essence: from 4 last year, 5 L-carnitine station group, love Shanghai station group suffered bullying, all stations all stations software emerge in an endless stream, bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Of course, this is not love Shanghai style, I can let you play, so quickly after adjustment nonsense. Reduce the weight of the chain points, high weight chain plus still cattle X. Low power chain points reduced, a short time can not lead to new weight lifting weights, and influence the love of spiders in Shanghai every day and Shanghai day love crawling the upper limit of the number of pages included in the upper limit of the number of. So, garbage stations love Shanghai not included or included less low weights of the domain name is the essence of love Shanghai spider love Shanghai and limit the number of low limit low included page number. read more

fourth, the use of a

Er all know that the search engine results page will repeat and repeat domain filtering, so when you encounter negative information, first try to search engine website conspicuous show off, the most direct way is to contact QQ and telephone contact, finally gave him a lawyer’s letter. If there is no fix, so had to use technical means.

when you find a negative article, know that the Internet is widespread, so you have to look at how much the same. If many, dozens of hundreds of articles, so that the negative article has a long history, if you go to pay this fee will be deleted, not low, but increasingly complex may lead to negative results, the reason you know. If not, you can consider. read more

tag function to increase the content of internal correlation website links to the website of the internal links play a role in optimization, ranking the web page link is compact, even if the page will also have a good number of links, the number of links are from the station to the. The search engine in the website is down URL’s website to all of the pages included, if there is no internal links these coordination, the included page number is not very ideal, in fact, its role is to summarize the relevant articles, form a good Sitelinks form help included and page ranking. read more

We now have The concept of

sum up, still have no content of depressed webmaster friends refers to the way, play to their potential, don’t always think about things that no one else is original, it will suffer a lot of online resources, the key lies in the Chinese good and bad. If there is no content, but it will not change. No power edit webmaster Friends >

some people say that the original thing itself is not the Internet things, he said that the. Who knows. There is only one problem we often have a headache, occasionally write a two article original simple, but more. Indeed for many webmaster feel powerless, one time, and the energy problem. Especially for new sites, in the premise of not updating weight under the original high weight station is often reproduced. A lot of friends every day in the site for the content of the original Xiangponaodai, back to the topic of this article is original and pseudo between errors in understanding, some people say is pseudo the others make only superficial changes. After my long time test and actual observation, the original is false. Why do you say, I listen to reason the way. Believe it or not, don’t spit, don’t hit. Only represent personal views and feel the top, not waste a few minutes when the right eye. read more

The This new

but one thing is for sure, this function is the most representative of the users are most concerned about the content, if you want to get a stable ranking website or want to love you, then the Shanghai know there that the best content also appears in your website, because it represents the core of the current demand. In order to grasp the core of the site only to the needs of customers to win in the search engine. The contents of the article by Keyi fume purifier as original analysis 贵族宝贝keyisb贵族宝贝/, please indicate the source, thank you. read more

(3), the recent emergence of Web site keywords stack phenomenon.

Check the cause

when we identify the reasons for specific problems is to find a solution to the specific. This small side summed up some concrete measures:

(4), the website Links problems by garbage Links effect.

website snapshot lag is undoubtedly love Shanghai because of love of Shanghai greatly reduced the website of the friendly, friendly and falling in love with sea to reduce the degree of reason is undoubtedly the following: read more

, a user needs first, with the content of high quality user feedback

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of the website, there is often a misunderstanding, is to optimize the user experience and search engine completely in opposition, that if the search engine optimization effect on the user experience will be affected, in order to get the best optimization effect, need all around the search engine, to love Shanghai baby or noble preferences as all the highest order optimization, and put the user experience in the position of little importance. In fact, this approach is too extreme, easily lead to eventual loss of website the most core competitiveness and the value of the target users, this kind of thought not at the actual process of Shanghai dragon. read more

! The following

;     2, < meta name=" keywords" content=" academic, worry free network " >       3, < meta name=" keywords" content="; academic, worry free network " />       4, < meta name=" Keywords" content=" academic, worry free network " />

name is this property is the use of capital. Remember a law, can try to lowercase lowercase, you must not suffer.

    1, < META name=" keywords" content=" academic, worry free network " > read more

two: from the content on the website


four: from the interaction with the visitors to

in addition to a visitor attraction of the content, you also need a clear path to your visitors can quickly find the content they want. You can start from your site navigation station, the visitor’s point of view, to see what the access path will look uncomfortable, then make the corresponding adjustment, the key is not to let your users through the three directory to find what you want.

if you can have a positive interaction with you if you believe the visitors, visitors will go back to come to your site. There is, in this respect, you can actively participate in the comments or positive reply to your visitor message, if you are using the WordPress website, I suggest you use this plugin comments subscription through the plugin on your site as long as there are people in the above message, you can receive mail notice that. read more


first I say what is valid and invalid keyword keyword! The key words is that we usually optimize the site keywords, the customer through the search engine keyword can accurately open to query website. Keywords such as Suzhou indoor environment network is the "Suzhou indoor environment testing" we search "Suzhou indoor environment testing" search engine will automatically search to our website in Shanghai or GG! Such words we call it "the key words"

so what is called "invalid keyword"? I think many owners encounter such a situation in the background is not a goal! Some customers search keywords but it can be found on our website to buy our goods. Another example is that the Suzhou indoor environment! Keywords "Suzhou indoor environment testing" sometimes we can find some customers through the background, he is not directly search "Suzhou indoor environment testing" the keywords to find the door! "But where can we find the Suzhou search for baby hair" and the "Suzhou where! Can the baby hair cut is invalid because it" keywords and our website theme has nothing to me. read more

two: the answer don’t modify

now the chain of high quality is more and more difficult to do, sometimes money can do well, even just done today, tomorrow is deleted, which has become the bottleneck of the development of the website, but I found that in fact the chain as long as the society for an idea, often there will be unexpected harvest. Where do the chain in the Q & a platform is the case, for example, Search ask, love Shanghai know, question and so on! Here I come to the summary of four break the quiz platform chain construction method read more

here has two meanings, one meaning of the same channel "wide", such as the familiar Shanghai Longfeng forum, in fact, hard to find to find, hundreds of Shanghai dragon related forum is not a problem, if every Shanghai dragon forum have your old account, if you do the Shanghai dragon second words, the meaning is different channel "wide", refers to a variety of chain channels are taken into account, such as the first paragraph of the chain channels, you can do it again every day? A lot of Shanghai Dragon Master also recently stressed the breadth of the chain, because the chain do extensive, one is can introduce spiders from different channels to two, it can prevent the love Shanghai update, the chain of large-scale loss. The egg is placed in a basket or a dangerous drop: read more

optimization efforts hold very key


timely processing of website security work

website is the webmaster efforts and pay the crystallization of the site security is based website operation, so the optimization of the webmaster not every day in the site to do a website, the website security and backup work every day should be in place, especially the site backup, this is actually very common, but does have a lot of security and prevention awareness the owners tend to ignore this. Once the site was linked to horse or being hung black after a link can not be timely remedy to the website, this is the biggest threat to web site right down. In fact, every day we will spare some time to look at the site by site backup than a horse or was black and then save better, but also can reduce unnecessary trouble. read more

I recently read a widespread article "website construction company does not make money" deep feeling, he also experienced several small website construction company from business failure experience, have been pondering why part of Huaian website construction company was struggling. The author is not in first-tier cities large site construction company employment experience, there is no original author on the global level, this paper will explain to the author of several small companies failed to bring some thoughts and experience, I hope useful for everyone. read more

is currently in Tianshan talent network has the following several aspects:

1, with the central work conference held in Xinjiang, the state will introduce a series of major decisions and plans to achieve leapfrog development in Xinjiang. Can be expected to have a large number of major projects related to people’s life started, it has brought great opportunities for our recruitment work.

1, two web site partition chaos. Under the jurisdiction of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region: 2 cities (Urumqi and Karamay), 7 regions (Aletai Akesu Turpan Tacheng Kashi, Hotan, Hami area, area, area, area, area), 5 autonomous prefecture (Yili, Bortala, Changji, Bayinguoleng, Kezilesu); 11 municipal districts, 19 county-level cities, 62 counties and 6 autonomous counties. If in accordance with the classification method of normal words, Xinjiang should be divided into 14 grade two sites, and we two sites for 16, more than two by the county-level city management Corps (Shihezi, Wujiaqu), and the county-level city do not have to declare the county level qualification. The form of confusion. read more

users to search the "rival site of Shanghai Longfeng analysis" search quite accurate, you may just have a website about "competitors’sites Shanghai Longfeng analysis details, and the portal site might show a" rival site of Shanghai Longfeng analysis process "," the competition website analysis of the related steps "," the competition website keyword analysis, Shanghai dragon "or"

submission of original articles, the site is full of people, thin their blog; I think this idea may be wrong, I believe many people have met the same situation, watching their submission of the article is crazy reproduced, only a small part indicate the original source, others reproduced has been included for a long time, their this is not a blog response, small owners of sorrow. read more

proved that, in the absence of any prompt circumstances, almost everyone can not be the same type of products of different brands accurately separate — even if it is often used to use a certain brand of hardcore users.

the same time, depending on what sellers (source network)

this is the fact, but with all the businesses with the industry pay more attention to the network marketing, and frequent change of various search engine algorithm change, this marketing concept has gradually become the old money – not only the search engine industry keywords "at the forefront of the stable ranking becomes more and more difficult; but with the maturity of consumers (skilled use, search for various brands of the list of recommended immunity gradually increased, for consumers) of all kinds of search engines no longer follow the recommendation result. read more

two, Shanghai dragon nothing optimization

often know love Shanghai can see everyone ask such a question: what is the Shanghai dragon? What is the focus of Shanghai dragon? Whether novice or old webmaster, are very confused on this issue. I want to say is that Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon sentence: what has, Shanghai dragon what? Today and share their experiences.

four, Shanghai dragon what has

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the key to choose the key words, the choice of keywords to consider the user experience, treat yourself as a user, if you go to search this site, you will choose what kind of keywords, the user does not want to think about yourself first. Keywords weight occupied site in title is relatively large, so a reasonable title, and title in a short and clear, repeat keywords not more than 3. Web keyword is your site keywords, don’t write, don’t repeat too much, must be accurate, brief, matching keywords to your website and content. Description is the site of the description of sentence length should be reasonable, appropriate distribution of keywords in the sentences. read more

data documents provides clients independently

the Shanghai dragon project proposal form is to reduce these problems, as far as possible before needs to grasp a more accurate and comprehensive, so that needs to transfer more symmetrical. The table is divided into 2 large parts, and displayed in the same interface, can fill in the electronic and print out can fill in.

project to

Shanghai Longfeng project refers to the customer to do the Shanghai dragon goal is what, according to the explosion of teachers years are summarized in the following several proposals for peace talks off 1) natural flow to improve the keywords ranking 2) 3 of the proportion of negative news such as home) 4) 5) extrusion advisory services customers have not yet decided. read more

analysis on such research, the most essential is to explore a smooth transition path, so that visitors can improve the conversion rate, we will provide a series of content for visitors to reach what transformation path to the target page, and then when the website design is also in accordance with this kind of access path to guide visitors, in order to achieve the transformation the goal of our.

1. conversion path

all different types of Web site, the transfer path is not the same, it is different website content, and to complete the transformation before the user wants to know the information is not the same, whether the content or form, are quite different. The specific idea is to return to the analysis of the user, what is the user visits the site, they want to know what they know, the sequence information is what? This problem involves the information needs of users, which is for the visitors and said, their products and services for the enterprise website… Such knowledge or cognition is not the same, we should not let every visitor from some initial information, perhaps there are many visitors will leave after reading these they don’t need to know the information of boredom. Therefore we encountered another problem, that is the distance transformation problem. read more