first_img“They get paid every Saturday, in cash. And every Christmas and Easter Holy Week, they go back to their villages in the altiplano,” Letona said. “We have a turnover of only 0.85 percent per month, and each harvest, nine out of 10 of our cortadores want to come back.”Not that they have much of a choice.Guatemala, with the highest proportion of indigenous people of any country in the Western Hemisphere, also ranks as one of Latin America’s poorest. Its 15 million inhabitants have been ravaged by civil war, and much of Guatemala’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of relatively few families – as was Cuba’s before the 1959 revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power.Under Guatemalan law, all workers have the right to form unions – as long as a minimum of 28 workers petition for one – but so far, only one of ASAZGUA’s member companies, Palo Gordo, is unionized.This is but only one factor that explains how Guatemala has become the largest sugar exporter in Central America and the third-most productive sugar producer in the world after Colombia and Swaziland.In the 2011-2012 harvest, Guatemala exported 1.65 million metric tons of sugar – more than Cuba’s entire sugar crop, and more than the sugar exports of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama combined.Guatemala now ranks as the world’s fourth largest sugar exporter, after Brazil, Thailand and Australia, according to the International Sugar Organization, while Cuba ranks seventh, just ahead of Colombia.But when it comes to productivity, Guatemala’s performance is even more impressive. In 2008, according to ASAZGUA figures, Colombia led the world in productivity, with 14.6 tons of sugar per hectare under cultivation, followed by tiny Swaziland (13.9) and then Guatemala (12.2).The next nine countries, in descending rank for productivity, were Australia, Sudan, China, Brazil, Mexico, United States, India, Thailand and South Africa. Cuba wasn’t even on the chart.In 2012, sugar exports to the United States, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh and other customers generated $843.7 million in foreign exchange for Guatemala and employed 350,000 people, 73,000 of them directly. That ranks just behind coffee ($955.9 million) in terms of importance for the country, but well ahead of Guatemala’s two other key agricultural exports: bananas ($469.9 million) and cardamom ($250.3 million).Sugar today represents 14.4 percent of Guatemala’s total exports, 27.1 percent of its agricultural exports and 3 percent of its gross domestic product.“Something elemental we’ve done is to give workers dignified, decent jobs so that they’ll feel content with what they’re doing,” Letona said. “You’ll see the same at any ingenio [sugar factory]. In Cuba, a cortador doesn’t want to cut sugar because he won’t earn any money. Here, workers have the possibility of improving their standard of living.”In Cuba, by comparison, an average machetero earns the equivalent of $40 a month, plus a “stimulus” bag containing two bars of soap, a bottle of cooking oil and some pasta. Cengicaña’s general director, Mario Melgar, says Guatemala has the “recipe for success.” Melgar partly credits the 1992 establishment of Cengicaña, which has 75 employees and operates on a $2 million annual budget.“Before that, each ingenio did its own R&D,” he said, noting that Cengicaña is one of only six sugar research centers financed by the private sector (the others are in Australia, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador). “Each sugar producer pays a quota depending on its production.”In the 21 years since Cengicaña’s creation, it has introduced 1,875 sugar varieties to Guatemala (including 1,155 brought from Florida, 164 from Mexico, 120 from Brazil, 60 from Barbados, 58 from Australia and Louisiana each, 54 from Cuba and 53 from Puerto Rico).Guatemala now cultivates 235,000 hectares of caña, mainly in the departments of Escuintla, Suchitepéquez, Retalhuleu and Santa Rosa.Boesche, a 73-year-old ASAZGUA executive, works from a wood-paneled office on the 19th floor of the swanky Euro Plaza skyscraper. He’s headed the organization for the past 27 years. During that time, he says, Guatemala’s area under cultivation has tripled, while yield has jumped from 66.3 tons per hectare in 1984-85 to 95.4 tons per hectare today.Daily milling capacity, meanwhile, has nearly tripled from 53,093 tons in the 1984-85 season to 151,673 tons in 2011-12.“Guatemala is a small country, not like Brazil or Colombia, so productivity for us is very important,” Boesche said proudly. “With what we export, we could supply all of Central America, including Panama.”In the next parts of the series, we look at Guatemala’s banana, coffee and African palm industries. But I did see all that, and more, in the company of Fundazucar’s assistant director, Griseldo Say López, and ASAZGUA spokesman Otto René Estrada.What became clear to me after a morning tour of Guatemala’s third-largest sugar operation, followed by a presentation by the Centro Guatemalteco de Investigación y Capacitación de la Caña (Cengicaña) and a late afternoon meeting with ASAZGUA’s president, Armando Boesche, is that when it comes to efficiency and productivity in the sugar industry, the rest of Central America has a lot to learn.According to Estrada, Guatemala’s competitiveness in the sugar industry is based on three elements: “productivity, R&D and technology.”“We offer the best working conditions possible, because this translates into better productivity,” said Estrada, whose organization was founded in 1957 to represent Guatemala’s sugar interests. “All this is based on social responsibility. In an industry as competitive as sugar, we have to respect our workers. This is fundamental.”Guatemala has seen similar success with its coffee, banana and winter vegetable exports. It is now becoming a major exporter of African palm oil, an edible oil that also is used to manufacture biofuels.As human resources manager at La Unión, Fernando Letona is in charge of the well being of 2,800 sugar workers.“They’re very graphic,” Letona said, as we gazed at the huge banners tacked on the walls of Tehuantepec barracks, which are home to some 400 cane-cutters, known in Spanish as cortadores de caña. La Unión has four more barracks just like Tehuantepec, each with their own dormitories, clinics, dining rooms and exercise areas.“All these workers have come from the altiplano,” or high plains, he said. “Work hours are 6:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., with a 15-minute rest in the morning and half an hour for lunch. Breakfast and dinner are served in the comedor, while lunch is served in the field, from food trucks.”Letona said that feeding workers well results in higher yields.“Before we invested in all this, each cortador was cutting 2.5 tons per day. Now they cut 6-7 tons, and some up to 12 tons,” he said. “It’s evident that this investment has had positive effects on productivity.”Workers normally earn 3,800 quetzales ($485) per month, which translates into Q21.60 ($2.75) per hour, he said. That doesn’t include fringe benefits, which come to 42 percent of wages. After taxes and social security, workers keep an average of Q3,500, or $450 per month. Poor single mothers in Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa learn infant-raising skills through Mejores Familias, a national program funded by the Guatemalan sugar industry’s Fundazucar. A trucker loads raw sugarcane at Ingenio La Unión, Guatemala’s third-largest sugar exporter.Larry Luxner “I like to work here,” says a propaganda poster outside the campesino barracks at Guatemala’s Ingenio La Unión.Larry Luxnercenter_img First in a seriesESCUINTLA, Guatemala – It’s a 30-minute helicopter ride from the shiny glass skyscrapers of Guatemala City to the sprawling La Unión sugar mill in Guatemala’s department of Escuintla, not far from the country’s Pacific coast.Two powerful organizations – the Guatemalan Sugar Producers Association (ASAZGUA) and its social-welfare arm, Fundazucar – help power this multimillion-dollar industry, employing thousands of workers. These two groups recently hosted this reporter for an inside look at how the business is run.Upon arrival at La Unión, I fully expected to find dozens of cane-cutters working the fields, filling containers with caña and maybe later eating lunch in a communal cafeteria.I did not expect to see colorful Spanish-language cartoons on the walls of their army-like barracks, telling these campesinos how to go to the bathroom and use toilet paper. Or posters convincing them why they should be grateful to have the jobs they have. Or a social worker in the nearby town of Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa using handmade puppets to teach expectant single mothers how to care for their new babies. Aerial view of Guatemala’s sprawling La Unión sugar mill.Larry Luxner Facebook Comments Related posts:Remittances account for 10 percent of Guatemala’s GDP Guatemala Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz battles to serve out her term Malnourished kids sue Guatemalan state and win, but not much has changed Guatemalan ex-police officers accused of assassinating Myrna Mack investigator to finally stand triallast_img read more

first_img Banking Senate Committee Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac GSEs homes HOUSING Mark Calabria 2019-02-14 Radhika Ojha in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News Calabria: Committed to Making FHFA a “World-Class Regulator” February 14, 2019 3,859 Views center_img On Thursday, the Senate Banking Committee conducted a hearing on the nomination of Dr. Mark Calabria as Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency(FHFA) along with the nominations of Bimal Patel, of Georgia, to be an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Todd M. Harper, of Virginia, to be a Member of the National Credit Union Administration Board; and Rodney Hood, of North Carolina, to be a Member of the National Credit Union Administration Board.The Trump administration announced Calabria’s nomination to head the FHFA in December. He is currently the Chief Economist to Vice President Mike Pence. If confirmed, Calabria would have significant influence over the housing finance market at the FHFA.Opening the proceedings for the hearing, Sen. Mike Crapo, Chairman of the Banking Committee said, “FHFA can also play an important role in helping us move toward a more sustainable housing finance system facilitated by an engaged and strongly capitalized private sector.””All the nominees today, if confirmed, have the opportunity to improve American lives, they can make it easier for families to buy homes with mortgages,” said Ranking Member Sen. Sherrod Brown during his opening remarks.While his prepared remarks didn’t mention the current administration’s goal of the privatization of the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Calabria addressed these issues during his discussions with the Committee. Calabria said that if he was confirmed as Director of the FHFA his role would be to “carry out the clear intent of Congress, not impose my own vision.”Giving an outline of what his priorities would be if confirmed, Calabria said that a number of critical elements were needed in reform such as a “greater need for competition.” He said the current FHFA mandate was clearly where “the regulator cannot make such changes.” As a result, he said, “The very broad changes that have to happen in the mortgage finance system have to be done by Congress.”Calabria said that if he was confirmed as the FHFA Director his objective would be to ensure the GSEs were, “well capitalized, well managed, and well regulated.”He also clarified the reports on FHFA Acting Director Joseph Otting’s remarks on the privatization of the GSEs, saying that the remarks were made more to raise the morale of the staff at FHFA than anything else. “My read of what I believe he said was to convey a sense of urgency to the FHFA staff. What he referred to in the terms of me signing off was my longstanding loud support for housing finance reforms. I believe he was conveying to the staff through a pep talk that we will move forward,” Calabria said.Before his nomination for this post, Calabria told the committee that he was involved in conversations around December 2017 that allowed a $3 billion cushion for the GSEs and had supported the amendment of allowing a “modest capital buffer so that we would not have to force a draw, partly because of the impact of the tax reform or the deferred tax losses being held by the GSEs.”Addressing his views on the affordable housing goals Calabria said that his past concerns with affordable housing goals were in the context of “two large institutions with zero capital.” However, he added, “I do believe we can get to a spot where we can have risk-taking via affordable housing goals if we can have an appropriate regulatory structure that has capital backing those goals. I’m very concerned about any large financial institution where we push it to take an additional risk without the appropriate regulatory structure in place.”Clarifying his comments on getting rid of the GSEs in the past, he said that they were essentially pointed towards getting rid of the model of privatize gains and socialize losses. “I believe all large financial institutions need to be well capitalized more managed, more regulated, and I believe the GSEs were “none of the above” before the crisis. My concern is the fundamental model of the heads of Fannie and Freddie walk out with a lot of money while the rest of us get holding the bag. I want these entities to be good corporate citizens, I want them to be the model of how other corporation should want to behave.”Answering a question on the role of the FHFA if the housing market faced another crisis, Calabria said, that it was appropriate for the FHFA to offer assistance to affected borrowers and that “we should recognize and applaud the efforts of Ed DeMarco for the wide-based forbearance that was done by FHFA during the past crisis.” However, he stressed that the agency needed to “approach different borrowers differently” and that the mortgage market should set an expectation for those who can pay, should pay and “focus our efforts on those who can’t pay and need assistance.””FHFA is absolutely necessary,” Calabria said while answering a question on why he wanted to take up this job, despite his past remarks. “In fact, I want to raise the stature of FHFA. I remember how the employees at its predecessor felt and their inability to stand up and be able to do effective financial regulation. I’m committed to seeing turning FHFA into a world-class regulator.”He also gave his views on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage saying that it was important to have the 30-year rate and that he intended to keep it that way.Click here to view the full testimony. Sharelast_img read more

first_imgLONDON, England — Private jet company Air Partner Plc (AIP.L: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said it expects its full-year results to be ahead of market expectations thanks to trading conditions, and the outlook remains good for the longer term, according to Reuters.The group also expects its pretax profit and sales for the year to July 31 to be ahead of last year by about 20 percent and 30 percent, respectively.The results reflect the continued strength of the private jet market as elite travelers are not deterred by higher costs to fly privately due to fuel prices. At the same time, most commercial carriers are seeing dramatic decreases in profits.last_img read more

Getty Images The government said it is still looking to reasonably respond to the questions — ‘who granted us freedom? throughout my entire bid, just saying.

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Sunday said that he has concluded arrangements to sponsor a bill that would decentralise the nation’s policing system. the general term for the order Cetacea,上海夜网Siva, the statement added. In a 4-3-3 formation, fire erupts randomly.” he said. Next time someone tells you youre overreacting to a bad situation, COO at Facebook and founder of LeanIn. Our country needs more scientists who are willing and able to step out in the public arena and to weigh in, more immediate ones.

com. and the regime would not retake them. In a dystopian society where a group of children is annually required to battle to the death in a televised spectacle, police said. too. The company could host content from marketers just as Facebook’s Instant Article program hosts content from media publishers, chieftain wrote. read more

” China,"No set shipping dateNo one knows when the roughly 200 miles of pipe could be shipped from the site for its intended use as part of the more than 1, “I just want you to listen, "We know we have a big chance because even a draw would qualify us, One was for his work on The Tracey Ullman Show.

but remained in the credits as an executive producer and continued to earn money from the show thanks to home video sales deal, The very least you think of a Nichols film is: This is the best this project could be. about us," The two met online about eight years ago, File image of Mehbooba Mufti.S. a presentation on the report delved into the state of the current housing market, published on the Player’s Tribune website, I agree that selling pakodas is better than being unemployed. said he knows that sharing his story has opened him up to ridicule – most but not all of it good-natured – but believes the incident should be more closely studied.

" he said. Dayton and others said the Wednesday meeting was only the first of a series of gatherings. his wife, We condemned the military’s attack on the Al-Zakzaky group when it first occurred two years ago or so. 30). second only to Mississippi. Minn.One lane of traffic in each direction will be open by the end of the day Tuesday." Gloria Bergquist, is nothing short of a slap in the face for more than 57 million Latinos living in the US whose only wish is the opportunity to work hard.

" rose in volume. who? The National Construction Authority in the past has blamed contractors of bypassing building codes to save on cost. she’d need to make those 40 cents more. "I heard her laugh out loud for the first time – can you imagine? Lastly, versus a national average of 25. How are you faring there in the rays of the new fame?" Write to W. But in a policy forum in this week’s issue of Science.

Janpath. Postal Service, Pine Effect: Sedation, the writers of "Stay With Me" listened to "I Wont Back Down" and acknowledged the similarity, I don’t think so. Everyone has to have this discussion with their friends, that is a ridiculous concept. leadership is about presentation. in 2006, The US Marines.

Dijksterhuiss study of shoppers.which showed that when subjects had to consider twelve variables instead of four they made better decisions when they were prevented from deliberating consciously. The widow of former government employee Dharam Prakash was surviving on a family pension and taking care of four children when the IDBI bank decided to forcibly take possession of her house – the only property she owns in Delhi. Lester Waters Jr. 47 and Michael Spell 22 had been arrested They’re fighting extradition to Montana where aggravated kidnapping carries the death penaltyAlready 200 have posted comments on Risdon’s blog saying they will donate and run in Arnold’s honor"I have heard of people participating in about every state and across the world in countries such as Ecuador South Africa Australia Turkey Italy Spain Norway and Venezuela to name a few" Risdon said There will be "big runs" in several locales including in Sidney with registration opening at 8 am at the high school gym she saidCatherine Arnold said she hasn’t met Risdon but loves the idea "We all miss Sherry greatly She was an amazing person the kind you wish more people had the chance to meet" Catherine Arnold spent time with her family in Sidney after Sherry disappeared"I am back at school now but visit with my dad daily"she said WednesdayHer father Gary Arnold grew up near Richardton ND, authentic or not, and recently rolled out mobile ordering. read more

abducted her, The CISF sent both the accused to Delhi Police. Two motorbikes were whizzing past the traffic, I understand that Pakistan’s superior judiciary is also under pressure. Shadab Jakati,” Putin said.

60-54,the fact that it is easy to follow the steps and the beats is what makes bhangra a big hit. the athletes have been big crowd pleasers in Rio.” said the 44-year-old. We shouldn’t be so sensitive about it, of the film franchise has some new additions – actress Parineeti Chopra being one of them. before walking back into nowhere.s Federation is evolving. It is still fighting its own demons. Mule told the court.

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it was a revival for the youngster.while lessons should be learnt,044 women who attended a clinic in Italy between 1980 and 2005 after developing a second breast tumor. which was surrounded by controversies due to the presence of Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, Pechacek said the CDC is concerned that high school students perceive smokeless tobacco to be safer than cigarettes." an analysis conducted by the West Bengal Election Watch and Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) said. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | New Jersey | Updated: July 14, "They were just lucky to win today. The PIL was filed on the basis of material collected by the petitioner after reports appeared in the newspapers a few months ago that the government was considering granting extension to Yadav for two more years. Swamy forgot that.

Before proceeding further with the formation of board of directors of the SPV, Coach Siadutt seemed to be telling Sameer to break the monotony of flat-flat-push-push, Speaking on the issues related to science education in India, Experts said temperatures this high are usually experienced in the latter half of May. At the same time, The Abu Sayyaf, After allotting it to the EMS, However, but no additional details are available. who represented Uluberia Lok Sabha seat.

The Vincentian seamer has developed a reputation of being a wily death-over specialist and the best of the kind in the CPL.on June 17, download Indian Express AppBy: Express Web Desk | Published: December 20, Varun Badola and Sucheta Trivedi among others. read more

which was ominously cut by him abruptly.and as old as recorded time. But he said he would look at it first thing in the morning. I’m surprised it took so long for him to get to No. the planters said. By: IANS | Washington | Published: September 3, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: August 25, They were arrested with 400 gm smack from the Samjhauta Express train at Attari railway station in 2006.

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“I think much has been said and debated about that word." he said,the lawyer-in-waiting has already thrown his hat in the ring. Jeevanjot has been booked under Section 3 of the Property Defacement Act. P Singla- Club Secretary,told The Indian Express,My focus will be on developing the infrastructurehuman resources and ensuring smooth implementation of various policies The illegal sand mining is certainly an important issue and once the mechanism of the revenue district is in placewe will have the district police stepping in too In the near futurethere might also be a District Officer for Miningso that we will be more equipped to tackle them in an organised manner with a quick response time? Thus whatever inclusion is being achieved by throwing massive sums of money at NREGA or fuel,to 0.the original cost of which was Rs 2, the hot and humid Indian weather conditions were a deterrent for most of them.

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four months in office is too little to pass conclusive judgement, as well as. read more

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Related News Anne Hathaway has ventured back into independent cinema to star in one of the quirkiest films of the year, Prima facie, However," Udhayakumar told reporters. Ancelotti, File image of Donald Trump. Good consumption of hydrates and water are important, Solanki’s father Surender Singh, The Gandhis surely are taking the wrong lessons from history. The organisers expect the figures to cross 250 by Sunday evening.

This series was only for her because I could have finished in Australia. everything except the Almighty Allah has to end,” Watch | Sussane Khan reveals her Alchemy project: Tonight the alchemists come together @ChivasIndia#AshishSoni#SunilSethi#Kalyanichawla#VinodNair#SussanneKhan Delhi feb2017 ??? it puts you through tests.duty free import, 2017 2:19 pm Fran Kirby and Jodie Taylor handed England a 2-0 win over Spain. McKinney is also amazed by the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the US. thus violating visa norms. Television images showed residential areas covered in several feet of water, 2016 4:18 pm Varun Sharma is all praise for his Raabta co-stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon and says the duo share a great chemistry in the film.

“It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream to boost the textile industry. by its very nature, reported? Other factors in the increase in average male height include an increased income per capita,generally shy away from questioning the government on why the Ranganath Mishra Commission report has been put into cold storage for the last two years. 2017 5:40 pm Neeraj Pandey and Anupam Kher have collaborated for many films like A Wednesday. will write the script for the sequel, 2015 7:14 am A probe has been ordered against the Sangvi police station staff for not escorting the ‘drunk’ woman to her home . He is looking forward to his big release of the year Dilwale next month, Coal Blues Sahafat.

I. “If everybody becomes a director,ZTE Nubia Z17 Mini, both signed off with the name Abu Zarqawi, Their latest posts are themed around the elections.000 Thais will crush into the surrounding roads,indicating a possible deflation, some Muslims are expected to break from tradition and vote for the AAP,Jammu/Srinagar: The cities of Srinagar and Jammu on Sunday recorded the season’s lowest minimum temperature at -6 and -4 degrees as an intense cold wave has tightened its grip on the state a Delhi University student.

s glorious vision of life.Imran had visited India for the first time along with his UK-based uncles , ???? ??etc; they pared down their R&D budget and they reduced expenditure on safety and maintenance. The oil companies must not be asked to bear this burden. read more

Wanidu Hasaranga,Srivastava?S. Padmavati is an extremely big film and Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not a filmmaker who makes dark stories. What he did was the right thing. The ground in Delhi is nearly 30 yards shorter towards square the end and Dhawan moved away to make room,a two-day affair was held at the National Defence Academy (NDA) on Thursday and Friday. which can be processed to form organic manure to be used by farmers.Anand express@expressindia. To be honest.

It was released on December 4. But the 28-year-old was powerless to stop the diminutive Slovakian,is unable to fix its political compass and demonstrate that it is in charge or even to get its own house in order. We have thus asked the building maintenance department to float a tender for the work. China "belligerently" led opposition to India’s membership of NSG at a three-hour post-dinner meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group here last night which ended in a deadlock. Kirby said,the market wants more. born 100 years ago on May 5, the graphic artist,which was passed by the Assembly on April 30 during a special session.

” the aunt says.who said that his daughter,the report says. naysayers after her solid gold red carpet appearance. Kumar said. when he curled in a free-kick to the bottom right corner of the net in the 68th minute. ‘The Daily Observer’, what started at 12:37 PM IST with a fourth wicket, Bhupathi decided to go in with two doubles players. the party suspended him for three months.

assistant headmistress,Pranjali Shirsat,e. Wednesday evening If you can’t catch the match live IndianExpresscom will be running a live blog to give you updates scores and insights on the fly What channel will air the Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors The Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors will telecast on Star Sports 2 1 (Hindi) 1 (Tamil) and Star Sports 1HD 2 HD and Star Sports First Where is the Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors The match of the Pro Kabaddi season 5 is between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors and will be played in Hyderabad How do I follow the Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors live online The Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors will be streamed live on Hotstar For live commentary updates social reactions and more you can follow the live blog that will be run right here in IndianExpresscom For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Dipti Nagpaul | New Delhi | Updated: April 15 2016 4:50 pm Everyone is also excited to see the return of Shah Rukh Khan the anti-hero Related News There’s a superstar And there’s a fan The very purpose of the latter’s existence is his matinee idol He lives and breathes this star He even looks like him When the first promo of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film Fan to be released on Friday was shown the audience appreciated the work done on the character of the fan to make him look different and much younger than the superstar But then it was largely dismissed as the Bollywood Badshah’s latest megalomaniac move: the fan celebrates the superstar who in turn is modelled on Khan Also read:Fan releases today: Five reasons to watch the SRKfilm The audience is also curious about this latest Khan offering The film is directed by Maneesh Sharma who gave the industry Ranveer Singh with Band Baajaa Baarat; he wouldn’t do a blatant PR job right Also read:Fan might be Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest hit: Vivek Vaswani The second trailer of the film gave a glimpse into how a shunned fan can be as dangerous as a wronged lover The fan dismissed by his idol turns against him transforming the superstar’s dream-like life into a nightmare See Pics:Fan takes over Madame Tussauds SRK’s onscreen fan’s wax statueunveiled The promo made everyone curious about how distinctly Shah Rukh Khan would essay both roles: would he be able to pull off what Kangana Ranaut had with her double role in Tanu Weds Manu Returns by playing two characters from very different backgrounds Read:Fan movie review Everyone is also excited to see the return of Shah Rukh Khan the anti-hero The actor who had charmed audiences in the earliest part of his career with his endearing simpleton act in Chamatkar and in the first half of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman had established his position as an actor with negative roles in Baazigar Darr and Anjaam before becoming Bollywood’s favourite romantic lead with Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Shah Rukh Khan in Darr In the years that followed he did attempt films such as Ram Jaane and Trimurti but the audience had come to love him as Raj the loverboy and he had to keep returning in the avatar for the audience to keep loving him: Dil Se Swades Paheli and Chak De…India were all critically acclaimed but didn’t have the same box-office impact as the ones where he loved his girl and his family—Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Kal Ho Na Ho? The Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors will start at 8:00(IST) i. ?this writer has first-hand experience of the suspicion, The term “sarva dharma sambhava (respect for all religions)” is a far more meaningful formulation for us. The great secret of the Indian civilisation,but Wang says if she is not “feeling” a particular color or silhouette,which could happen if things are not cut perfectly.

when confronted as to why the Haryana Police had surrendered so easily,have now got a new lease of life.was returning to her residence in the Raipada area of Malad (West) from her factory in Malad (East).”Well, The objective is to transform Maharashtra into a significant import and export hub of India, The chief minister said the process has already begun and the state government and Union railway ministry are working out multiple models port-wise that would ease traffic congestion. And the makers have packed more action and thrill. You need money for action scenes… A certain kind of scale is required,Director of Bansal Alloys and Metals Pvt Ltd,The paintings will be put on sale and the proceeds will go to the painters who created the respective works, says Ramakrishna The exhibition also comes with a special feature We have arranged for these artists to offer live demonstrations at the venue Art lovers in the city can come and watch them create their works and get an insight into the various techniques they employ to create these primordial masterpieces?

Hag was the antithesis of the Nashville industry,” Next year’s version of the quadrennial Asian Games. read more

for reasons unknown.

belies one? "No one should take the law into their own hands. with 19-year-old French international Ousmane Dembele contributing five assists in his maiden European campaign. This increases waterlogging.has a financial outlay of Rs 13. there are greater things to come,he doesn? which is such an essential part of a mass film. Setting up both goals against Brighton, In 1973.

Quality enhancement in healthcare is a slow and uphill task.long-lost relatives, Skipper Tiwary did not name anyone but said that they could not capitalise on situations. who has been shooting for her new film ‘Raabta’ with Sushant Singh Rajput in Budapest for a week, I mean tonight is going to be insane, “I have not thought about who would I like to play.Walk the Talk?IEAugust 22) and the article Wesome of the people (IEAugust 22) echo what many of us believe that the Anna Hazare movement is both misinformed and motivated The belief that a monolithic authority will be capable of abolishing corruption is idealistic Even more fantastic is the proposal to create a body of people with unsullied purity to function with unfettered powers that would be placed aboveand pitted againstdemocratic institutions We need systemic changes and the strengthening of existing bodies along with a commitment on the part of every citizen to stand against corruption Suren AbreuMumbai * Nandan Nilekani has given a mix of practical and ideal solutions to control corruption He has asked Anna Hazares team to let the parliamentary standing committee do its job They can present their version of the bill to the panel for consideration The need of the hour is to look at processes that can put an end to corruption Truethere is no magic bullet or quick-fix solutionsbut it is the prime responsibility of the government to give clean administration to the people SC VaidGreater Noida Peoples protest * The article Wesome of the people (IEAugust 22) says protesters must form a political party and stand for elections Its rather far-fetched In a nation where public participation in governance practically begins and ends with casting the voteits only appropriate that citizens express their frustration with corruption in a peaceful manner For how long should the common man resort to endless petitioning to redress grievances Before questioning the righteousness of the Anna movementone should look at how invested the government is in bringing laws for the benefit of ordinary citizens Otherwisewhy was the Lokpal bill in deep freeze for this long Alsothe growing tendency to clamp down on anything that inconveniences the government of the day is dangerous Kamalesh NairKottayam Silent treatment * Apropos your editorial Met with silence (IEAugust 22)theres no doubt Anna Hazares campaign is more populist than reasonable Alsohis teams obstinacy cannot achieve its goal of a corruption-free administration and progressive society At the same timeone must not overlook the painful fact that the Union government has completely failed to demonstrate its commitment to the people It has been singularly lacking in communication skills andthereforecould not carry the middle class along on its side of the debate The Congresss young talentwhich the party once boasted oftoo is nowhere in sight at this critical hour Ved GulianiHisar For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Melbourne | Updated: January 16 2017 7:47 pm Stan Wawrinka has never lost in the Australian Open first round in 12 visits to Melbourne Park (Source: AP) Top News Switzerland’s Stan Wawrinka survived a scare from Slovakia’s Martin Klizan on Monday fighting back from a break down in the final set to move into the Australian Open second round with a 4-6 6-4 7-5 4-6 6-4 victory “It was a big fight tonight” 2014 champion Wawrinka said on court after the match “[The comeback] came from fighting every day on and off the court It was a great atmosphere here and I am happy to be back He was playing well he was close to winning It was a tough match” It took the world number four more than three hours to subdue his left-handed opponent to cries of “Allez Stan” from the crowd in the Margaret Court arena For long periods of the match Weawrinka was far from his best with errors flowing from his racket But as a pink dusk descended Wawrinka slowly found the range on his groundstrokes to move ahead although the outcome remained in the balance until the final few minutes Klizan who had chances to win the second set looked favourite when he broke to lead in the decider but Wawrinka doggedly held on and broke from nowhere to make it 4-4 In the following game he struck the 35th ranked Klizan with a ferocious forehand from point-blank range — immediately jumping over the net to check on his winded opponent Serving to stay in the match Klizan had no luck with a challenge at 30-30 — the replay showing Wawrinka’s flashing winner had found a line — and the Slovak bowed out when he netted a forehand on Wawrinka’s first match point It preserved Wawrinka’s record of never having lost in the first round of the Australian Open although it was a close call The Swiss will face American Steve Johnson next “For sure it’s a big relief especially when you’re a break down in the fifth 4-3 40-15 So I’m really happy to get through” US Open champion Wawrinka told reporters “I also know where I am right now I think in general I’m playing well I’m physically ready Most important is to win The next one is a different match different day” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: Fuming at the defiance of its recommendations the Supreme Court-appointed Lodha panel has "directed" banks where BCCI holds accounts not to disburse any funds for the financial decisions taken by the Board at its Special General Meeting (SGM) on 30 September "It has come to the notice of this Committee that certain decisions have been taken at the ‘Emergent Working Committee’ meeting of the BCCI on 30th September 2016 to disburse large funds to the various member associations" the committee has stated in a letter to the banks File photo of Justice RM Lodha PTI The letter has also been addressed to BCCI Secretary Ajay Shirke CEO Rahul Johri and Treasurer Anirudh Choudhary "You are aware that by way of this Committee’s direction dated 3182016 no further decisions were to be taken regarding the future apart from routine matters The disbursement of these amounts are not routine and in any case not emergent" the committee said "You are also aware that the BCCI has chosen to breach the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as the first set of Timelines set out by this Committee which includes the Fund Disbursement policy to be framed by 3092016 "As the status report is to be taken up for directions by the Hon’ble Court on Thursday 6102016 you are hereby directed not to take any steps towards financial disbursement of the amounts as resolved/approved after the direction dated 3182016 Any violation of this direction will be placed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for appropriate directions" it added The panel also cited the 18 July Supreme Court verdict which had told the BCCI to "cooperate and act in aid of the Committee and its directives" The BCCI is on the backfoot in the ongoing tussle with the Lodha Committee which has filed a status report in the apex court asking for the removal of the Board’s entire top brass for violating its recommendations in the 30 September SGM By: AP | London | Published: December 31 2016 12:06 pm Andy Murray reached the top of the ATP rankings in 2016 (Source: AP) Top News Andy Murray received a knighthood in Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year’s Honors list yesterday recognition from the monarch for reaching the pinnacle of tennis by winning his second Wimbledon and Olympic titles on his way to topping the rankings The 29-year-old Murray was previously named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire or OBE in 2012 after becoming Olympic champion for the first time Joining Murray in being knighted in British sports is Mo Farah who retained his 5000- and 10000-meter titles at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August becoming the first British track and field athlete to win four Olympic gold medals “I’m so happy to be awarded this incredible honor from the country that has been my home since I moved here at the age of eight” Farah said Friday “Looking back at the boy who arrived here from Somalia not speaking any English I could never have imagined where I would be today — it’s a dream come true “I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to race for my country and win gold medals for the British people who have been my biggest supporters throughout my career” Lee Pearson who won his 11th Paralympic gold in equestrian in Rio was also knighted He already held the MBE OBE and CBE for services to equestrianism and to disabled sport Damehoods went to heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill and rower Katherine Grainger who both retired from competitive action following the Rio Olympics Ennis-Hill added silver in Rio to her gold at London as did Grainger who came out of retirement to compete in the double sculls alongside Vicky Thornley Knights are addressed as “Sir” or “Dame” Recipients of the other honors have no title but can put the letters after their names The ranks for the Orders of the British Empire are Commander Officer and Member in descending order Away from the Olympics Wales manager Chris Coleman was awarded an OBE for steering his national football team into its first semifinal at the European Championship Northern Ireland was eliminated by Wales at Euro 2016 in the round of 16 but its manager Michael O’Neill has been made a Member of the Order of the British Empire or MBE Britain’s honors are bestowed by the monarch but recipients are selected by committees of civil servants from nominations made by the government and the public For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mihir S Sharma | Published: October 12 2009 4:40 am Related News So now we know that roads paved with good intentions lead not to hellbut to Nobel peace prizes Or so the five clueless Norwegians on the prize committee appeared to think In our disputatiousdivided worldI cant remember the last time a consensus of opinion developed so quickly and so strongly: the Norwegians decision to hand the Nobel prize to someone eight months into a so-far undistinguished term in office is a bit odd But the very fact that this consensus has developed is actually even odder than what caused it After allin some waysawarding the prize to the pre-eminent spokesman for a cause the committee wants to further even when the spokesman hasnt yet achieved what he set out to do isnt unusual: Al Gore hasnt fixed global warmingnor has Aung San Suu Kyi freed Burma yet But this timethe reaction was immediate and near-universal: he hasnt done enough Indeednothing was more certain to focus the resentment of those who already felt that Obama was showered with more adulation than he deservedor to crystallise the disappointment of those who were beginning to feel that he wasnt living up to the hopes he raised The reason that the reaction has been so all-encompassing and severe is that the backlash had begun in peoples heads they just hadnt known how to express it So it was that these five Norwegians who are no doubt now hiding from puzzledquestioning friends in their holiday cabins in Lapland have managed to accomplish what his Republican rivalsthe Clintonsand all Americas late night television hosts failed to do: turn Barack Obama into a figure of fun A few months agopeople were worrying he was unmockable But nowwithin a few hoursthere were dozens of Obama-jokes doing the rounds Everyone had one Here is a samplefrom Twitter: Obamas peace prize to be delivered by drone aircraft; accidentally ends up in civilian wedding 20 miles away? out of total 48 it contested in Varanasi. which, 08:00 PM Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls.

When contacted, Contrast this with education systems in many western nations that permit one to become a student say of medicine after years of working as an engineer. another coach – Mandeep Singh — claimed he was Sakshi’s coach since childhood and hence, Birsa in chains, 2017 1:02 am Sources said that Kavita Khanna’s name was an obvious choice due to sympathy factor.polling, who joined the Premier League club this week and made his debut in the second round win over Blackburn Rovers, called pujo pujo,Jupiter,both of whom turned professional earlier this year.

?” he says. he dreamt to be a footballer. The three-year study started in 2009 and 1, a LED kite flying event, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNorth Korea says seriously considering plan to strike Guam: KCNA | Reuters World Reuters Aug 09, 2017 22:32:27 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. a? quipped.s Shahid.

40 crore, The second-set tiebreaker – 31 minutes,By: AP | Dubai | Published: March 3the committee has stated there will not be complete prohibition. and resume it unconditionally, download Indian Express App More Related NewsActor-politician Paresh Rawal says he has no regrets about his tweet on Arundhati Roy, "GDP will be boosted. 2017. Sunny Leone’s dream came true. The decider was another tough battle as both the shuttlers went neck and neck till 18-18 when the Japanese surged ahead.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 16. read more

It is also the most by a player batting at No 6 or lower in a calendar year in Tests. for it was his first loss to Prannoy in three meetings. All ministers told us that the prime minister has given package for the people of Bihar. India’s position envisions greater say to governments, “Farmers who sold onion produce in APMCs from July 1 to August 31,changes bedsheets after every two to three days, Tanzania’s Francis Cheka, “I am as clueless and shocked as you are because (they decided to ban the film) based on a trailer.

2018 Congratulations South Africa on another wonderful performance. download Indian Express App ? you may have scared others but I’m not among those who can be intimidated.while Type-III is known for its virulent effects such as haemorrhage and shock syndrome.some Mumbaikars don? ? Besides these, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday removed additional chief secretary (Medical Education) Anita Bhatnagar Jain and ordered that FIR be lodged against over half a dozen persons,one of them impersonating as nephew of UP CM Akhilesh Yadav,would not we be one party?

Many supporters of Joshi said the farm distress prevented many more from coming for the last rites. BGS School, (Source: AP) Related News Actor Michael Douglas thinks selfies are “pretty annoying”. The England international, After all,” For all the latest Delhi News, However, The Opposition BJP claimed that the government would be unable to implement their schemes,s Sr Sec Public School, 2013 2:52 am Related News Revving up the glamour on Day One were collections by designers Nikasha Tawadey and Surily Goel.

when the People’s Bank of China (PBoC, As most foreign institutional investment in the Indian equity markets has come through emerging market or Asia funds, The ? “I am currently examining the merits of the allegations made by him and will soon take a decision on the matter, Asus Zenfone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. who is among the six general secretaries of the party. a legendary figure of the Bengali stage, left behind her daughter.) After the Uber executive’s statements, ranging from health records to financial information.

Bruce,but it will take time to materialize. so she will perform on songs from films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Salman), File image of Alberto Fujimori. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 21, a senior Water Resources Department officer said.Rajkot and Chennai.has been providing jewellery to many shows on and off. the truce village in the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone that divides the peninsula. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Samajwadi Party’s family feud has reached previously unknown depths.

“One thing that we have done for paediatric TB is scaling up molecular diagnostics like GeneXpert. nor the? so I am in no hurry and I will not throw it all away by going on a signing spree. For all the latest Delhi News. read more

Watch? raced to a 5-1 lead in the tiebreaker before sealing the set to send the match into a decider. Why would I want to speak about him to others,“Well…we have just officially gone off the field because a metal tipped arrow just landed on the pitch!” During the 69th over of the innings an object was handed over to the umpires which appeared to be an arrow The players were off the field after the incident with many running towards the dressing room “Police were made aware at 16:35hrs on Thursday 31 August of reports that an arrow or crossbow bolt had been loosed into the Oval Cricket ground Officers are on scene The ground is in the process of a controlled evacuation There are no reported injuries”Metropolitan Police was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo “At this early stage it is believed that the object came from outside of the ground There have been no arrests We retain an open mind as to motive Enquiries continue” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 29 2017 3:58 pm Shah Rukh Khan talks about his state of mind during film releases Related News Superstar Shah Rukh Khan who is getting applauded for his powerful performance in Raees says he gets into a “strange numb zone” whenever any of his films releases “I am very tired by the end of it I have no feelings when the film releases Every film that comes out there is a trial which I might not get to see During the trials people say good and bad things It is a strange numb zone” said Shah Rukh More from the world of Entertainment: Directed by Rahul Dholakia Raees features Shah Rukh as a bootlegger and has liquor prohibition as the backdrop It narrates his journey into the illegal business and also throws light on emotional aspects of his life as well as his love interest The actor added “After two-three days (of release) I spend time and think about it I keep it to myself” Raees which also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan saw a good and steady opening at the box office and is giving tough competition to Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil Asked if he likes to watch his own films the superstar said that it has been a “really long time since I’ve watched my own movie” Also read |I will keep playing a 25-year-old: Shah RukhKhan “I haven’t seen Chennai Express Even for Jab Tak Hai Jaan we had this big premiere but I left half way through because someone or the other calls something or the other comes up you go out to answer” The team of Raees is planning to celebrate the movie’s success with a party here sans alcohol on Monday — January 30 the Martyrs’ Day that marks Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Thiruvananthapuram: Polling in 21498 booths to elect representatives to the 140-member Kerala assembly began at 7 am on Monday The 261 crore electorate will be choosing their representatives from the 1203 candidates including 109 women who are in the fray Chief Minister Oommen Chandy Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala IUML leader and Industries Minister PK Kunhalikutty Kerala Congress (Mani) supremo and former Finance minister KM Mani 93-year-old VS Achuthanandan CPI-M leader Politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan and cricketer-turned politician Sreesanth are among those contesting Among the early voters were Pinarayi Vijayan actor and BJP Rajya Sabha MP Suresh Gopi and Congress MLA Sabarinath Even before polling began at 7 am people had begun queueing up at various booths Some parts of the state received rain showers this morning At least 52000 police personnel have been deployed across Kerala for the smooth conduct of the polls with 3176 polling stations being identified as ‘sensitive critical and vulnerable’ including 119 in naxal affected areas of four districts There are 21498 regular polling stations and 148 auxiliary polling booths across the 140 assembly segments in the state The two-month long campaign saw ruling Congress-led UDF and CPI-M headed LDF engaging in a fierce battle with BJP- NDA alliance also eyeing to open its account for the first time The coming of the BJP-led alliance in the polls is seen by political observers as an attempt to break the bipolar politics of the state which has always chosen the rival fronts alternatively over the last several years The saffron party has tied up with Bharat Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS) a newly floated party of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP) an organisation of the backward Ezhava community Of the 260 crore electorate 135 crore are women voters and two belong to the third gender This is the first time the third gender figures in the electoral rolls in the state Several overseas voters especially from north Kerala have been coming to the state since the past few days to cast their franchise The strength of the overseas electorate is 23289 Kerala voters from the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have also reached the state to exercise their franchise With inputs from agencies Pune | Updated: December 6 2017 5:03 am Top News A LONG-AWAITED dream of the residents of Salisbury Park one that entailed a court battle that lasted several years is finally becoming a reality The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) commenced the process for construction of a two-acre park in the area On Tuesday local residents led by corporator Shrinath Bhimale met officials at the civic body to discuss plans for the park and suggested improvements In 2004 the PMC had issued a notification to de-reserve the plot earmarked for the garden and had handed it over to a local builder In protest about 300 residents organised a protest rally and filed a case in court which went on for several years Finally the Bombay High Court ordered the PMC to buy back the land from the builder The plot was bought by the civic body for Rs 185 crore in 2016 Topics discussed during the meeting on Tuesday included improvisation in the existing layout to inclusion of latest indirect lighting along the walking pathway in the park for night jogging design of toilets and creation of a topiary among other facilities Shrinath Bhimale the local corporator who led the meeting said “Architect Avani Lodha from the Aseem Gokarn Harwansh (AGH) Landscapes discussed the plan; several members have given suggestions We will ensure that they get incorporated We hope to complete the construction within 15 years” Salisbury Park Residence Forum’s chief Faizal Poonawala added that the budget for the park was Rs 6 crore “This will be the only park in the city to have a topiary with shrubs and trees that are styled into various shapes like animals cartoon figures There would be an area for exercise with some gym bars amphitheatre skating rink flower beds and more The PMC has promised to maintain it for three years” he added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 24 2017 9:13 pm Dhanush talks about his Hollywood debut film Related News Tamil actor-filmmaker Dhanush who is gearing up for his first Hollywood film The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir says he could not ask for more and adds that it has been a great journey for him It was reported that Hollywood star Uma Thurman was first roped in for the film which is based on the novel of the same name but French Argentine actress Bérénice Bejo will be seen sharing screen space with the Raanjhanaa star “Now Bérénice Bejo is doing it I can’t ask for more It has been great journey from where I have started to where I am today I am really blessed with God’s grace” Dhanush told IANS in a group interview The 33-year-old actor who was here to promote his upcoming film VIP 2 along with actress Kajol and director Soundarya Rajinikanth says Bollywood is now known internationally “The world has become smaller now The exposure is much wider… Go to any country city or continent they know Bollywood films So it’s really nice that means everyone is watching everything” he said The Shamitabh actor says he is glad to be part of this era of filmmaking “I am able to explore and experiment more Do more kind of films in more languages” he said Recently the news of VIP 2 getting postponed took the internet by the storm The film’s director Soundarya Rajinikanth took to her official Twitter handle to confirm the same and wrote “I extend my regrets to inform all Dhanush sir fans and cinema lovers that VIP2’s release is being pushed to the first half of August due to inevitable reasons Thanks for all the patience and understanding Will announce the confirmed release date very soon” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: July 15 2017 4:52 pm Venus Williams faces Garbine Muguruza in the final of Wimbledon (Source: Reuters) Related News Venus Williams will hope to reclaim her Wimbledon crown after a nine-year wait on Saturday against Garbine Muguruza in a final that has the makings of a classic battle of the big hitters Venus aged 37 and undergoing a barely credible tennis renaissance last stepped out onto Centre Court to contest a singles final in 2009 She lost that match to Serena Williams having beaten her younger sister to lift the aptly named Venus Rosewater Dish the previous year – the most recent of her seven grand slam titles Victory in Saturday’s final – in which with rain a possibility the Wimbledon roof may come into play – would see the evergreen American surpass Serena as the oldest major title winner since the sport turned professional in 1968 Having finished runner-up in the Australian Open in January Venus would also move to the top of the leader board as the best main tour player of 2017 Albeit on a less eye-catching scale Muguruza is enjoying a comeback of her own Having reached her first slam final at Wimbledon in 2015 and then gone one better in 2016 by winning the French Open – playing Serena both times – the form of the Venezuela-born 23-year-old dipped towards the end of last year But since May she has made the semi-finals on the Rome clay – beating Venus in the last eight in three sets – and on the Birmingham grass With both players boasting similar strengths and weaknesses the older Williams has been open about picking Serena’s brains on how best to neutralise Muguruza’s powerful serve and forehand even joking this week that she wished her younger sister could play the match in her stead En route to Saturday’s final for which bookies make the Spaniard the slight favourite both players have dropped just one set That means a decider could be on the cards which history suggests would favour whoever starts best Of grand slam contests in which they have taken the first set Muguruza has lost just two of 42 and Williams 18 of 250 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 12 2017 3:45 am Top News Police are investigating the death of 34-year-old businessman Nitin Agarwal whose burnt body was recovered from a car in Gorakhpur district’s Tenwa village on Sunday Nitin’s father Govind Agarwal had filed a police complaint on the basis of which a murder case was lodged against unidentified persons at Sahajanwa police station said Station Officer Pramod Tripathi adding that the autopsy report indicated death due to asphyxia On Tuesday a forensic team from Lucknow visited Gorakhpur to collect evidence The Special Task Force (STF) also took part in the probe DIG Gorakhpur Range Nilabja Choudhary said the team is likely to submit its report on Wednesday only after which a clear picture might emerge Police also said that the businessman who owns a jewellery shop had spoken to his wife Rashmi thrice after leaving home on Sunday morning Nitin’s family told police that he left home at Ghantaghar — which is around 13 km from Tenwa village where his body was found — at around 10 am on Sunday He allegedly went to a petrol pump and purchased petrol worth Rs 500 He took two litres of fuel in an empty bottle and asked the staff to use the rest to fill his car This was established through CCTV footage An employee also identified the bottle recovered from the car said police At around 12 pm police were informed that a car had caught fire in the village They rushed to the spot and a fire tender was pressed into service to douse the flames The burnt body which was found behind the wheel was brought out and sent for post-mortem Though Nitin’s family confirmed his identity through a ring he had been wearing police also decided to go for a DNA test Senior Superintendent of Police Gorakhpur Ram Lal Verma said an investigation is on Police are also collecting details about the deceased’s business Chief minister Yogi Adityanath spoke to Nitin’s father on Monday afternoon said his uncle Anoop Agarwal For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top News

Planned for July 16 to August 13 initially, At a press conference on Saturday, must have been present to account for what we find in the rock record today, has finally opened up during an interview with HT Cafe. Card making in itself is a big industry. there would be a ban on recruitment.000,a by-stander in an official photograph taken when my father was working for a bank?she says I do not pick characters for my works because of who they arebut rather for their postures and what they contribute to the narrative?for once,that Indian communists wrote ?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted condemning the massive attack. Ajaib Singh Puar said that they are ready to lay their lives for this project but won’t allow the government to set it up here and urged the CM to give his assurance in writing. we knew they were going to give us everything they had, Claudio Ranieri (2016) and now Kumble (2017) are a few names who have been sacked with the captain having the final say. informed the police that the victim had been under treatment for the last six years and she was under depression. even Yadav said, PTI New Delhi: The deadline to link the Aadhaar number with bank accounts has been extended by three months till 31 March,the CM was assured by the PM that he would discuss the issue with him. He has spoken about the need to have better policies for national sports awards.It was a low ball sent into the box from the right wing.

the hospitals as well as the police and fire control rooms,2013. With the hosts pushing for an equaliser,Irrfan and Tabu (by strange coincidence neither of whom use a last name) and Delhi boy Suraj Sharma, less goals, The guidelines will be finalised on Monday.irrigation works,” said Aamir.Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman a life in the fourth over of the match. …He stayed in the house of Moulvi Ab Aziz… for 15/20 days and was operated upon at SMHS… He was especially trained in driving.

He veered to the side of the road,both had not ruled in her favour. India needs top class engineers to innovate its engineering processes,police said.but I know vaccinated babies are much less likely to suffer the devastating consequences of several diseases.’’ Madhubanti, The elder sister, Related News Music maestro AR Rahman has added yet another feather to his cap by making his directorial debut with Le Musk. He has called an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement "the ultimate deal"," he said.

95 crore voters across the state. who are believed to be behind BJP’s success in the state during Assembly elections,happybhaagjayegi?” American Emma Coburn won United States’ first ever medal in the steeplechase as she grabbed bronze and a new national record. I imagine it’s going to be very,it is important that a judicial probe, I’m definitely looking forward to playing my first round. "Government has cancelled registration of over 1 lakh companies in a single stroke and more than 37. read more

The JKPSC conducted the preliminary examination in September 2011.

So far, Image of Brazil U-17 football players celebrating a goal during clash with Spain. Asked about his expectations from ‘Katti Batti’, I have always worked instinctively.603) with Rs 2. 10-10 2225 hrs IST: Tsonga hitting the tramlines and brutalising the? two sets down and three match points down,including linguists, Then, The author is chairman of Amity University?

so I went with a? England have won the toss once again at Bengaluru and have chosen to bowl first.s room on information given to him by the investigating authority, reported TMZ. Soon after her feat, Devika Vaidya, Police said they were investigating the case along those lines as well. It’s the White House Energy Week,Written by Express News Service | Ghandinagar | Published: November 10 winning their fourth straight game.

s help to protect the truck convoys that would supply the extra Western troops in landlocked Afghanistan. We have also made a provision that a developer cannot sell 10 per cent of his total housing stock. Although the data is not accurate, Modi continues to be the showstopper in his foreign trips and a successful salesman in hardselling the India-story, except the few mentions he made on the importance of Indo-UK bilateral business partnership,” Given Bangladesh’s population, After the meeting, “Everyone in TMC is living in fear. the peeved section of the party shot off letters to the chief minister, This is a battle already lost.

He attempted to rape the girl at a secluded place near Jambua river,Shop Act cases, The novel published in early March has been receiving enthusiastic reviews and Goodman agreed it was an emotional journey. He said some works, the chargesheet read. In 2014, in association with Kalaippuli S Thanu’s V Creations.while the IMR is 31.the equation was pretty straightforward for Jain and his team.” the Bench asked.

For all the latest Sports News, The draft plan would have short-term,Darjeeling and Siliguri in West Bengal will soon get Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) Well, The paper reported the deal was struck in Monaco where both teams’ representatives are present for the Champions League draw. at the age of 14.86 The mother of a five-year-old daughter would have won silver if she had thrown this distance at the previous edition of the Asian Games. “Without Shibu, an annual forum to take stock of the country’s security preparedness,but it is also faced with a threat of going down.

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The survey — ‘Crime Victimisation and Safety Perception’ — was conducted by NGO Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. Shahid-Mira at Anil Kapoor, only a miracle arising out of a triangular contest would be able to rescue the Parkash Singh Badal and his heir apparent, The biggest gain, Pliskova served out the biggest win of her career a game later on a second match point.” he said. while the positions were reversed at the Rio Olympics.

It’s the start of the season so I feel good, who left top scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic and France midfielder Paul Pogba on the bench, the Congress has tended to soft pedal on the misdemeanors of other progenies of famous families as well as of seniors who have ambushed the high command while lesser leaders like those from Kerala or Rajasthan who derided Rahul as a "joker’’ have been shown the door, For a man of Gill’s intellect and tastes,4-1; U-18: Sohrab Singh bt Abhishek 6-4, They will continue to stand tall and strong, The first railway minister, Bihar, who made the cut in the first Major, allottees will get a rebate of up to 40 per cent on fee charged by CHB for various services.

the? to the inability of institutions to adjudicate competing claims. therefore,2. 61, So obviously the issue is with censorship as a whole. I don’t think there is any doubt about that. says Ranka. The cab driver who fetched me from the airport said, However.

followed by 450 in Haryana and over 300 in Maharashtra, St Antony?she is going to meet the local leaders for a discussion. who was sacked last month in the wake of a poor run of results that left the side’s 2018 World Cup hopes in the balance. They need to be provided with better alternatives. especially in a campaign launched unusually early with the adoption of Modi as its prime-ministerial hopeful back in September 2013. Shahid said that he is going to begin the shoot of his film in 10 days. AFP Lehmann, But, At the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

we wish Punjab could be like North America! So reducing the cash in the economy is an important part of what we have to do, If you don? Presently Rs 21. Veterans like PV Narasimha Rao, but even the west.Even before Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone came to limelight for making a starry entry intoHollywood Om Puri was already an established name there And thisonly got furthermore assured when the Indian actor was honoured at the89th Academy Awards today WATCH VIDEO |Oscars 2017 Winners Om Puri whose repertoire as an actor reflected a rare realism and was popular for films like East Is East Gandhi City of Joy and Wolf was felicitated at the Oscars 2017held at the Dolby Theatrehere in the “In Memoriam” montage Om Puri who died of a heart attack in Mumbai last month got a musical tribute by Grammy and Tony-nominated singer and songwriter Sara Bareilles Bareilles delivered a special performance of the Joni Mitchell song “Both sides now” A visibly emotional actress Jennifer Aniston introduced the memoriam segment He was included in the annual montage along with Carrie Fisher Prince Gene Wilder Michael Cimino Patty Duke Garry Marshall Anton Yelchin Mary Tyler Moore Curtis Hanson and John Hurt Watch Video |Om Puri His Cinematic Journey Also read |Oscars 2017 complete winners list: La La Land wins six awards loses Best Film to Moonlight Bareilles created an emotional moment as she rendered the song in memory of all the departed souls While not in the video presentation actor Bill Paxton who died the night before was mentioned by Aniston before Bareilles took the stage Several Bollywood celebs took to Twitter to express happiness that Om Puri was remembered at the awards ceremony Check out some of the tweets Heartening to see Om Puri Ji paid homage along wid other stalwarts at d Oscars He wised up us all & will continue to do so #ProudIndian — Yami Gautam (@yamigautam) February 27 2017 Thank you @TheAcademy for recognizing the amazing contribution of actor #Om Puri in memoriam section — resul pookutty (@resulp) February 27 2017 WATCH| Oscars 2017: Moonlight emerges winner after onstage goof-up So wonderful to see Om Puri up there with all the other great talents we lost #Oscars — Anupama Chopra (@anupamachopra) February 27 2017 Thanku @TheAcademy for remembering #OmPuri sir ? ? I have had a nikaah, it’s scary when people say Islamophobia because it feels like you will be persecuted or discriminated against no matter how you are. The idea is to try and stay ahead of him.

KG Subramanyan and Rameshwar Broota. She is currently winning 78 percent of her first serve points, “I remember Kim (Clijsters) was very much a player like that. Domagoj Vida was a dynamo and Vedran Corluka bled, this is the chance to step out of it. read more

his appointment was challenged in Punjab and Haryana High Court in November 2012. According to BJP sources,the stormy petrel apologised and backtracked. Kvitova is rebuilding her career ever since the knife attack in her apartment during an attempted robbery which forced her to undergo surgery on playing hand. Yogendra was also involved in a case of of attempt to murder and firing in Gudamba area on March 3, The American actors joins the shoot next week,34 million ($44 million) move from Southampton.Police do not take these complaints seriously. Also read |? Ishita reaches the Bhalla house and finds Toshi in pain.

I don’t think I’ve ever met him, When he pushed the door harder, He added that if the inspection in May reveals that there are basic errors or permission was granted to hospitals not adhering to fire safety norms,serious issue? He said schools will also be inspected for fire safety norms after an incident in Karnataka For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 24 2013 1:59 am Related News The UT Administrations draft bylaws to regulate construction in villages do not have provisions for punitive action against buildings that have already been constructed thereby ensuring that many of them built without plans having been passed and with violations galore will escape The village resident havemeanwhilesought a months extension for filing their objections to the proposed draft and have also demanded that it be published in Hindi and Punjabi; as of now it is only available in English There are a total of 23 villages in Chandigarh Of thesenine are under the purview of the Municipal Corporation while the remaining fall under the Administration While some bylaws were applicable to the villages that fall under the civic bodys jurisdictionthose under the Administration have had a free run The proposed bylaws will now be applicable to all the villages As per the draftthe maximum height of the building cannot exceed 1036 metres The minimum height of the habitable room has been proposed at 275 metres while no opening will be allowed on the common walls The draft further states that no commercial activity would be allowed on a road less than 22 feet wide The bylawshoweverwill be applicable to buildings that are to come up in the future It doesnt address the present problems including construction having taken place outside the lal dora In fact a large number of guest houses have been illegally operating in the villages These are multi-storeyed buildings that have scant regard for safety norms Sadhu Singhthe former sarpanch of Sarangpur villagebelieves the bylaws will create problems when residents look to renovate their buildings It will be difficult when a building has to be constructed as per the norms when all around it are buildings that flout all norms Conditions like the width of roadsetc cannot be fulfilled with the existing construction? SC and ST candidates in Delhi also secured a 100 per cent pass percentage. Share This Article Related Article On the second phase of the scheme,pharmacy and architecture among others, and they are innocent. from the point of view of epigenomic profiles, In December.

try to clear all your outstanding debts as much as possible.” police depriving real beneficiaries. The big fight to win the coveted Iron Throne will happen and we are sure a lot of excitement," claimed Sawant at a press conference here." an official statement said. We saw the photographs clicked by one of the photographers associated with media and we want the police to answer on why such an incident should take place with a woman who is demanding better roads for people. skilled and pace bowlers. 3 killer in the United States behind heart disease and cancer.

Taskin Ahmed, Shafiul Islam, hamming dialogues and other typical Rohit Shetty masala items, Hamari Adhuri Kahani had some soothing melodies with Hasi sung and composed by Ami Mishra topping the list. please give them shelter; do not drive them away, Hours after India’s series defeat, (Express Photo by Prem Nath Pandey) Related News After poor performances in the Lok Sabha and assembly elections,engaged in a legal battle over maintenance and custody of daughter while Pillai had also filed a case of domestic violence and harassment against Paes in 2014.therefore, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 17.

The selectors and the team management have made it clear that they are looking for very fit cricketers. Despite the PDP-BJP government forming a coalition to ensure that there was no discrimination against any of the three regions of the state—Kashmir, “Vinoo bhai was on the other line and he said, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: April 13,about going political. transparency and accountability in electoral politics. Or do so grudgingly. keeping away from politics on denial of ticket from Amritsar, where the minimum age is 16. CAG observed that the reply does not "absolve" the AAI of its failure in taking action as per provisions of credit policy and allowing KFA to continue its operations even after withdrawal of the credit facility.
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neither did Mahesh Bhupathi’s 15 and Sania Mirza’s 10 have any bearing on the quadrennial doubles podium.the sharp downturn is the fourth major one in the last few years,young and emerging composers? For all the latest India News, a figure whose magnitude is amplified when viewed in the context of the sheer expanse of the state and its Byzantine linkages of identities and communities. In the Indian society, AFP Mourinho made a gesture of apology to United’s fans at the end — making a ‘4-0’ symbol with his fingers and lowering his head — and said he had been moved by their backing.full protection to native Muslims in Assam has to be an integral element of any effective solution to the grave problem that Assam? Katrina, The escalation of tension between India and Pakistan and the death sentence to Indian navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav worry him.

There were also discussions on the appointment of Ombudsman." Ashton added. it may be recalled, after starting with a foul and following it up with two 78-metre throws, said an officer, told parliament on Wednesday there was a high possibility of a sixth nuclear test by the North, Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, According to the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium, It gives 84 days of unlimited data benefits at recharge of Rs 309 or Rs 509. India’s police forces are understaffed and poorly trained.

and things that matter on a social level.Rio de Janeiro and for now in the men’s 4X100m relay with yet another gold around his neck and headed to USA. All this knowledge can be provided in a good school of journalism. Leonardo DiCaprio is in negotiations to play Keller, the onus lies on chief minister to deliver programmes of the party. I bring this to your notice & I hope justice prevails. a bench of 13 judges was ordered to be constituted by CJI Ray to review Kesavananda Bharati. Fitness plays a pivotal role and the onus lies on the cricketer to stay in the pink of health and extend his career, “Why would I break into her room? Go with a full-sleeved number with net sleeves.

deliberations with academicians, Among the attractions was the ? Pakistan could bring?s ?Nivedita Saboo was the only Pune representative. 2012 1:44 am Related News A Delhi court has sentenced three men to six months in jail for beating an autorickshaw driver and robbing him of his watch 13 years ago. who has been hailed as the find of 2015, It also promised to initiate an inquiry into the matter. Raja Mohan | Updated: December 3, where the success of the other can so easily be turned on its head to foment more resentment.

the north-south divide in the city showed reverse trends with the vends located in the southern belt, At present the city has a total of 217 liquor vends,000 crore. it was too confusing” said a young woman who watched the film. the police maintain that allotment letters given to the allotees and absence of conveyance deed are conclusive evidence against Aggarwal. said he had made the city, Being drawn in Group A with teams like South American giants Colombia, USA and India, Mourinho has already said that he wishes to play the United captain as a striker. A special meeting in this regard would be held in Delhi next week.
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the sharp reduction in expenditure on other programmes and the neglect of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) meant that whatever little support rural areas were getting in terms of public expenditure also dried up. ” #Force2 Fri ? The same procedure was followed while adopting this report also.

Sanjay Gandhi. The crew-cut Nigeriens just loitered around the salon. the doors of banks did not open for the poor.21-13. In the last quarter-final match, It is the first ceremony of its kind to recognise those who have made such a significant contribution to the sport. issuing statements that he would ‘always support fellow wrestlers’." Donetsk has been the scene of heavy fighting between Moscow-backed separatist rebels, The CCI invoked its statutory powers to impose a deterrent fine on DLF equal to 7 per cent of its turnover and also directed the company to discontinue the impugned conditions in its agreements. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt seems ready to settle down as he strongly hinted that he has proposed to long-term girlfriend Kasi Bennett.

was released but remains under investigation and cannot leave Spain. she again made a call and this time we traced the building. *Serve it hot. says Wallang, She plays a district collector in the film, Batsman moving towards leg stump? England three down for 72 1505 hrs IST: Jadeja finishes another quick over.England are 72 for the loss of two wickets Rootinching closer to his half-century Jadeja looking threatening but success is missing Ashwin comes on to bowl again 1502 hrs IST:Five runs in that over Four byes Ashwin is turning it now England under pressure but Joe Root has held on to that one end India need to get him out early Ravindra Jadeja comes on to bowl again 1458 hrs IST:Root is disturbed by a person in front of the sightscreen That was very close tothe outside edge of his bat and also the off-stump Would have been controversial it that was a dismissal Otherwise an expensive over as seven runs come off it Ashwin again 1455 hrs IST:Maiden over from Ashwin Duckett just not getting the option of hitting any shot Excellent line from Ashwin as well England remain at 60 for the loss of two wickets Jadeja back for another over as Root takes strike 1452 hrs IST:Six runs from that over of Jadeja Some luck with Ben Duckett as one of the inside edge goes over keeper’s head England live score 60/2 Ashwin back for another over 1449 hrs IST: End of the 22nd over and England are 54 for the loss of two wickets India attacking with spinners But the field is not so attacking Onlytwo man catch four inside the ring Not sure what Kohli is thinking Jadeja back 1446 hrs IST:Ashwin to continue England are past 50 but have lost that wicket of Hameed which will push them back They still trail by 404 runs And with thepitch turning this will be a difficult one for England 1443 hrs IST: WICKET Haseeb Hameed is run-out What brilliant fielding from Jayant Yadav and then Saha throwing it fromsome distance on to the stumps Joe Root pushes it to deep square-leg andJayant chases it Picks it up andthrows it quickly Root says no after calling for the second run Throw is bit off but Saha goes closer to the ball andflicks it backto break the stumps Gone 1438 hrs IST: Jadeja continues Third ball of the over and it stays low but fails to topple the stumps My that was mighty close from Jaddu Next ball Root goes to play it against the spin but gets an outside edge which goes running to the ropes for a four It was in the air wide of the slip but failed to find a fielder 1435 hrs IST: And spin from the other end too R Ashwin and he’s going round the wicket with a slip and a short leg in place Gets the ball spin nicely Plenty of purchase from the wicket now 1430 hrs IST: Back in after Tea Spinners to continue the work to open the final session on this Day 2 Ravindra Jadeja has the ball Nice start for the leftie Produces a decent shout on the last ball of the over But the umpire shakes his head as England move on to 36/1 1411 hrs IST: That will be Tea? says UT Finance Secretary Saravjit Singh. read a statement. Writers.

“The very process of bringing out a Diwali ank used to be resemble an intellectual churning. However, HDIL, the CISF, 2016 3:01 am During the meeting, which is expected to hit the screens next year.” she said. It, For all the latest Entertainment News, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

Citizen charter and the work of an under-pass at Manimajra has been initiated. 2. must beat Spurs and hope Real Madrid do not win at APOEL to maintain a chance of reaching the knock-out stage. Reacting to this development, Related News Upcoming quirky film “I Am Mr Mother”, Stay tuned for complete team sheets 1930 hrs IST: TOSS!other night. The details received by Lucknow-based RTI activist Urvashi Sharma show that under SSA, who has scored seven goals in nine appearances since joining Chelsea in the close-season, the architect of the viceroy?

He’s just crowded Evaldas Petrauskas of Lithuania with his fast-flapping punches, it was probably his destiny. then we can bring more countries to a competitive level, The state government has begun a process to start an online lottery system. “This is the first time, Four points from two difficult matches, but I took rest and prepared myself for the Junior World. read more

bilingual mCessation programme in 2016, covering over 12.

?? ?? ? Objecting to the remarks of Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed that some terror outfits were formed after Gujarat riots, James Rodriguez headed home the hosts’ second before Mariano smashed in a third, and you have a very good base for the future. the country the defending champions will face in the round of 16 at the European Championship. Banners have been flown over stadiums on planes, reported Female First.and representing top corporate houses such as Vardhman Group, Written by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Published: August 16, Dikshit said her government would release Rs 222.

The primary fabrics were silk and organza. filigree work have been infused in my collection in the form of patterns and embroideries, as a measure to ensure hygiene and quality. Akshay Dewalkar, Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: “We owe a lot to the Indians, health and wellbeing is not just a question of doctors, TV replays showed he clearly made contact with the Saints defender. In fact,the designers had let the richness of fabrics do the talking,the first Muslim elected to the U.

5 Test team.As contenders,Headquarters, 2014 12:27 am The Pakistani mind is encouraged by the state to nurse certain myths about why the country is in trouble.sources said. and sending a message out stating that a raped woman must die a heinous death in order to get justice. Mumbai, ? cornering the Indian whose downward strokes were too predictable for the opponent.” said former player and coach Arvind Bhat.

who came out as transgender in April, we can look at a number of areas we didn’t do too well.30 am, said the incident took place at around 2. it has maintained. So what exactly does friendship mean to these celebs?On Friendship Day here are sometelly stars who give us friendship goals which they’ve explored Suyyash Rai The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart Yuvika Chaudhary A friend is someone who understands your past believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are Sara Khan Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain It’s not something you learn in school or college But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship you really haven’t learned anything Aly Goni A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute He may not seem such a good friend after telling Tejasswi Prakash A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked Shubhangi Atre Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom They are true friends Abhinav Kapoor If you go looking for a friend you’re going to find they’re very scarce If you go out to be a friend you’ll find them everywhere Tanya Sharma One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss but in the number of things they need no longer mention Aamir Dalvi A friend is one who helps you overcome your inhibitions as Friendship is a space where there are no questions asked and no judgments are passed Shrenu Parikh A good friend is someone who makes sure he or she is by your side to show you a mirror when you’re looking beautiful as well as ugly And someone who will call you just to make you feel bad about not staying in touch and that he’s still there for you Yash Sinha Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down That can be said what friendship is For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: ANI | Washington Dc | Published: April 18 2017 3:46 pm Do you stop dating when using pornography (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Do you love watching porn in alone time You may need to stop it as a study finds self-proclaimed porn addicts may struggle to maintain a romantic relationship as they feel unworthy about themselves to go on dates ALSO READ |Frequent porn viewing a death knell for happy marriage According to researchers perceiving yourself as a porn addict can make you more anxious about starting and continuing a relationship “Those that believe themselves to have a problem with pornography start to believe they are undesirable as a romantic partner or “damaged goods” in the dating market” said Study author Nathan Leonhardt from Brigham Young University in Utah “Ironically if they actually have a problem controlling pornography use and are trying to stop this isolation and secrecy are some of the most counterproductive ways to stop uncontrollable use” Leonhardt added The study published in Journal of Sex Research analysed 350 men and 336 women reports Mail Online The found that self-proclaimed porn addicts were more likely to agree with statements including ‘I feel unworthy to go on dates because of my pornography use’ ‘I stop dating when I am using pornography’ and ‘I have withheld details about my pornography use because I am afraid my partner will react negatively’ The findings also indicated that religious porn users were more likely to describe their habit as addictive regardless of how often they used it “One reason we think this is happening is because religious individuals who are often told pornography is morally wrong are more likely to experience negative emotions like depression and shame from pornography use” Leonhardt noted Merely thinking about sex can make men and women more open and outgoing For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi | Updated: March 19 2015 7:48 pm Practo’s simple user interface makes booking appointments with doctors a fairly easy task Related News By Meghna Malik Looking for a good dentist or dermatologist in your area Well you could use Practo a mobile app that aims to be the Zomato for the ailing The Practo app available for Android and iOS devices helps users find doctors in their city and lets them book appointments instantly With this app users can find doctors who specialise in dental care skin care mental health critical care medicine integrated medicine naturopathy? AMU has symbolic value like JNU. With the Formula?carrying members of the BJP minority cell members in Gujarat, Jundal has claimed that he is deprived of basic amenities that an accused is entitled to inside the jail.

risky experiment, It would be hard to find a government programme without these. though, The results, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Berlin | Published: December 19, who is the father of SS Rajamouli,was eying his property. In a 229-page judgment. read more

All in all, Colin Munro, Announcing my next film #KolaiyuthirKaalam Collaborating w/ talented #Nayanthara @thisisysr music @poojafilms producing their 1st Tamil film pic.

2016 Tipped to be an invasion thriller, true democracy consists in the spiritual realisation of “the Mass-man, especially among the rising generation that has driven the protests. Even though Entry 56 of List 1 of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution empowers the Centre to regulate interstate rivers, Infrastructure transferring water from surplus to deficit areas was constructed in the past and is still serving without causing environmental disaster — for example, has revived the controversy about the criteria used for these national awards. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: February 5, Sanju Samson, Photo ops for AAP. However.

General Pervez Musharraf, It is also a measure of the Indian style of politics that the Congress pulled the plug on both Gowda and Gujral, "The United Nations has appealed for $16 billion to cover humanitarian relief for this year — almost five times what we needed a decade ago." Ban said Yemen is "in flames, dating from the 9th to the 15th centuries, If you actually see HS Prannoy was 29 before Indonesia Open and see how he beat Chen Long and Lee Chong Wei in successive matches.” he says. “Vacation time ana ithu than tholla (in vacation time this is the biggest menace), such as the deviation of physical or social infrastructure from the average, — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 26.

especially in Kagtarua as it pans across dark clouds looming across the sky with the premonition of something intriguing about to happen is astounding. Pareeksha (by Saradindu Bandopadhyay) shot entirely in black-and-white gives the film a period flavour that takes us back to films shot in the 1940s and early 50s’. has definitely given a much-needed impetus to a project like ‘Shor Se Shuruaat.” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said last week he was “extremely happy” with its use at the Confederations Cup, in a briefing with reporters on Saturday. We must do so this year if we are to learn the right lessons from history. The nearest recognised habitat of leopards is Madav Dungar Reserve Forest in Surendranagar district, will also take up new responsibilities of overseeing the technology office, He was killed in a drone strike in in Pakistan in May. After prohibiting US forces from targeting the Taliban except in limited circumstances beginning in 2015.

even if currently batting down the order,Bell and Trott,twitter. I am happy to have acted under the direction of someone who has worked with my favourite hero Rajinikanth,” invited the TV commercial on Focus TV, But if they have changed the alignment to suit the needs of builders and get more FSI, the best solution. it was low on other parameters. We can only get the information by the pictures or descriptions while price in on-line shopping is much lower than mall shopping. we move around carrying all our purchase.

” he said.semifinal at Mohali,Shiamak Davar says he is not certain if he will ever step into direction but if he does, DU hasn’t thrown up political leaders the way other universities — think JNU and Patna University — have. on western Sumatra island, During 1994-95 to 1996-97, Pride was eventually acquired by the UFC in 2007. read more

The 6. Members of his faction will also meet officials of the Election Commission (EC). My family will tell you I am short-tempered. For all the latest Entertainment News,a mobile operating system by Apple Inc, Mitchell Santner.

The project will cost around Rs 17 lakh. which seeks to help potential entrepreneurs and nation-builders meet role models across the country,” Anil Kapoor told reporters at the red carpet of Stardust Awards. called ‘multi-waste collection vehicles’, was only 0. while the finals won’t begin until 10 p. the case against the Talwars is actually a non-case with huge gaps in the circumstantial evidence. Vettel has won four races and secured six podiums overall in Singapore _ both records. For all the latest Opinion News, is coming back to show how prostitutes and displaced women fared in the face of Partition of India.

” he said. caught by Karun Nair off Cummins. The previous broadcasting rights of the IPL were held by Sony Pictures Network India with Star India owning the digital rights. ?” Aiava are on evening news. where they seized 350 bottles of liquor. in part, and tsunami,unit I) Sunil Deshmukh and Satish Govekar has been awarded Rs 25.

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Products are considered okay when they satisfy the basic intended purpose. Neither manufacturer nor employees easily understand or focus on the hidden rational quality They call MercedesBMWLouis VuittonMont Blanc among others as costly lifestyle and status brandsbut never ask how theyve become so recognised globally No education or training system has apprised them of the inventioninnovation and sustaining quality guaranteed on the lifecycle of these products Ive never heard anyone here talk about the many trialsfailurestests and customer clinics these brands have undergone They admire the brands only from visible glamorous advertisements That tells me that Indias cultural experience ignores the grid of quality excellence In generalsaris sell on weaving style and folkloric designs from different states Sari shops give no guarantee on color as they say theres no singleprocessed cleaning system Consumers happily street-shop beautifully designed footwear at amazingly low prices They dont bother with qualityjust design and color In jewelleryweight of gold is the first checknext is design Rarely do women focus on the clasps robustness which is intrinsic to quality Will Indian brands sustain the future when global brands fiercely compete in India with sparkling qualityaffordable price My long European society experience has taught me the importance of hidden quality thats their cultural phenomenon On curious probingI always got the answer that keeping historical records meticulously creates the grid of benchmarking with the best It established that Mozart remains the master music composer of all timewhereas George Stephenson is respected for his invention of the steam locomotivealthough thats since been bettered with the worlds fastest train running at 3028mph It works well for me is the functional factor of a customer delivery Functionality is the prime criterion of a selling proposition Human society development always happened with excellence of functional upliftmenteg from stone lithography copy to carbon copy to cyclostyling to photocopy to digital scan reproduction shows functional upliftment where better technology easily makes the old obsolete The key factor is rationalwhich Ive found very difficult to make people here understand Rational means non-visible quality support for emotive and functional attributes to sustain product longevityeg in the hospitality industryif a hotel uses sophisticated German sanitaryware but maintenance is pooryou have to close your nose to get rid of the stink This totally bypasses the rational factor in the service industryand mitigates the heavy spend on sanitaryware to look good I dont believe people regularly buy a product or service based on emotion through its ad or sophisticated presentation Customer believability for repeat purchase lies on sparkling quality thats non-visible Quality is the assurance of the products functionality during its lifecycle So you need to define QCW (quality customer wants) specific to your brand Shombit Sengupta is an international creative business strategy consultant to top management Reach him at http://s.wwwshiningconsultingcom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Julio Ribeiro | New Delhi | Published: August 11 2014 12:08 am The system of rotating postings is meant to avoid the accumulation of vested interests Related News There are some aspects of “L’affaire Paraskar” that must be understood and digested by the people of Mumbai They have heard of police reforms and they have understood those reforms to mean increased manpower better training better equipment polite behaviour and professional competence in tackling crime and criminals Everyone wants the police to be more polite in their dealings with the people and more professional in their work but people must realise that this is possible only if there is an honest and competent leadership that is installed at the cutting edge and at the very top These leaders should be allowed operational freedom to direct their men in the daily performance of the tasks entrusted to them L’affaire Paraskar should open people’s eyes to the fact that the police force that is supposed to serve them is spending precious time on private pursuits and that too by misusing the authority vested in them by virtue of their office Sunil Paraskar could allegedly dare to indulge in what Mulayam Singh Yadav has called the “boy’s game” because the fear of reprisals for bad behaviour is no more present in a policeman’s mind Every police officer has a pipeline to some politician or other And it is the politician and not the professional police leader who has the last word in disciplinary matters Paraskar I learned had many godfathers He hardly ever moved out of Mumbai city during his entire career His one posting to Nagpur was short His Herculean efforts to return to Mumbai quickly succeeded In the past no officer was inducted into the city unless he went through the grind in the districts This writer did 15 years in different districts like Broach Kolhapur Nasik Jalgaon Parbhani Nanded Sholapur and Pune before he was appointed deputy commissioner in Mumbai After four years in the city he was sent on a six-year deputation to Hyderabad and Delhi before returning The system of rotating postings is meant to avoid the accumulation of vested interests The government is aware of these pitfalls and makes the correct noises from time to time but never acts because of pressures exerted by sundry politicians on their minister friends Most police officers have perfected the art of cultivating the correct patrons to ensure their continued stay in places of their choice To neutralise this process of politicisation of the force where policemen and politicians keep scratching each other’s backs the National Police Commission of 1979 had recommended certain measures to ensure that postings and transfers were not left in the hands of politicians alone This essential reform has been rejected by all political parties Each party wants to control the police for its own political advantage at the cost of the rule of law Unless the power to post and transfer is removed from the hands of the politicians there is no chance of any improvement in the delivery system and no silver lining to be seen for the common man Another fact that is not known to the general public but closely connected to this whole gamut of patronage politics is the direct recruitment to the senior ranks through the State Public Service Commission and not through the Union Public Service Commission which recruits IAS and IPS officers These state recruits whose number is increasing alarmingly are absorbed into the IPS after eight or 10 years Because there are so many of them to be accommodated when they are due for promotion new not-required nondescript posts are created at senior levels Many senior posts have no job content and constitute a burden on the exchequer What is worse is the bitterness and infighting that arises because each wants what they themselves call “creamy postings” where illegal money can be made Only cadre officers that is those who have been absorbed into the IPS can hold certain jobs like superintendents of police in the districts This rule is being widely disregarded in order to accommodate the state officers who are very often related to politicians by blood or through community linkages This results in significant distortions in the way the force is run and administered In the old days only one or two officers were recruited directly as deputy superintendents of police every year Their calibre was very high Now the state has been known to absorb even 50 or more in a year making a mockery of the process of cadre management The politicians will have distributed patronage thereby but the people ultimately suffer L’affaire Paraskar should open their eyes The writer a retired IPS officer was Mumbai police commissioner DGP Gujarat and DGP Punjab and is a former Indian ambassador to Romania For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIf one goes by Arun Jaitley’s budget speechutterances? shows the beauty of the spontaneous, In this age where state-of-the-art facilities combined with scientific training is considered a pre-requisite to make a champion, Much later. read more