Nova Scotians Report on Their Health and Health System

first_imgFewer Nova Scotians are smoking, yet more than half of us say weare overweight. Nearly all Nova Scotians have a family doctor,and more than 80 per cent are satisfied with the way health-careservices are provided. These are some of Nova Scotians’ views of their own health andtheir health-care system released today, Nov. 30, in a reportentitled A Measure of our Health and Health System. The report is part of a federal/provincial/territorial initiativethat takes a co-ordinated approach to reporting healthinformation. “Working with other governments across Canada to identify healthindicators makes good sense,” said Angus MacIsaac, Minister ofHealth. “This collaborative approach allows us the opportunity tolearn from each other and to help us better manage our healthsystem.” Nova Scotia is joining other provinces and territories inreleasing its report today. All reports will provide informationon common health indicators collected by Health Canada, and theCanadian Institute of Health Information. The Nova Scotia data suggests that while we still face challengesin our health and health care system, we are making progress. In 2003: 95 per cent of Nova Scotians aged 15 and over reported having a family doctor; 14 per cent to 26 per cent of Nova Scotians reported having difficulty accessing health information, health services or care at any time of the day; more than 80 per cent of Nova Scotians were satisfied with the way health-care services were provided; only 58 per cent of Nova Scotians aged 12 and over rated their health as very good or excellent; almost 10 per cent fewer Nova Scotians aged 12 and over reported being smokers than in 1994-95; more than half of Nova Scotians aged 18 and over (54 per cent) reported being overweight or obese; almost five per cent more Nova Scotians reported being moderately active to active than in 2001. This is the second report stemming from an agreement made bypremiers and the prime minister in 2000 to report on standardizedhealth indicators.”We believe that health decisions must be based on goodevidence,” said Mr. MacIsaac. “That is why we are sharing thisinformation with the public and our health partners. Nova Scotiais also investing in information management and informationtechnology initiatives so we can deliver better health care toNova Scotians.” For more health information, and the technical specifications ofthis federal/provincial/territorial project will be available onWednesday, Dec. 1, on the website at . Copies of Nova Scotia’s A Measure of Our Health andHealth System Report will be distributed to the district healthauthorities and the IWK Health Centre. The report is alsoavailable online by clicking the reports link at or by contacting the Department of Health at902-424-8291.last_img

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