not black. He had just been born The sports abaya. The garment that Eman looks at. Today He lives from his production and has seven employees.“In 2007, when I started, it was impossible to go outside to run without a abaya. Now there is a greater margin to dress. “ For three years, with Prince Mohamed Bin Salam. Of his hand The country is opening towards what is Doha, United Arab Emirates. If football has mixed women and men in the stadium in this Super Cup, since 2018 they can drive and, since December, segregated entries are not mandatory, although in many places they remain and 11 activists, Amnesty International denounces, remain in jail for defending the rights of Saudi women. Eman tries to do it from clothes, his shop, sports. Dressed completely western, drives a large gray car, puts the heart to each of the abayas that have followed that first of 2007. “Women love it. They love it!”. Account that there are photographers who buy them in Jeddah because it gives them freedom of movement at work He says there are mothers who ask them to run after their children. Note every day more demand. “I have offered women a way to live a normal active life.” Be sporty “And there is more and more that run down the street.” The garments do not lack details. Helmet and mobile pockets, reflective at night, cycling model, fabric dry fit. Black and blue, green and gray. They are sewn by men, she designs and sells them. They cost 500 riyales (€ 125) and are sold in Jeddah, Riyadh, Mecca and on-line. And every day they look more like women at the wheel.last_img read more

Rüstü’s wife explains how the coronavirus is affecting her

first_imgIsil Reçber, the wife of the former Turkish soccer player who played in the Barcelona, Rüstü Reçber, explained through Instagram what is the status of her husband, whose condition has gone from severe to stable due to the coronavirus: “The past 72 hours have been difficult and I hope we will improve. Thank you infinitely to everyone who is with us.” The woman who was a doorman has explained step by step the symptoms she has had, explaining that she has never seen anything like this: “This is the battle of a living being against a virus that has changed in size and does not know the human body. Do not try to see the symptoms as in a normal cold because you will waste time. As with everything, detecting it early is very important. It does not stay in the throat and nose for days, but moves quickly to other places. It settles quickly in the lungs, multiplies and pneumonia begins. So the first 72 hours are very critical. Rustu had a fever for days and hours like malaria. Strange symptoms that have never been experienced or seen before. Lips and skin turn gray, you breathe fast, you have trouble breathing, an endless cough, an irregular pulse, and you don’t speak. Maybe You may not like it, but this is what we experience step by step. They are my observations. “Finally, Isil asked people to remain calm despite the health authorities being overwhelmed: “The media is raising awareness, but unfortunately the hospitals are full. Everyone has a family and everyone is a person. Stay calm and stay home.”last_img read more

Are Reasons for the Mo Ibrahim Award to Former President Sirleaf the Reality on…

first_imgThe Mo Ibrahim Award for African Leadership/Governance for 2018 has been given to former Liberian and first female African President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.The former Liberian President is the fifth to receive the US$5 million prize award on the African Continent since it was established in 2007.  Other recipients have been Joaquim Chissano, former President of Mozambique; Festus Mogae, former President of Botswana; Pedro Verona Pires, former President of Cape Verde; and Hifikipunye Pohamba, former President of Namibia.The Mo Ibrahim Prize, according to its objective, is meant to recognize and celebrate African leaders, who have developed their countries, lifted people out of poverty and paved the way for sustainable and equitable prosperity.  It also highlights exceptional role models for the continent and ensures that Africa continues to benefit from the experience and expertise of exceptional leaders when they leave national office, by enabling them to continue in other public roles on the continent.Criteria for the Mo Ibrahim Prize dictate that one must be a former African Executive Head of State or Government, must have left office in the last three years; democratically elected, served his/her constitutionally mandated term, and demonstrated exceptional leadership.In compliance with their goals and criteria, a member of the vetting committee, speaking on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Sunday night, said President Sirleaf took over a failed state and maintained peace there for 12 years.  The committee member went further to say that the former President rebuilt a war-ravished country and led the process to reconciliation, served her terms within the confines of the Liberian Constitution and fought the Ebola virus without having to go anywhere.But are reasons stated by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation for awarding the US$5 million prize to former President Sirleaf the reality on the ground?The President, in her final State of the Nation Address in January  2017, admitted that she had failed to reconcile Liberians following years of war.  This statement reflects her failure to implement the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Final Report.  How will Mo Ibrahim reconcile the former President’s failure to reconcile Liberians with a statement that she led a process of reconciliation?For completing her constitutionally mandated term, Mo Ibrahim Foundation would not worry since the Liberian Constitution gives two terms to a sitting President.  The question that remains is whether or not the Mo Ibrahim Foundation cares about morality in its judgment in granting the prize to a former President.  President Sirleaf before taking over in 2006 promised to go for only one term, but prior to completing her first term; she twisted the tongue to two terms.It was during the second term that corruption and nepotism rose to the highest peak in Liberia; with the President’s son, Robert Sirleaf, placed over one of Liberia’s most lucrative entities, the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).  There he emptied the coffers of the company causing the country to lose tens of millions — some say hundreds of millions — of US dollars.  President Sirleaf then exited him from NOCAL, praising him for his work there but later, when the truth of NOCAL having gone bankrupt emerged, she said she took responsibility for her son’s actions and left the matter unresolved.She again admitted in that same last State of the Nation Address that she had failed to fight corruption, as promised in her 2006 Inaugural Address.  Corruption, nepotism, and continued marginalization of Liberians in their own economy were some of the factors that led to Liberia’s 14-year civil war, and most, if not all, of what led to the war was repeated by the Sirleaf Administration. What then, is the “exceptional leadership” Mo Ibrahim will dwell on to award its prize to former President Sirleaf?Another objective of the prize is to see a leader lifting his/her citizens out of poverty.  Here in Liberia, poverty is made manifest not only about the tens of thousands of people, especially young people between the ages of five to 25-40, roaming the street without food, proper healthcare, shelter or proper upbringing; it is also about thousands of Liberian youth without solid education, left to experience one of the worst forms of poverty, poverty of the mind.In addition to her dismal failure to empower Liberians to control their own economy, the former President admitted that Liberian education was “in a mess,” which she did little or nothing to improve up to her departure from office.As current reality shows, the President left the country in complete economic shambles; huge internal and external debts, a woefully depreciating local currency and a bankrupt economy, to quote her successor, President George Weah, an economy that is “broke.”Furthermore, the peaceful transition of power as underscored by Mo Ibrahim in its criteria could be challenged.  The electoral process leading to the transition began with confusion where she compromised the Constitution and appointed an Election Commissioner with a questionable citizenship.The entire election process was marred by fraud and irregularities, leading Counselor Charles W. Brumskine and others to challenge them in the Supreme Court.  Had Brumskine and others not taken a civil approach to challenge the results in the Supreme Court, we doubt whether there would have been a peaceful transition.If the credit of sustaining peace should properly be attributed, it should go first to God Almighty and second, to Liberians who resolved to maintain peace and harmony.We laud the Mo Ibrahim Foundation for this motivating award that helps some African leaders to be guided by their constitutional mandate.We are also appreciative of the Foundation’s selection of our former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but we believe it would have been fairer had she been awarded the prize for being the first elected female African President who broke the glass ceiling.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

NDC Chairmen call out REO for disparaging remarks

first_img“Several roads cannot be fixed, community grounds slashed and drains cleaned because of one person: the REO, Ovid Morrison.” This is according Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairman Khrisna Sewlall, who was responding to statements made by Regional Executive Officer of Region 5, Ovid Morrison, that officials in Region 5 (Mahaica/Berbice) have been stymieing development there.Bath-Woodley Park NDCChairman Khrisna SewlallAccording to Morrison, some NDC leaders are deliberately withholding reporting on issues in some communities, and that is usually due to their political bias, and because they are putting politics ahead of their own community development. He, however, said the problem is fortunately not widespread.However, his disparaging remarks about the NDC heads did not sit well with several of those chairmen, and they have called out the REO for accusing regional officials of putting politics before development.Following the accusations, which were made public on Monday, two NDC Chairman have responded by saying that this same REO has been stifling development in their NDCs.Rosignol-Zee Lust NDCChairman Ramnauth PooranChairman of the Bath/Woodley Park NDC, Khrisna Sewlall, told this publication that officials from the NDC have to make an appointment before they are able to discuss issues with the REO in order to get projects going, and he is often unavailable to speak with them.According to Sewlall they were recently told that they have to wait six weeks before the REO can fit them in on his schedule.Similar sentiments were shared by Chairman of the Rosignol/Zee Lust NDC, Ramnauth Pooran, who told this publication that the NDC is waiting on the REO to sign vouchers for their 2018 work programme.According to Sewlall, the NDC’s major concern is that it cannot get to execute projects on a timely basis. “After having approved these projects at the statutory meeting of the Bath/Woodley Park NDC, cheques are written and vouchers are prepared to purchase materials, but the vouchers would have to be endorsed by the Local Government Department of the Regional Democratic Council, especially the REO,” he said.He explained that, in some instances, it would take weeks for that to be done.“I have to make an appointment to see the REO in order to get these vouchers approved. This is one of the reasons why our projects are being delayed. One of the reasons, one of the concerns, is that after having submitted our proposed work programme for 2019, specifically for work done with the subvention, we have to wait for long periods.”Sewlall said the major project the NDC had had in its 2019 budget was to rehabilitate Saga Street at Bath Settlement.“Now we are in the month of August, and that street is in a deplorable state and we haven’t got any feedback from the engineering department nor the Local Government Department. We are frustrated,” he said.The NDC chairman also referred to President David Granger’s claims of empowering the local arms of Government.“Right now we feel that there is no need for an NDC, because the REO does what he wants to do with our Council. Our projects are at a standstill… This is frustrating. If we want to purchase material to repair a bridge, we have to take the quotation to the REO, and he will choose whoever he wants to purchase from, then we will prepare the vouchers; and we have to take it back again to him before cheques can be written. Democracy at the RDC is frustrating.”According to this NDC chairman, in excess of $6 million is sitting in the NDCs bank account after residents would have struggled to pay their taxes. However, the NDCs hands are tied and it cannot provide the needed development to those residents. The chairman blames the REO for this state of affairs.According to the Chairman, six weeks have passed and the NDC has not been able to meet with the REO for him to look at some vouchers which were prepared by the NDC in order for projects to be executed.Meanwhile, a correspondence from the Ministry of Communities to the NDC in the month of May indicated that $2.5 million was approved for the NDC to carry out its work programme, but according to Sewlall, the NDC is yet to receive the money.last_img read more

Teen killed in Essequibo Coast accident

first_imgNineteen-year-old Rajendra Anauge of Section ‘B’ Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast was killed on Friday evening after he was struck down by an allegedly drunken driver.According to the Guyana Police Force, the accident occurred at about 18:40h on the Onderneeming Public Road.Investigations revealed that motor car PSS 7038, driven by a 23-year-old suspect, was proceeding north along the western carriageway of the road reportedly at a fast rate of speed; and as the driver tried to negotiate a right turn, he lost control of the vehicle and collided with the teenage pedestrian.Picked up and rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital in an unconscious state, the pedestrian later succumbed to his injuries.The 23-year-old driver, a resident of Suddie Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast, failed a breathalyzer test and has since been taken into Police custody to assist with the investigation.A post-mortem examination on the body of 19-year-old Anauge is scheduled for next week.last_img read more

Fire destroys house on Cecil Lake Road

first_imgPhoto:  Other Cecil Lake residents tried to make sure the fire didn’t spread – Brent Hodson/Energeticcity.ca Photo:  This is all that’s left after a fire Wednesday afternoon – Brent Hodson/Energeticcity.ca – Advertisement -By Brent HodsonA fire out on the Cecil Lake Road has destroyed a home.The Fort St. John RCMP were on scene as a house at a rural property between the 245 road and 247 road burned completely down. Since the property is out of the Fort St. John fire protection area, the Fire Department did not attend.Local residents were on hand with water trucks to help extinquish the blaze and ensure the fire did not spread to another building beside it. The 40 to 60 km/h winds did help spread the fire into a nearby field but it was quickly put out.RCMP have confirmed that no one was in the house at the time of the fire and that the cause of the blaze is still unknown.Advertisementlast_img read more

Matano Beats Muluya to SJAK coach award

first_img0Shares0000Tusker FC coach Robert Matano receives the coach of the month award from Fidelity Insurance Marketing and Business Development Manager Nicholas Malesi. PHOTO/Erick BarazaNAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 4 – Tusker FC tactician Robert Matano has beaten Kariobangi Sharks boss William Muluya to claim the September/October Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) Fidelity Insurance Kenyan Premier League coach of the month award.Matano led Tusker to an unbeaten run of five games in those two months, winning four games and drawing one enroute to finishing third in the standings. “I did not know that I would get this award but it makes me very happy. It may have delayed but it sure is a timely booster as we go into the new season.”“‘m grateful to my players who worked hard and I want to urge them to work harder and pick the players’ award as the season begins,” Matano said after picking the award at the club’s training ground in Ruaraka on Tuesday morning.Matano picked up the team when they were dangling deep in the bottom half of the standings, and his astute coaching style saw them rise all the way to third.Tusker FC coach Robert Matano with the September/October 2018 coach of the month award. PHOTO/Erick BarazaIn the homestretch of the just concluded season, Tusker began September with a 2-0 win over Thika United before fighting to a 2-2 draw with Mathare United at Ruaraka.From then, they registered three straight wins, demolishing AFC Leopards 4-0 in Machakos, beating Nzoia Sugar 1-0 in Bungoma and winding up their month and season with a 1-0 win over champions Gor Mahia.Matano who joined Tusker from AFC Leopards in April becomes the eighth recipient of the accolade this year after Francis Kimanzi, Dennis Kitambi, Sammy Okoth, Anthony Mwangi, Dylan Kerr, Patrick Odhiambo and Bernard Mwalala.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

‘RIP Robbie Savage but I still hate John Terry’

first_imgChelsea captain John Terry has completely mugged off Robbie Savage in a Champions League press conference.The Champions League trophy-lifting, full kit-wearing star said: “I’ve come under criticism, individually, from certain players and individuals, players I’ve looked up to and played alongside. I’ve taken that on the chin: Rio, Carra, Neville, the very best I’ve come up against in the game. I take that on the chin.“When others speak, maybe I don’t take it on the chin. When players have not had a career, played at a really bad level in their career … Robbie Savage being one. He’s dug me out a couple of times.“You take it as a footballer, as an individual. I’ll take it from the Rios, Carraghers and Neville. All day long. From others? Nah.”Here’s a selection of the reaction on social media. Robbie Savage 1last_img read more

Liverpool transfer boost! Summer target Filip Kostic snubs new Stuttgart deal

first_imgLiverpool have been put on alert after Filip Kostic cast doubt over his future by snubbing a new contract with Stuttgart.The Reds have scouted the 23-year-old winger on several occasions this season with a view to making a summer bid and a move now looks more likely after he rejected fresh terms.Kostic has made it clear to Stuttgart he wants to play in European competition next season and has attracted interest Borussia Dortmund, Schalke and Wolfsburg.But, according to Bild, Kostic would be open to a move to the Premier League and Liverpool are leading the chase for him.However, the Merseyside club will have to pay a fee of around £24million for the Serbian. Liverpool target Filip Kostic 1last_img read more

Let the superstar Games begin

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGift Box shows no rust in San Antonio Stakes win at Santa Anita LeBron James and Kobe Bryant on the same team in 2008? Relax, Lakers fans. It’s not what you think. James and Bryant might be teammates in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. At least that’s what James was hinting at when he and the Cleveland Cavaliers kicked off a six-game trip Thursday night at Staples Center. “It’s looking pretty positive right now,” James said. This comes as welcome news to USA Basketball, which has been holding its breath about a James commitment after his disastrous experience at the 2004 Games in Athens. If you remember, USA slumped to a bronze medal, and James chafed at the diss job Larry Brown did on him by playing him just 12 minutes a game. James took his anger out on Brown by dropping 40 points on Brown’s Pistons the next time he played against him, but until recently he only showed lukewarm interest in potentially putting himself through a similar experience in Beijing. He’s expected to meet with Team USA director Jerry Colangelo this weekend in Phoenix, and if all goes well, an announcement about his official commitment could come soon. If so, he and Bryant will play on the same team for the first time, a tantalizing thought for basketball fans curious about how effective a James-Bryant tandem can be. James sounded confident he and Bryant could share the spotlight, not to mention the ball. “I can play with anybody,” James said. “You know me, I don’t mind playing with anybody in this league or in this world. And if you ask him if he thinks he could play with me, he’ll say the same exact thing.” James’ traveling circus hit Los Angeles pretty hard this week, and judging by the crowd of reporters at his locker inside Staples Center, he’s quickly developing into one of the league’s most interesting subjects. Aside from dropping the hint about the Olympics, he didn’t necessarily say anything noteworthy, but the fact he was actually talking 90 minutes before taking the floor against the Lakers was news in itself. The NBA opens locker-room doors to media members for 45 minutes before each game, giving reporters a chance to fill out their daily notebooks. In theory, it’s a great idea. In practice, it’s become a ritual in absurdity, as media members mostly chat among themselves as players conveniently retreat to the inner sanctuary of the players-only lounges. Either that, or they just decline any interview requests until after the game. So it was refreshing – and surprising – to see one of the biggest stars of all sharing his thoughts with reporters before Thursday’s game. James seems to have embraced his responsibility as the league’s next great superstar with a grace and willingness not seen since Michael Jordan left the game. A steady stream of would-be MJs have been paraded up to the stage over the years, but something always seemed to sabotage the passing of the torch. Injuries derailed Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill. Vince Carter’s overall game never resonated and Tracy McGrady hasn’t found the right team or situation to properly present his talents. Bryant was as close to as Jordan as anyone, at least on the court. But off-court issues and the war of wills he waged with Phil Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal did major damage to his image. Along comes James, who’s got the game and The personality to make it work. “I’m just being myself,” James said. “I’m just waking up every morning not taking any of this for granted and just appreciating the fact I get to play basketball every single day.” Of course, he still has a ways to go on the court, as he learned on Thursday when Bryant torched him for three straight jumpers over the final 90 seconds to give the Lakers a 99-98 win. James had a chance to win the game with a last-second shot, but he came up short by inches with Bryant draped all over him. James has yet to hit a game-winning shot in the NBA, one of the few individual feats he’s yet to accomplish in his young pro career. “I dream of those moments, being down one with the ball in my hands. But in the dream in works out differently,” James said afterward. “But I’m going to get more opportunities like that and hopefully make the most out of them.” Judging by the fun Bryant and James had playing against each other on Thursday, it would be fascinating to see them as Olympic teammates. “When you have those two on the floor, just their charisma alone creates an energy that can’t be matched,” Cleveland coach Mike Brown said. Big words:It was only a six-word sentence, but considering the source, it was one of the greatest compliments ever paid to New York point guard Stephon Marbury. “He’s playing like a point guard,” Knicks coach Larry Brown said this week. Brown, a noted purist when it comes to his point guards, has tried all year to get the notoriously free-shooting Marbury to curtail his game in favor of a more team-friendly approach. Marbury is finally making the adjustments over the last two weeks. As a result, the Knicks won four straight games, with Marbury leading the way with his passing, defense and – yes – scoring. “We have a lot of guys that are playing at a very high level, and it really starts with Stephon,” Brown told The New York Times. “He’s been great.” It’s a remarkable turnaround, considering Brown was criticizing Marbury just three weeks ago and Marbury was practically begging to move to shooting guard earlier this season. “I’m learning about him,” Brown said. “I’d rather raise the bar for my players than lower it. I’m learning what he can do. And I think the sky is the limit for him, because he does want to do what’s right.” Circus atmosphere: James wasn’t the only one-man show to hit L.A. on Thursday. Embattled Indiana star Ron Artest watched the Kobe-LeBron battle while sitting one row off the court at Staples. Aside from a short interview he granted TNT’s Cheryl Miller, he declined all other media requests, but he didn’t mind interacting with Lakers fans expressing their desire for an Artest trade to the Lakers. Artest seemed open to the idea, continually giving fans the thumbs-up sign. Bryant seems to be cool with the idea, too. “I love Ron,” Bryant said. “I’ve known Ron for a long, long time. Me and (Lamar Odom) both have known him a long time. So, would it be fun to play with him? Absolutely.” The T.O. effect: NBA teams are taking a page out of the Philadelphia Eagles’ playbook this year by suspending players who become a distraction. Ruben Patterson was the first to get the T.O treatment earlier this year when the Portland Trail Blazers sent him home from an East coast trip after he berated coach Nate McMillan during a game. Patterson is back with the Blazers, but not after a lengthy stint on the inactive list. Artest still hasn’t played after he challenged the Indiana Pacers to trade him last month, serving out his final days as a Pacer on the inactive list. Now comes Orlando’s Steve Francis, whose refusal to re-enter a blowout loss against Seattle on Wednesday resulted in an indefinite suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. Francis’ refusal to enter the game was the last straw for the frustrated Magic, which is tired of Francis’ crybaby act. He hasn’t played hard in weeks, and has complained openly about the team’s offense. Orlando assistant general manager Otis Smith and Magic coach Brian Hill have sat Francis down on numerous occasions this year, trying to get him to play harder, if not better, but they haven’t cracked through yet. About all Smith can get out of Francis is that he’s “thinking too much (out on the floor).” Vincent Bonsignore covers the NBA for the Daily News. He can be reached at vincent.bonsignore@dailynews.com. RAIL STUFF CHANGE FOR THE GOOD Desperate to get his team back on the right track, Washington coach Eddie Jordan benched long-time starters Brendan Haywood and Antawn Jamison in favor of Calvin Booth and Michael Ruffin this week. The Wizards responded with a 103-72 win over the Hawks, with Jamison and Haywood combining for 23 points off the bench. In all, Washington got 59 points off its bench, including a season-high 15 from rookie Donell Taylor. “The rook did (well),” former Grant High of Van Nuys star and Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas said of Taylor, a first-year player out of Alabama-Birmingham. “He came out and was confident. His shot was good; he got to the lane and did what he does in practice. (Jordan) let him play through mistakes early (in the season) and his confidence is high now.” K.G. KEEPS ROLLING Kevin Garnett recorded his 500th career double-double on Wednesday with 28 points and 14 rebounds in a 99-93 win over Chicago. Garnett, who’s trying to get Minnesota back to the playoffs, trails only Shaquille O’Neal (640) in double-doubles among active players. EASY ANSWER Philadelphia star Allen Iverson almost seemed surprised by the question. “How many of my (four scoring titles would I trade for the championship rings) Kobe Bryant has?” Iverson said, just to make sure he heard correctly. “Man,” he continued. “Every single one of them. Winning a championship is all I care about. That’s all I play for.” It’s an interesting turn for Iverson, who said he cherished his first scoring title. “I cried,” he said. ACTION JACKSON Cleveland second-year forward Luke Jackson might have earned himself more playing time by coming off the bench to make three big 3-pointers against the Lakers on Thursday. The mop-topped former Oregon star has been buried on the bench most of the season, falling out of favor with coaches after continually turning the ball over during his brief playing time. “He’d have quick turnovers, not just one … and it just didn’t seem like he was comfortable in the offense,” Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said. But even Brown was impressed with the former first-round pick’s showing Thursday. “He’s got to be rewarded (with more time)” Jones said. “And that’s (my) job to make sure.” FIVE QUESTIONS WITH DAMON JONES Cleveland guard Damon Jones is playing in his first season with the Cavaliers after playing last season in Miami. He’s not only one of the league’s top long-range shooters, he’s also one of its most entertaining personalities. He sat down when the Cavaliers visited Los Angeles this week and answered five pertinent questions. Q: You seem to be a pretty funny guy. Any chance we can see you performing at a Comedy Store? A: Man, I just like to have fun. I wouldn’t do it for a job because that’s too hard. Too much hard work. Q: What about acting? A: I’ve definitely thought about that, being an actor. Maybe after all the air goes out of basketball for me, I’ll look into that. Q: Stage, TV? A: Maybe grace the big screen. Cruise over to Paramount or Disney. Q: Any roles you’d like to play? A: I can play a couple of different roles. I can be serious. I can be funny. I can throw in a little drama if you want it. Q: If there’s one actor in what role, what would it be? A: Jamie Foxx is my favorite and he’s done a great job in some very serious roles. The Ray Charles movie was a great performance. Not knowing Ray Charles myself, I felt I knew who Ray Charles was after that movie was over. -Vincent Bonsignore 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more