website has experienced several years of development, the development has encountered a bottleneck, large and small local stations are stagnant, I place the same site in three months ago, the ranking does not go on, the flow does not go on, popularity does not go on, but through active exploration and analysis, summed up a little experience: local web site is a model that can not satisfy the user curiosity, must learn to imitate the behind – innovation, only then can get rapid development. read more


Jul 2017

Oh my station

I have many years of standing, but not an old webmaster, to Admin5 on a look, just know I have more dishes. Tell me about my experience and communicate with everyone, although my website has been very depressed.

I was studying agricultural machinery, a chance to come into contact with the computer, and then Frontpage. In the NetEase also provides personal space, do a few static pages, passed up. Very pleased with oneself for a good

SARS came into contact with the server that year, so began to build a career, and began to be static web pages, the site is also publicity for the unit. Later contact with the Yi Yi, but also began a dynamic website construction. (don’t laugh at me. I work on a tractor and work on a computer.) read more

when I contacted in 2005, I started doing web work. I remember using DZ program to do a film and television download exchange website. If you insist on it, at least it can reach 100 thousand every day. For me at that time, or brilliant, shameless University era, with the support of their own vision of doing a lot of young times should not have things. At that time I am very general technology, Win2003, *nix, web server, what do not understand. Remember every day to play with DW, and finally draw a web model, out of excitement for a long time. Thanks to DZ, I was able to bypass the level of technology. read more

is called the "waterfall originator" photo sharing site Pinterest has now become the third largest Internet traffic sources, the CEO Ben Silbermann Y Combinator Startup held in School to share his story. He said that Pinterest’s success depends largely on marketing, especially grassroots marketing, rather than technology.

After 3 months on the

Pinterest, there were only 3000 users, but most of them were active users. Like Silberman, they all like Pinterest very much. Silberman believes that instead of constantly adjusting and improving the product, it’s better to look for more people who like this site as much as they do. read more

sites are not included in Baidu for ten reasons:

1, web usage framework (iframe), including Baidu, so search engines hate frameworks.

2, too many pictures, too few text,.

3, submit too frequently: submit more than 2 times in one month.

4, the website server transfer: search engines usually only know the IP address conversion, host or domain name, IP/DNS address change, then you have to re submit your site.

5, free website space: some search engines refuse to index from free space sites, complaining about a lot of garbage, poor quality. read more

perhaps for personal webmaster, energy and financial resources is limited, we can’t want to do at once, how big, only do small, do special, and then bigger, is our way out.

with the advent of the Internet era, China’s traditional media are invariably affected by different magnitudes. Each enterprise’s on-line has brought us the later period ponder.

from 2000 to 2007, large and medium-sized enterprises have set up their own independent websites immediately. My analysis of the Guangzhou market shows that in 2000, 10 enterprises went online, and by 2007, 303000 enterprises had access to the internet. It is understandable that a large enterprise has a website. In order to protect the brand, they should set up their own status in the network at all costs. And small and medium enterprises? Not to say that the website is a mistake, but can say is a kind of blind herd. read more

garbage station, I set up a number of garbage stations at once, it’s hard to update. Only two garbage stations are persistent and one of my favorite garbage sites. QQ group QQ group: 6454446

you search movie network, this site is actually one of the most common and the most rubbish movie video station, but I insist on updating every day, timing, fixed-point, quantitative artificial updates.

my update time is locked from zero a.m. to seven a.m., during which time the time required to update movie resources. Why? The speed of the Internet the most exciting time, no one and you grab broadband network bandwidth, the main goal of the portal site of the popularity is the lowest time, search and open other related web site is also relatively fast. read more

time blink of an eye in the past, as I have more than 10 years of Internet experience, although these years also do a few sites, but later not a website is successful, in the end still empty. Now that time has hovered over, confused, depressed, until now I don’t know what is the webmaster? Since this website now (free house), I finally determine the site of the direction of the struggle, I will now present the home net of the whole process of establishment of free resources and share with you. read more

I am a technical secondary school student. I haven’t graduated yet. I have been studying at school, but I have been engaged in ", which is closely related to the Internet. ".

a year ago, began to take a great interest in the personal website, that we are not afraid of a joke, although the university is about graphic design, website knowledge, or a little bit in their work slowly accumulated, always want to build their own websites, is a test of their understanding of the website the knowledge of the two, is the hope that through the website and through the website operation later to bring some of their extra income. read more

The first step for

to make its own forum is to have a basic and thorough understanding of the forum. Don’t be impatient, it’s always good to be slow. In fact, the forum is very simple now, because ISP provides free use, do not have to set up their own, Disucz, or Phpwind, or other, such as mobile network, easy to move…… And so on, its essence, purpose is the same, that is, for people to exchange a platform just. There is nothing good or bad, but as long as you have chosen a forum system, you can use it well. Don’t worry about other people’s saliva. read more


want to use the green shading effect in the latest website layout? Should I choose the more complicated layout model? Choosing the right question is one of the essential skills of the website designer. In this article, we’ll look at web designers who ask their sixty questions before launching a website to the public.

Why does

ask himself these questions,


many designers will design their websites according to the list they listed in advance, while others will examine various issues at different stages of the design. Although there is no perfect way to avoid missing a design element, it’s necessary to ask yourself questions during the design process. Sometimes what you need to answer is, "does this work?" a simple question, sometimes a more technical one. read more

‘s current web reading is spontaneous and autonomous. I think there are no more than two reasons:

one is the development of technology that implements many previously difficult functions;

, one is the development of consciousness, found that they still have such a personality needs.

in fact, the network is just a big media, and ultimately it is to the most humane, optimized direction. I call it " myself; website reading benefit ".

, for example, just look at the news of the website. read more

many sites have encountered the right to drop home page, in the SEO process, I am no exception. Unfortunately, home page was down right. I believe the big update of 22 has caused this situation for many websites. But, in the past, Baidu on the home page right down is different, this time Baidu’s home page drop right many, the website’s key word has not declined. What the hell is going on,


first reviews myself, because I am busy with my work, I am a little lazy about updating the website. But for a local travel type website, it’s understandable that you don’t update or update it. And my site’s frequency of updates is better than my competitors. Therefore, my website ranking has been very close to the front. But, but, but, but… My home page has been dropped. Refer to the relevant information on the Internet, nothing more than update the content of the web site, increase the chain of the site and the like nonsense. I have these operations, but 10 days later, the site’s home page did not come back. I’m sorry, at the same time, it’s very depressing. And I have no other way, can only insist and efforts to update the website and rich outside the chain, including writing this article. I hope you can upload my website link. Ha-ha。 read more


many independent bloggers love to imitate and pursuit of the tall, and some other things we want to have a blog, not something we have to fight, the result is that a lot of bloggers have added a variety of functions, such as buttons, like social function and so on, but we really need the function of PS? We said: this small ordinary blog like me, rather than the famous blog and high traffic blogs.

one, social button function


blog more or less add some social buttons, such as good to share button and pay attention to our social buttons, especially the blog also added the foreign social buttons, such as Facebook, twitter. Our buttons are generally WeChat, Sina, micro-blog, and Tencent, micro-blog, etc.. But we Chinese in such conditions characteristic, how many people will use foreign social networking sites? There is a Tencent micro-blog have been abandoned for a long time, but most people leave the Tencent micro-blog button or button, it seems nothing meaningful. read more

A 100 Valley SEO

station network contest held, you should know. Of course, a lot of experts are dismissive, the younger brother did not participate in the competition, just want to learn their own SEO knowledge to do a small test. As the race draws near, the competition is relatively fierce. In the course of two months, I have learned a lot and feel it worthwhile to participate. Now there is a request to master questions read without thorough understanding.

I 100 abstruse cereal (, GOOGLE in the ranking is the first. (definitely not by black hat.) most of the articles are original. At Baidu in minglasunshan, fourth page to see, Baidu’s performance is a failure, the fact that I can accept. But I can not accept the failure to know the reasons for failure here, ask the prawns talk about your views, or let my brother learn from the study. read more


, A5 and other station saw a lot about the website profit mode and the idea of the article, today, simple to say my website profit pattern, of course, only personal profiles, welcome webmaster friends criticism and exchange.

to be exact, my website is only a small station. It was built in September 2007. It has gone through several revisions, and finally gave up the ASP program. In January 2009, the program was selected.

I want to rise this early, mainly released relevant information, Gansu upgraded the exam very lucky, since 2008, my site in Gansu Province, so the information released by the first, is a user base. read more

graduated from college in July 2008. I’ve been looking for work for computer development. I have no place to take in an inexperienced young man, including internships. Encountered such a situation, once discouraged me, had thought of suicide, I feel I have no ability, the source of the economy but also rely on parental relief.

‘s greatest shock was my father’s death, and at one point I was unprepared for something like this at home. Even worse families suffer greater poverty. After finishing my father’s funeral, I haven’t closed my eyes for 3 nights in a row. I’ve been thinking about how to face my future life. The experience of life, the change of family, the departure of my father. It makes my body and soul thin. read more

more and more Internet users, more and more websites. In this golden season, the league has repeatedly adjust the policy, Little League silently accelerates the buckle of strength. Personal website revenue into the off-season as a whole. Many webmasters with vision and ability are preparing for the commercial operation of the website.

garbage station may already be far away from us, the Internet winter may be coming soon. As one of the millions of webmaster, I run several personal stations and live a simple life on the alliance. In the upcoming Internet of winter, I will not have to leave me a few small business a few years, I did not expect such a result, I have been accustomed to such a life, if the environment changes, I only change with the environment and change accordingly. read more

The teacher said

owners can station a large proportion in the website domain, many do very successful personal website, like lotus courseware, free middle school, three of us are walking together so many, mostly to provide resources to download site, traffic is large hey, like lotus courseware, basically at the same time online is more than a thousand people.

himself is a teacher, since 2005, step into the network, using the network, embarked on the website learning way. The network does feel, only unexpected, not impossible. From the beginning of ASP mobility, it has done two teacher resource stations, and because of Baidu’s great cleaning, he collected and produced websites all over the world, and PV dropped from 12000 to 1200. Fully aware of the garbage station is not good tomorrow, decided to make a boutique stand. Through six months’ effort, we have created a virtual teaching platform for anyone who can publish courses and can use word.ppt.pdf, swf. and video resources. Metaphorically speaking, the website is a farmers’ market, the teacher is just like vegetable vendors, anyone can buy food inside. Analogy is not appropriate, in fact, similar to Taobao. read more

I just talk about personal views and personal awareness, please do not JJWW, wrong, but also want someone to point out, get more knowledge!

career website, talent website, online promotion experience,

to write this article, just talk about personal views, words not too strict, hope to provide some useful experience to do talent station friends, also hope that the veterans who don’t mind. Believe that ninety-nine percent of the webmaster, are counted as grassroots, and grassroots, ninety-nine percent are struggling. read more