NHC: 80% Chance of Tropical Depression Forming in the Gulf

first_imgIt has been so quiet in the tropics that we almost forgot it was hurricane season in Florida.Now there are rumblings that a named storm could pop up fueled by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the week.According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, there’s a 80% chance that a tropical depression could form by the end of the week in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida. If it develops into a storm it will be named Tropical Storm Barry. The increased odds that it will develop are due to warm water temperatures near the panhandle. The system is expected to bring us wet weather.last_img read more

Person of interest taken into custody after 3-year-old goes missing

first_imgThe Birmingham police department has taken a person of interest into custody after a 3-year-old girl went missing during a birthday party.Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, was last seen at the Tom Brown Village housing community, in Birmingham, Alabama around 8:30 p.m. on October 12th.Several children at the party told authorities that they saw a woman and a man in a dark colored SUV leave the party with Kamille.An 11-year-old boy then more specifically told authorities that he witnessed a man grab Kamille and put her into the vehicle.Officials say they believe the couple was “enticing children with candy.” According to an Amber Alert, Kamille is described as 3 feet tall, weighing 60 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair and was last seen wearing a pink Minnie Mouse leopard print shirt, leopard print shorts, and has yellow, white and blue bows in her hair.Kamille’s parents also reported that she only responds to her nickname “Cupcake,” as this is the name she is most often called.If you have any information about this child’s disappearance, you are asked to contact Birmingham Police at 205-254-1757.last_img read more

PB, Broward Sheriff’s Officers Among Youngest to Die of COVID-19

first_imgMost younger people with the virus experience mild symptoms, if they notice symptoms at all.As far as those who experience severe symptoms or do not survive, health officials believe those patients could receive a larger exposure to the virus. They could also have underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, hypertension or diabetes, or an immune system weakened by lack of sleep or poor nutrition.As of Saturday afternoon, 11,545 people in Florida had tested positive for the virus, with an official death toll of 195.Palm Beach County has more deaths than any county in the state with 35, followed by 32 in Broward and 31 in Miami-Dade. In addition, Miami-Dade had 3,890 cases as of Saturday evening. Broward had 1,765 and Palm Beach County had 954. In addition, among Broward County’s coronavirus-related deaths, Bennett was only the third person under age 40. Meanwhile, Diaz Ayala was the youngest to die in Palm Beach County.A photo on the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shows emergency responders at JFK Medical Center along with a gurney covered by the American flag and a photo of Diaz Ayala.“We love you and know you are all doing the very best,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote.Bennett called off sick from work on March 23 and checked into a hospital the next day. He tested positive for COVID-19 on March 27, Tony said.The sheriff added it is unclear how or when Bennett contracted the virus, as schools had closed 10 days before he became sick. Two South Florida law enforcement officers in their 30s died over the weekend from coronavirus.First, 39-year-old Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Shannon Bennett passed away late Friday evening, a week after he was diagnosed, the Sheriff’s Office announced Saturday.Later on Saturday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office announced that 38-year-old Sgt. Jose Diaz Ayala, who had been dealing with other health issues, had also died of COVID-19.Bennett, who was a 12-year veteran of the Broward Sheriff’s force, had been a school resource officer at Deerfield Beach Elementary School since January 2019, according to Sheriff Gregory Tony.Diaz Ayala had worked as a corrections deputy in Palm Beach County until being promoted to sergeant in January 2016.The men became two of the youngest people to die of the virus in the state. Only four percent of the patients who have died were younger than age 45, according to the state health department.last_img read more

Facebook to take down some, but not all, posts promoting anti-stay-at-home protests

first_imgAnti-stay-at-home protests have recently erupted in certain states across the US as shutdown orders have been extended in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The shutdown orders also impact the number of Americans losing their jobs.California, New Jersey, and Nebraska are states that are currently organizing anti-stay-at-home protests, but Facebook plans on removing some posts promoting the protests.Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said these protests do not follow the states’ social distancing guidelines.Stone said Facebook would take down posts created through the Facebook Events feature that promote events in California, New Jersey and Nebraska. Other Facebook posts, including Facebook groups about the protests, might not be removed.Facebook will allow the protests to be organized on Facebook as long as the government in the specific state does not prohibit events during this time.last_img read more

Sailing in a paradise not lost –Thailand’s marine sector promotes a…

first_imgAn old sea dog takes his OK dinghy for a spin around the bay.Much as I disdain power boats, jet skis and other mechanical forms of marine activities, these contraptions do, no doubt, contribute much to the tourism sector.  Tourism, because of the political problems in the kingdom, is coming under increasing pressure, but the marine sector is still flourishing and is continuing to draw hard currency into the nation’s coffers.A fully-fledged sailing boat is somewhat akin to a floating billboard and regattas are therefore a magnet for both local and international sponsors who wish to have a craft’s sides and sails festooned with their company’s own name and logo.  The sailors themselves also do their bit and just last month at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Jomtien, a huge regatta featuring some 250 boats took place and 1,000 sailors from all corners of the globe added millions of baht to the Thai economy.The solar-powered “Heliotrope” provides a new, environmentally conscious blueprint for boat builders worldwide.Regattas are held annually up and down the coastlines of the kingdom, from Phuket to Pattaya, and the recently concluded Koh Samui Ragatta contributed greatly to “full house” signs going up around the island, with regatta organizers having to scramble to find accommodation for all those involved in the event.The welfare of less-advantaged citizens, especially youngsters, can also benefit from the sport of sailing.  An example of this is the annual “Pattaya Mail PC Classic” yacht race held off the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in south Pattaya.  For the past two decades this race has been sponsored at various times by the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Jomtien Pattaya Rotary Club and numerous hotelier groups and businesses from the private sector.  This event alone has raised millions of baht for many charities around the region, and especially to help the two groups at the opposite ends of society – the young and the aged.Thailand is producing more and more champion junior sailors in the worldwide Optimist series.On the subject of the environment, a classic case of sailing doing its ‘bit’ is the award-winning Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, held in July each year, which promotes a clean and green event.As regatta organizer Byron Jones explains: “We are excited to lead the way in South-East Asia and introduce the Clean Regatta program to our event.  We are keen to help preserve the coastal areas of Phuket and ensure the marine environment is left in a better state for future generations.”The Clean Regattas program is a global certification system that encourages regatta organisers and yacht clubs to manage and run environmentally-responsible events.  Its main initiative is to reduce marine debris and preserve coastal land and waters.Buoyed up (to use a nautical term) by these environmental-protection measures, which add so much to the joy of sailing and guarantee its continuation, thousands of yachting aficionados from the temperate and cold northern climes of Europe, North America and elsewhere are lured here by tales of Sailing in Paradise, carried back first-hand by those who have participated in events here.Sailing a boatOwning a yacht is always regarded as the prerogative of the wealthy – a “rich man’s sport” so to speak, and it certainly is that.  Compared to the usual paraphernalia required to participate in active sports, a yacht is an extremely heavy investment and beyond the means of most ordinary folk.  But, there are ways of joining the fray.Opportunities abound to crew on someone else’s boat and enjoy all the action, fun and adventure without the expense.  To be out on the sea, matching your wits with Mother Nature’s forces of wind, climate and tide and enjoying the fresh air, the tang of the sea, and the huge dome of the heavens above is rather hard to beat – even as a crew member!Juniors: the momentum for sailingCuriously, when the sport of sailing was in its infancy many years ago, a well-to-do Thai’s idea of a day on the sea might have been to drive his or her limousine down to an air-conditioned launch, do a few circuits of the bay and then reverse the journey.  A “hard day at the sea” he or she would recount to colleagues ashore of the weekend’s activities.Sailing offers great fun and the chance to reconnect with the natural environment.Perhaps this ideal of a day on the briny still goes on, but nowadays Thais are excelling on the world yachting stage, from local events right up to Olympic standards, and the nation is producing some top-class sailors.Much of the new popularity of sailing is nurtured in the junior (under-16) ranks, where Thai and ex-pat children compete frequently – and successfully – in the worldwide Optimist dinghy series.  Thailand has improved so much that the kingdom’s teams have gone on to become world champions on several occasions.  The main problem for Thai youngsters who compete overseas is that the waters elsewhere are invariably colder than at home, and there is also no khao-pad readily available!There are numerous sailing groups up and down the kingdom that cater specifically for children; the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya, the Royal Thai Navy at Sattahip, Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Jomtien, while both Koh Samui and Phuket conduct vigorous training and racing programs for juniors.A racing fleet under full sail in the waters off Phuket.At this year’s Top of the Gulf Regatta at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, some 150 boys and girls from all over Thailand competed in the Optimist National Championships.  Some of these sailors were as young as seven years old yet all thrived in the fickle weather conditions.  These youngsters know that a few hours sailing in the fresh air, the beauty of the environment and the challenge to their young minds certainly beats hours in a noisy, cluttered shopping mall, competing with television fare and brain-numbing game machines.Tales of survival (or otherwise) at seaOf course, there are horrendous stories of sea-borne disasters (Titanic, anyone?)   Nevertheless, facing the challenge of the sea, despite being fraught with peril, is inherent in our nature.  The sea is a hard master, but putting aside the usual Hollywood glorification of survival in films such as Robert Radford’s “All is lost;” and Tom Hanks in “Castaway”, there have also been real life heroic epics of adventure, such as the ongoing single-handed trans-oceanic races.Over the last two years, in fact, two teenaged girls have sailed single-handedly around the world.  First Dutch girl Laura Dekker, and then an Australian girl Jessica Watson, both displayed incredible stamina and adaptability as they faced some 250+ days at sea – all alone!Feats like these represent the triumph of the human spirit as the two girls took on stupendous odds, fighting for survival in the treacherous Southern Ocean with winds raging at 80-knots and sea swells as high as city skyscrapers.There are also any number of family groups who regularly take to the seas, sailing around the globe to educate their children, both onboard and at visiting ports.  One such marine “globe-trotter” and his family made landfall at Phuket some years ago.  The captain was cajoled, urged and likewise press-ganged into joining the ongoing regatta.  He unloaded all excess materials to make his craft race-ready; this included a live-aboard resident pet dog, which was deposited into the anchored dinghy.  After the race, he returned, but no dog!  Both he and the family were heart-broken.At the prize-giving, our sailor went up to receive his second place prize which, along with the usual silverware, included a huge box.  And out jumped his beloved dog!  One of the competitors had seen a dog swimming alone in the Andaman Sea, picked it up and brought it ashore.HM the King:Imprimatur of sailing in the KingdomSpeaking of single-handed sailing, as we all know, the King of Thailand, an avid sailor, boat-builder and competitor has set a number of sailing records.I have had the extremely good fortune of having sailed with His Majesty out of the Klai Kangwon Palace, where the King keeps a flotilla of sailing dinghies.  First through the Bangkok Post and then through successive issues of the Pattaya Mail I have written a number of first-person narratives of these treasured encounters.The King’s love of the sea and sailing has been legendary and is inherent in the development of the folklore of sailing in Thailand.  For example, on 19 April, 1966, the King sailed the OK dinghy he had built himself across the Gulf, from the Klai Kangwon Palace in Hua Hin to the Royal Thai Navy base at Sattahip.  This distance of 60 nautical miles required tremendous stamina and determination for some 16 hours of concentrated helming.  At the time it was mooted as the longest single-handed dinghy crossing, out of sight of land, in the world.On another occasion, on 16 December, 1967, His Majesty was awarded a Gold Medal by Queen Siirikit, as the winning helmsman (OK dinghy) in the then South East Asian Peninsular Games (now the SEA Games).  Actually, sailing history was created when the King’s daughter, HRH Princess Ubolratana, came in equal first.  This day has since been celebrated as Thailand’s National Sports Day.Besides having his own yacht club at the Klai Kangwon Palace, the King is also Royal Patron of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, the centre of most of Thailand’s sailing activities.  With full support from the Royal Thai Navy and the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, Royal Varuna has hosted innumerable world, national and local championships in its 60-year history.In the early days of sailing, the King and Queen, together with members of the Royal family, frequented the then Varuna Marine Club, located on a pristine beach in south Pattaya, now unrecognizable as a sea-front restaurant.Many times the Royal family entertained visiting dignitaries at the old Varuna Marine Club.  On one particular weekend, in March, 1965, there was a gathering of Sweden’s Royal Family, the UK Royal Consort, Prince Phillip, Prince Bhisadrj Rajani, the incomparable Prince Birabongse Banubandh and the Portuguese Ambassador.  Of course a race around Koh Larn eventuated and The King won, but, for matters of protocol, Prince Phillip’s placing was not mentioned!His Majesty has always looked on sailing as a marvelous escape from his Royal duties, while nurturing both the environment and a healthy lifestyle.Sailing infrastructureThe growing popularity of sailing has seen the inevitable build-up and development of related marine infrastructure around the kingdom.  Marinas, boat yards and chandleries have evolved around all the main venues: Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and, as noted before, the Ocean Marina at Jomtien.Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Jomtien offers one of the finest sailing facilities in Southest Asia.Boat-building in the kingdom has also seen an exponential development.  The world’s largest production yacht, the Mirabella, was designed, built and launched from the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in September, 1991.  And earlier this year the same venue saw the launch of the world’s first “solar-powered catamaran” the Heliotrope – a craft eventually capable of trans-navigating the world by solar power.  The environment wins big around here as the rich boys with their rich toys can help Mother Nature along the way.This, then, is a ‘superficial’ view of some of the pros and cons of sailing.  I could write much more, but I pity the readers and also I must hurry, for my yacht will be leaving the Ocean Marina very shortly for a jaunt around the bay.  Incidentally, my ‘yacht’ is a 3-metre open dinghy, a replica of His Majesty’s OK dinghies.  But, nevertheless, in a short time, I, too, will succumb to the joys and freedom of “sailing in a paradise not lost.”NB:  For more information about sailing opportunities in Pattaya, go to website: http://varuna.org or www.oceanmarinayachtclub.com.The pristine waters of Thailand are the nation’s treasure and can still offer a veritable paradise for sailing enthusiasts. (Photo/ArtAsia/Everingham)The Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya. To play somewhat on the title of the masterpiece by British bard John Milton, I shall attempt in the following article to show how sailing, and its related water-borne activities, can greatly contribute to protecting and saving the environment and also help to promote a healthier and better lifestyle. According to authors Beard and McKie, in their riotously funny book A Dictionary for landlubbers, “Sailing is the fine art of getting wet, and becoming ill while going nowhere at great expense.”  While admittedly, sailing is not for everyone – for only a few, in fact – there are some most positive aspects, which I shall try to emphasize here.His Majesty the King of Thailand has been a driving force in the development of sailing in the kingdom.Environment & EconomicsSailing is both environmentally-friendly and economically sound.  Many years ago, when I first entered this delightful country, I wrote an article, entitled “Sailing: a panacea for tourism.”  Now, a decade or two down the line, the environment is under constant siege and the ‘fixes’ have reached a greater urgency and are much more expensive to implement, but not impossible, and sailing can help.last_img read more

World’s top female golfers head to Pattaya for Honda LPGA

first_imgThailand’s Ariya Jutanugarn will be leading the home challenge at the Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 tournament being held at Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course from 22-25 February. (AP Photo)Golf fans are invited to cheer on the most talented golfers in the women’s game and enjoy Thailand’s premier golf tournament when the Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 gets underway at Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course next week.The tournament, which takes place from 22-25 February, features 70 top female golf players with nine of the world’s top ten taking part and includes Thai golfing sisters Moriya and Ariya Jutanugarn.Scheduled as the third stop of the annual LPGA Tour, the Honda LPGA Thailand is arguably one of the most prestigious female golf tournaments in Asia.  To highlight the 12th anniversary celebration, the US$ 1.6 million (approximately 51 million baht) tournament will present a newly-designed trophy to the winner.  The trophy is designed by emerging and award-winning Thai artist Saruta Kiatparkpoom.  An all-new Honda CR-V, worth 1,699,000 baht, will also be given to any player who shoots the first hole-in-one on the 16th hole as a special bonus.Early bird tickets for the Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 are now available on www.hondalpgathailand.com for a limited period until February 18.  One-day tickets for 22 and 23 February are 300 baht (from 350 baht), 24 and 25 February’s one-day pass is 400 baht (from 550 baht), a weekend two-day pass is 500 baht (from 950 baht) and four-day passes are 800 baht (from 1,200 baht).  Children of 16 years old and below and senior citizens over 60 years old are entitled to complimentary entry to the tournament.last_img read more

Pedersen on top at Pattavia

first_imgGolf from Café KronborgMonday, Nov. 7, Pattavia – StablefordA Flight (0-19)1st Anders Pedersen (7) 38pts 2nd Arne Max Pedersen (17) 37pts3rd Ronnie Ratte (19) 33pts4th Lotte Boskov (19) 32ptsB Flight (20+)1st Elias Magnusson (23) 30pts2nd Kai Aabling (22) 30pts3rd Steen Habersaat (23) 30pts4th Jan Lovgreen (22) 26ptsNear Pin: #13 Lotte BoskovLong Putt: #18 John CostelloKai Aabling and Henning Olsen with Dave Richardson.We were off the first tee at Pattavia 15 minutes early under partly cloudy skies and in very hot conditions with some rain at the very end.  The course as always was in very good shape.We had two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and 2 technical prizes to shoot for.  The A Flight was won by Anders Pedersen with a fine 38 points, Arne Max Pedersen took second with 37, Ronnie Ratte was third on 33 points and Lotte Boskov was a further point back in fourth.In the B Flight we had a three-way count back on 30 points that saw Elias Magnusson take first ahead of Kai Aabling and Steen Habersaat.  Jan Lovgreen completed the podium in fourth with 26 points.Friday, Nov. 11, Crystal Bay B & C – StablefordA Flight (0-19)1st Henning Olsen (17) 36pts2nd Ronnie Ratte (19) 34pts3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (14) 33ptsB Flight (20+)1st Kai Aabling (22) 29pts2nd Jan Lovgreen (22) 29pts3rd Steen Habersaat (23) 27ptsNear Pin: B4 Bridgit MortensenLong Putt: B9 Dave RichardsonCrystal Bay was the game today and we got off C1 on time under sunny skies.  The course was in good condition and it looks like some money has been infused with the addition of some new golf carts.Henning Olsen won the A Flight with the best score of the day, 36 points, while Ronnie Ratte came second with 34 points and Takeshi Hakozaki third with 33.Kai Aabling was top in B Flight on a count back from Jan Lovgreen, both with 29 points each, and Steen Habersaat took third with 27.last_img read more

Chris Kays Memorial Rugby Tournament 2020 postponed

first_imgScrumdown – the Panthers front up to the Southerners during the 2018 event.It is with regret that the Pattaya Panthers RFC are announcing the postponement of the  Chris Kays Memorial Rugby Tournament 2020, in line with the directives from our controlling unions and the Thai Government.Regarding the gathering of a large number of people and the increasing restrictions that are being placed on travel, we feel that the postponement is the only solution. I know that many people have already made plans to attend our event and some have already purchased tickets and made hotel reservations. We apologise unreservedly to those of you that have been inconvenienced and if the Panthers can help you in anyway with refunds or rescheduling of reservations please do let us know! Promoted ContentbrainberriesWhat Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?brainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries10 Risky Jobs Some Women DobrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThembrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadebrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WaybrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?brainberriesbrainberries We will be following the outcome of the current problems and hopefully there will be a rapid solution. At the moment we are hoping to reschedule the tournament for later in the year and hope that we can feature it as part of the thanksgiving for the resolution of the current crisis.Obviously there is no clear indication of when it may be possible to stage the *Twentieth Chris Kays* but rest assured that we will be back and we will endeavour to make it the best tournament yet.center_img We wish all of our friends and supporters a full and healthy return to normalcy and look forward to seeing you in Pattaya in the near future.With best regards,Jim HowardChairmanPattaya Panthers RFClast_img read more

PSC donates funds to build new school restrooms

first_imgVP Tim Knight, Ingkarat Chaimongkon, Peter Malhotra, Pakphum Phumisart and Noi Emerson with a teacher and the kindergarten children at the handover ceremony.The Pattaya Sports Club Association donated 115,000 baht to renovate and rebuild new restrooms at Ban Khao Chee Chan School.Club President Peter Malhotra together with VP Tim Knight, Social Welfare Chairwoman Noi Emerson and PSC GM Ingkarat Chaimongkon presented the new modernized restrooms to Principal Pakphum Phumisart Nov. 28.Children wash their hands with clean water. Some renovation work still needs to be done.Pakphum previously had requested assistance from the club to renovate the student restrooms, which are old with clogged pipes. The Najomtien school’s septic tank was also full, posing a health risk.The plan called for the tank to be pumped, pipes cleared and replaced, new toilets and sinks installed and the restroom buildings painted and roofs repaired. PSC donates funds to build new school restrooms1 of 11 One row of toilets was renovated, while a second row was beyond repair. So the PSC committee decided to build from scratch.On behalf of the students, sixth-grader Kanlaya Pokklang said, “we are delighted and thankful to the PSC for your generosity in overhauling our toilets”.During their visit, the Sports Club delegation discovered that the school’s music room was under disrepair due to a leaking and dilapidated roof caused by termites. The PSC will put that project on its list of things to fund in the future.The PSC team inspect the deteriorating music room.The PSC team, teachers and children pose for a photo in front of the renovated restrooms.last_img read more

Pattaya Sport Club Golf Schedule – September 20, 2019 – October…

first_imgValley View HackersGreen Valley Green Valley The EmeraldBuraphaKhao Kheow Apple’s IrishPattavia Khao KheowBurapha Growling Swan TBA Treasure HillCrystal Bay Cafe Kronborg GreenwoodThe Emerald Green Valley Tropical GolfTreasure Hill Lewiinski’sSiam Old Coures Green ValleyGreen ValleyGreen Valley Siam Country PhoenixGreen ValleyBurapha GreenwoodTreasure HillPattaviaKing NagaPleasant Valley The Golf ClubParichat Pleasant ValleyPattanaTreasure Hill TBA PattanaGreen ValleyRoyal Lakeside Outback Golf Bar Bunker BoysGreenwood Retox Game OnPattavia Valley View HackersGreen Valley Siam Country Bangpakong Treasure Hill BangpakongLaemChacbangPattavia DATE: Fri27Set 28Sun29Mon30Tue01Wed02Thu03Fri04 BangpraGreen ValleyPleasant Valley Green ValleyGreenwoodKhao KheowPlutaluang The Players Lounge Billabong GolfPhoenix Le KataiPleasant Valley TBATBA Lewiinski’sSiam Old Coures TBA Harry’s Golf I Rovers DATE: Fri20Set 21Sun22Mon23Tue24Wed25Thu26Fri27center_img TBA Sugar ShackKhao Kheow Bunker BoysRoyal Lakeside Treasure HillPleasant ValleyKhao Kheow Le KataiPleasant Valley TBA PattanaKhaoKheowPattavia Treasure Hill Tropical Golf BangpakongGreenwood Growling Swan Apple’s Irish TBA Siam Old CouresSiam Old Coures Green ValleyPattanaPattaviaParichat Green ValleySiam Old CouresSiam Old Coures GreenwoodTBATBATBAPleasant Valley The LinksPattavia Billabong GolfBurapha I Rovers Cafe Kronborg Outback Golf Bar Sugar ShackPlutaluang Pleasant ValleyBangpraPattana Colin’s Golf The Players Lounge Pattaya C.C. PhoenixGreen ValleyBurapha Colin’s Golf The Golf ClubPlutaluang For news of the next PSC monthly golftournament vist website: https://pattayasports.org Green ValleyGreen ValleyGreen Valley KhaoKheow Green Valley Retox Game OnBangpakong The LinksTreasure Hill Harry’s Golf PSC The Bunker Boys meet at Woody’s Bar on Soi Skaw Beach for golf outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (www.bunkersociety.com) or call 094368 3580, 081 788 2338 or 087 693 7803. Transportation leaves from Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn at 8:15 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, (contact Dave on tel. 038 602 2117). Colin’s Bar plays golf Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri (www.colinsbar.com). The Growling Swan plays golf on Monday & Thursday (www.thegrowlingswan.com). Lewinski’s in Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3), play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Transport is available, call Marcus on 089 503 9179 for further information and booking. The Pattaya Links Hotel Golf Society departs from Soi Buakhao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call Phil on 0625 933 380 or visit www.thelinkshotelpattaya.com. The Golf Club is located on Soij LK Metro. Call Phil on 090 769 3778.  Tropical Golf meets at BJ’s Holiday Lodge at 8am on Tuesday’ & Friday. Call Derek on 089 034 0629. Retox Golf – Tel. (Paul) 0923744276, Email retoxgolf@gmail.comlast_img read more