1, the correct positioning of user groups

Internet sites, but to the law of the case, that is to sell products, sell services. The entire Internet business products up to 80% sites, but most enterprise website ranking Shanghai dragon but very poor, it is because the enterprise website is most individual stations, are basically in rookie in optimization, tonight Hangzhou Shanghai dragon will teach you how to solve the enterprise products website of Shanghai dragon ranking strategy, completely solve the product Shanghai Longfeng website ranking on the list of problems. read more

3: a large collection of pseudo original do N station

1: not on the website for the benchmark sales network.

2: Entrepreneurship

domestic Internet makes a variety of sites such as bamboo shoots have emerged on the Internet, at this time a sex Internet Co of Shanghai talent shows itself made a Chinese search engine based on the popular Internet enthusiasts love, with the passage of time we have not open this thing more and more from him. Not only convenient for us to query data leaving many enterprises from see the interests, so the Shanghai dragon Engineer for this position. But in recent years, many programmers do or do the artists who have turned to the Shanghai dragon makes the competition in this industry is more and more big, some people spend money to buy the chain, some people and each big website has let big website for their hair and draw the text. The more novice is Links for the day, but still did not see the ranking to improve, so that more people have lost confidence in the occupation of Shanghai dragon. Love is not only these, Shanghai is now subject to changing moods all know, for Shanghai dragon who, he will be a double-edged sword, in a good mood, your ranking came up, the boss happy Kua you a few words, if love Shanghai convulsions? Maybe you will face the danger of being fired. The boss. The Shanghai dragon 2 years has turned on, now Shanghai Longfeng workers turned for industry. read more


many webmasters believe that the engine will not punish some excessive optimization site, if you are in the < TITLE> < H1> <, H2> <,,; H3> I>, and < ALT and TITLE tags, parameter domain, sub domain, directory name and file name, repeat a few times and it’s the entire page, you are doing a blatant attempt to deceive, the weight of your site will be further decline rather than rise further. While the engine is ranked ", rather than the site, it believed that some penalty for the entire domain, not just a specific page. Is there excessive optimization punishment has been hotly debated in the online forum many compelling arguments and evidence. My feeling is that the punishment does exist. read more

three: how to select the site keywords, which consists of auxiliary words, core keywords, long tail keywords. Don’t underestimate it oh well these lessons, there may be a small key words will bring you unexpected wealth. Keywords reference must love Shanghai boss. Keywords key position including: on top, left, page title, text. So this is also one of the important properties of a short duration of time can do the best, with the help of some keyword query analysis tool.

two: must understand the basic rules of search engine website before, including how it crawl the page, included content and difference of each search engine. (mainly love Shanghai with Google, first proposed a specific information on spiders, called, victorious) read more

once network company focused on network promotion, excellent team, customer trust, good reputation. Customer reputation is a service industry benchmark for survival. Once the high network service industry and customers for the evaluation of the company’s good.

then, when we were in Beijing Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, professional institutions will not appear wild speculations and other acts, even has helped us to fundamentally improve the rankings, sales amount, their fees can still be accepted by us, it is because of this, so no matter now our economy conditions at what level, can give priority to this type of marketing team. read more

to continuously upgrade in mobile phone application in the field of tourism brand, this is a common problem.

For many More and more users have content The

between consumers and their mobile devices have personal contact, therefore, compared to other digital channels in their mobile phone to provide appropriate user experience and encourage personalized user participation become more critical.

in Webcredible, we have been focusing on mobile phone user experience has done a lot of consulting work, we have recently also in the tourism industry on the one hand to carry out a lot of work. read more

site link strategy

, the first web site keywords strategy


enterprise website, industry website, portal website, e-commerce website and so on, different website technology, so the implementation and management of different strategies. Now a lot of big portals and vertical industry websites have the user’s own Shanghai Dragon technology team, with respect to the enterprise station and some shopping sites is more choice of Shanghai Longfeng projects outsourced to professional Shanghai Longfeng company. Here we want to emphasize that according to different types of websites, need to develop suitable sites in their Shanghai Longfeng execution and project management strategy, choose the right direction, but. read more

recent foreign search engine optimization community as a site to be punished, and discuss the bustling. This site is J.C. Penney. In their search results have many noble baby inside keywords are up very well, a lot of search words, can find their pages to Chinese keywords for example for example: clothing, bedding, carpets, jeans, tablecloth etc.. These words in the Chinese domain, is of high commercial value, but also from the perspective of search engine optimization, is also popular keywords. read more

for the pomegranate algorithm, I think it is very beneficial to the future development of the Internet, advertising may be the main source of profit for some sites, which leads to many websites affect user experience too many advertisements, causing the user first experience on site is poor, to give the user the feeling is very uncomfortable.

for on-line love Shanghai "plants" algorithm, we have to come up with countermeasures of Shanghai dragon zombies, or whether it is green pomegranate algorithm, the ultimate goal is for a better user experience, so we can find the key point, that is the user experience. We believe, in order to optimize ranking, users easily find our website, find our website can retain users is the key, is the core, so do the Shanghai dragon, or starting from the user experience, users love the contents of the construction of the chain of nature, this is the king, do users and spiders love the Shanghai dragon Er, it is fundamental to the long-term development of the site. This article from the Adamva family 贵族宝贝company.yadangwawa贵族宝贝 webmaster original A5 first, please retain the copyright, respect for others, respect yourself. read more


ER in the process of writing the Shanghai dragon, which is a norm in the first paragraph must appear keywords, and the best can be presented in the first sentence. But in practice, it is very difficult to do, so the present compensation precisely this problem. We can stop after a summary overview of the content, let keywords appear in the abstract, but when spider creeping is also the first to see the content of the web site to be included.



we can see that the keyword of the website the first time at the beginning, to attract the spider crawling. read more

TAGS Tag Optimization eliminate arbitrary aimless, in the optimization process, should maintain its content correlation. Whether the final weight label was collected and ranking, because the correlation is one of the search engine page quality and weight decision rules.

any program that does not define the TAGS label how to write, but if the optimization effect, but also how to write standard, we can achieve the optimization effect? In writing TAGS tags, we need to know its purpose is to bring together the relevant information after filing a statement, therefore has good generality. In addition TAGS tags, as a word, we should avoid the "optimization sentence" is the basic norms. read more

1.2, the final results of the study: from the perspective of keyword mining, can clear analysis to the following data

I went to the medical institutions before writing this article can also be said that the hospital, the hospital itself is the entity, from the actual marketing perspective and Shanghai Longfeng perspective, the ultimate goal is the marketing to the hospital patients with conversion rate, we all know the competition of medical institutions like a swordsman in a naked fight, if you the shot is too slow or your hand is not accurate, then you will be in Shanghai Longfeng and network marketing on the road of lost opportunity, the following examples. read more


1. page title figure:


now has many novice do stand in the time do not know add the alt attribute, also do not know what is the alt attribute, I first introduce what is the ALT property; when the mouse on the picture, will display a brief introduction of the text, as shown in the figure; now the search engine more and more intelligent, spider is your website code, and not the site, when he touched the picture, and can not distinguish the picture, so you have to. read more

station without the original that Peugeot, may soon have the original tips for long-term Peugeot updated the original web site can also, of course with the original weight, Peugeot, may greatly forward a step, from this point of view after the site can only go out of the way is go to update the original, less junk content on its website, which is not only a waste of resources, but also reach the purpose of right. Again, a website update one or two article original easy, really want to talk about how the original update every day is not easy, but for the sake of our website can provide the right long-term efficient, a little progress every day weight, or the length of time, the website weight will go up, the site has the weight, what rank here, we pay is worth it. I like the composition of this site, I am every day to update the original article, every day is not much, also two or three, I persisted for half a year, the site now has two weights, a lot of keywords also have good rankings, of course, traffic is a major step forward. The webmaster to site tomorrow, we have to do the original, come on. read more

1, the anchor text? A few articles in front of the how to do?

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In the previous three articles "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking: a selection of key words" "rapidly improve the site keywords ranking two keywords:" optimization "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking three:" I work outside the station auxiliary introduces some knowledge about improving the keyword ranking, a lot of friends made a suggestion that give me some more to talk about specific practices: don’t talk, major problems. In fact, this may be a drawback for me, I found myself wandering in the direction of love, don’t want to talk about the specific operation. Some people say that my article is not deep enough, indeed, after all I was in contact with Shanghai Longfeng for so long, there are many deficiencies, there are many aspects need to improve. Today I continue to talk about some experience to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking, but also learned on the basis of these suggestions, choose a small, specific keywords in anchor text to talk about their own to enhance the utilization of website ranking in. read more

is to let the user experience Baidu through the experience you learn something tutorial practice, or your experience narration can make something from theories into practical steps, so love the experience of Shanghai’s title is very important, so we have to choose their own tail keywords, such as: "how to select" electric heating tube "how bad do" share "the use of electric heating tube experience" and so on. Don’t need to be like that very soft Title gorgeous, ordinary title, taking into account the user experience on the line. As long as it is in terms of experience, users can search the relevant title, Shanghai will experience love in the first row. read more


in the website optimization process, the site has been K is a very common thing, because most of the webmaster have experienced site was K, and the main reason is that the site was K the main reason is the birth site itself. Of course, for the site to be K also can be divided into several categories, the most serious ZhengZhan be K, the inside pages is medium website K, home page snapshot. The most light person homepage is K. For the site to be K, no matter what kind of method is K, the final reason is because of its website problems, generally speaking, the most basic reason is that space is not normal visit, and for this reason caused by the example of K is also very much. The site was down to K home page what is the reason? Today I analyse. read more

webmaster can be set in the "custom suspension effect", so the suspension side bar according to the automatic positioning of the page width or the browser always welt positioning, taking into account the narrow screen users, webmasters can also set the "show" only when the resolution width greater than 1024 pixels, to maximize the user experience may reduce in addition, sh419 revenue Butler also can achieve this functionality.

2 is compared to topic description and topic links: read more

hope everyone webmaster friends actively put on more profits!

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

write the article after the important part, then the article title, the title of the article is to be included in the search engine and bring traffic, there must not be perfunctory, do not care for other people’s forum to flow, to know to others with the flow is to increase revenue for themselves, so when the search volume to write the title to analyze this title. For example, I extend a whitening products, articles written after the title I can "which brand of whitening products", the title of such people would not bring a search, IP is much more of a chance of income, one should pay special attention to in large forum posts and because the weight is high, the ranking will be in front, an article can send several forums, more than less well! So many forums can’t be a top Oh. read more

this default means that your ad display must be visible to the user and must be clicked by the user. Then the following factors must be considered:

any cheating or cheating method will work.

2 color of advertisement

when the user is reading your article, if relevant Java training information seen in the literature on the page, he will not click, but if the ads are literary friends, literary journals, the effect is much better.


4 the most important thing is the amount of your ad, or the number of shows. read more