with the importance of entrepreneurial activities in Colleges and universities, the rate of College Students’ entrepreneurship has been significantly improved. College students involved in the business scope is also more and more widely, many students create a passenger to fully mobilize the creative thinking ability, showing the pioneering spirit of the younger generation of entrepreneurs.

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now everywhere in the think of a way to promote local entrepreneurship and investment activities, local governments also gives a lot more preferential policies, have the good policy, the majority of entrepreneurs in the business on the road are more likely to succeed.

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with the majority of consumers on the quality of life of the continuous pursuit of the increasingly high demand for entertainment, the emergence of the bar, to meet the needs of the majority of consumers’ spiritual and cultural needs to meet the needs of consumers! How much does it cost to open a bar? May wish to understand.

specific to open a bar to say how much money is very difficult to answer, after all, the situation is not the same throughout, individual choice is different, the bar how much is of course not the same, but see a cost budget or no problem, ready to open the bar you may wish to refer to. read more

with the rapid development of society, the major electrical appliances and high pollution vehicles turned out, so people have begun to be at risk, looking at the sky is no longer blue, we realized the importance of the environment. Thus, the green environmental protection and energy conservation has also been a positive response, let us together with the semiconductor energy saving lamp into the green life.

energy-saving lamps of ingenious design, wide variety, low price (price and ordinary light equivalent), small volume and light weight, high brightness, low energy consumption, no noise, no vibration, easy to use flash (only in the original position can be used to replace the lamp), in addition to the advantage of the ordinary energy-saving lamps; also have to smoke and dust, odor removal, purification of oxygen supply, green environmental protection, disinfection, environmental protection lighting (saving up to 80%) and other six major effects. Energy saving lamp, life lamp, health lamp, lamp, lamp, long life lamp. read more

to a shop name although there are a lot of skills, but also need to comply with the relevant principles. More importantly, there are a lot of taboos need to pay attention to. So, what are the names of the fruit shop taboo? Let Xiaobian to provide you a detailed analysis.

1, the word

without loopholes


name is used for consumers to call this, we need to consider the issue of popularization of words, but it is a pity that many brands often use some obscure words to name, do not know is not want to look out of the ordinary, but those strange words don’t say like people do not know, I am afraid that many university professors don’t know, let alone consumers remember and spread. What are the names of the fruit shop taboo? We look at the famous brand name, which is not simple and clear? So do not play too many tricks, honest and practical words we all know it. read more

has a history of thousands of years in the Chinese tofu business, has still not been eliminated, making tofu business few people lose money, but also very few people can be bigger, don’t make tofu business only in such a medium level, no promotion?

of course not! Chinese people to eat more than one hundred million dollars a year, tofu, with such a huge consumer market, it should also create a number of millionaires, millionaires! What is the reason?

1, carve up the market seriously: tofu business is good, do not live too many people, the cake is big, more people, who can not eat enough; read more

now society, the beauty of the people can be said to have been more and more, and there are a lot of people are choosing to join the beauty industry, in particular, is now operating a beauty salon or very profitable. Today to introduce these people how to open a new beauty salon site, which quickly learn to learn it!


1. know, baizhanbudai, as the operator of the beauty industry, we must first understand the characteristics of the industry itself, compared with other industries, the beauty salon is time consuming, in addition to the election in the densely populated place, and we should pay attention to the best do not set up too fast in the regional population flow rate, such as the station, large commercial street. Address can be selected in accessible locations, such as the residents of the area set up to work near the stable residents or the worker to target customers, customers can meet the nearest consumption requirements, store location to facilitate customer import. read more

many aspiring people have the dream of entrepreneurship, but in the face of the reality of the reality of most of the capital to take the initiative to give up. In fact, there is no capital does not affect the success of entrepreneurship, many successful people rely on the world from scratch. Here, small series will reveal to you no capital can also start a secret.

the first step: none of this venture is not money, is the mission.

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each store customers can be classified, one is the core customers, there is a natural fit. Under normal circumstances, the consumption of core customers to the sales accounted for 80%, it is often said that the "28 retail terminal efficiency" (except the station, wharf, large population mobility places) the importance of visible core customers.

core customers is also the main force of the new tobacco cultivation, under normal circumstances, the new cigarette has a landing time is too late, the market is weak foundation characteristics, these characteristics are cigarette sales, the soft underbelly". Therefore, in many cases, when the new product just arrived, our retail customers are basically recommended in the core customer base. Because these customers and businesses more familiar, both sides are more trust, it is also very difficult to recommend. Only when the core customer has accepted, brand cultivation has taken the first step to success. read more

Tanabata as China’s traditional festival of lovers, giving each other gifts has become a very common thing, however, what kind of gift to give the other half really happy, this is the problem of skills. Then, the Qixi Festival entrepreneurial your partner what gift? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

if you ask entrepreneurs what they need when they feel particularly depressed, they might say, "lie down for a few million dollars, or have a free front end engineer." In the early stages of entrepreneurship, you will find success is not so easy, can not do without the help of others. Although it is not possible to achieve all the requirements, this article summarizes seven gifts that are very useful for every entrepreneur: read more

or small to say what time the consumption needs of people, there is a large number of market and cater to the, for example, barbecue, this was previously considered roadside unhealthy snack food items, can now be turned into a perfect health, Korean barbecue, barbecue health is one of them. Korean barbecue grilled Korean barbecue using a double heating, grilled meat can better lock gravy, taste particularly fresh. Coupled with the headquarters of the spices, to create a perfect new delicious, this is a kind of barbecue can not imitate the Korean barbecue can effectively maintain the authentic flavor and nutrition. Also continue to launch the staple food, baked baked egg, with these points enough to lift the appetite of consumers, only the taste and then quickly! Korean barbecue health Korean barbecue combined with Chinese taste, improvement of the formula ingredients, more easily accepted by the chinese. In addition to Han wind Pop has become a trend, this rare delicacy, once launched, will have to consumers. read more

entrepreneurship can not be able to succeed, but not a sudden idea can start a business, there are many factors for successful entrepreneurial investigation. Now in the rise of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a common way to join, because most of these companies have mature mechanism, to a certain extent reduces the business risk, so how to judge the financial feasibility of the project?

how to determine the feasibility of financial projects:

first to define what is the business model. There are a number of definitions of the term, which I most agree with Harvard Business School professor Clayton · the definition of Christensen: business model is how to create and deliver customer value and corporate value system. On this basis, I also made a little supplement, business model is a creation, transmission, support and access to the value of the system. The value of the products and services related to marketing and channel transfer value, the support value related to the core resources and organizational ability, to obtain the value related to the cost structure and profit model, these four dimensions basically involves all aspects of business operations. read more

If the

is working for other people, you may need to worry about things very little, the welfare salary of the company is the most, but go on the road of entrepreneurship, is not so simple thing for entrepreneurs, there are new business opportunities appear every year, this is not some little attention to the policy then, in 2013, for people who want to venture, you know what have introduced new regulations? The new

2013 can not ignore the provisions of entrepreneurs include:

1. and

2. indirectly related (Trial) "will be implemented on January 1, 2013, requiring commercial banks to meet the requirements of the regulatory capital adequacy requirements before the end of 2018. Shanghai financial news reported that in order to alleviate the pressure on commercial banks to implement the management approach, the notice clearly, the reserve capital requirements (2.5%) set a transitional period of 6 years. At the end of the read more

as long as it comes to health care, a lot of people generally think that China’s extensive health care. One of the most prominent traditional Chinese medicine, massage. Yes, diet health care is now a lot of people’s attention. What health care project is good? Sweet corn diet health care to make money.

Sweet therapeutic regimen for grinding grain Fang health requirement of different grain orientation design, health formula, and then combined sales according to the formula. Grinding grain diet and health drinks, organic cultivation workshop covers cereals and other 9 series of more than and 200 products, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other disorders combined combination more than 150 health combination formula, full range to meet the various consumer health needs. read more